What Meat Goes With Gruyere Cheese? Ideas for All Courses

What Meat Goes With Gruyere Cheese Ideas for All Courses
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Gruyere cheese was born in Switzerland and it’s my favorite for its interesting flavor profile – distinct nutty and savory with a hint of sweetness. It has a smooth and creamy texture with a slightly grainy feel on the palate. I truly love it in sauces and sandwiches because of its melty properties, but it’s no less good when served cold on a charcuterie board. It is, undoubtedly, tastiest coupled with meaty ingredients. But what meat goes with Gruyere cheese?

For a Gruyere appetizer, you can use various deli meats; from bacon to ham; but lobster is a great option, too. For the main course, Gruyere goes well with fine-quality meat, lamb, beef, or venison – make roulades, stews, roasts, and more. Beef jerky, crabs, and smoked turkey are perfect for making Gruyere snacks!

After reading this article, you’ll see why this is one of my top ten cheese choices! There are so many options, so even if you’re out of one meat option, you can always choose another one from the list below. Here are numerous ideas for loads of dishes for you to try out and enjoy. Let’s dive in!

Meat and Gruyere Pairings in Appetizers

If you want to show off in front of your guests – try out these deli and Gruyere combinations!


This combination showcases the bacon’s smokiness and Gruyere’s nuttiness. I like to serve it simple, but effective – cheese dip and crisped-up bacon. You can be fancy and prepare cheese-stuffed peppers or mushrooms, and wrap each with bacon, puff pastries, or crostini.


Gruyere and Ham Puffs

Gruyere plus ham is a delightful combination of flavors, offering a balance of nutty and savory relishes. Little crunchy pastry bowls filled with melted cheese and pink ham cubes look incredible on the table. Twists, puffs, pastries, potato stacks, sliders, and even profiteroles filled with ham and cheese make mouth-watering bites!


Salty and delicate-flavored prosciutto goes finely with rich Gruyere cheese. I love to make salad bites out of this duo and sprinkle it with chopped herbs for a refreshing touch. Besides the classic, puff pastries, pinwheels, and toast, my go-to is dates stuffed with cheese and mini prosciutto cubes for the sweet-savory combo!


Sausage has a meaty flavor loaded with herbs and spices, so it goes well with mild cheese. Skewers for appetizers are a top-tier option; just thread Gruyere cubes and slices of sausage. Also, quesadillas are super tasty with spicy meat and bubbly cheese inside a crispy tortilla. 


Salami and Gruyere bites combine the bold, piquant flavor of meat and the nutty taste of cheese. They are the best when served on charcuterie boards, along with pickles, olives, and crackers. Also, I recommend you try crispy bruschetta topped with cheese and pungent salami, arancini-risotto balls, and simple salami bowls topped with cheese.


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Gruyere Fondue

Lobster and Gruyere cheese create luxurious, delicate, and unique dishes because it has a bit sugary aftertaste. You have to remember to balance out the flavors and let the lobster shine while enhancing it with a distinct taste of Gruyere. The best option for appetizers is fondue, where you pair sweet and succulent lobster with nutty and earthy cheese flavors.

Meat and Gruyere in Main Course Dishes

Gruyere truly is a welcome addition to any main dish – it makes for an astonishing meal upgrade and a 5-star restaurant-worthy dining experience!


Beef is a classic – rich and savory, so it’s no surprise why it goes so well with this cheese in numerous dishes. Starting from my favorite beef burger with melted Gruyere on top, to full-flavored lasagna with a creamy, cheesy sauce. If you like it fancy, prepare beef tenderloin Wellington wrapped in cheese and puff pastry, or keep it simple with stroganoff, meatballs, stuffed pepper, and one-pot hearty seared beef.

Rib-eye steak is a delicacy on its own, but in pair with Gruyere mashed potatoes – it’s divine! Pot roast tacos are the real crowd-pleasers, just melt some cheese and enjoy the flavorful meal. It’s worth mentioning substantial skillet gratin with potatoes, ground beef, cheese, and fresh thyme – you won’t regret trying it! 


Creamy Gruyere, Chicken, and Mushroom Risotto

Creamy and rich cheese complements the tender and mild flavor of chicken beautifully. Of course, Cordon Bleu is a staple – stuffed chicken breasts with gruyere and ham is a perfectly balanced dish because of greasy cheese. For a fast bite, choose a panini with grilled meat and Gruyere, plus slices of tomato for a fresh touch. 

Also, broiled pasta with chicken cubes and a cheesy top is superb. You can make enchiladas, as well, with shredded chicken sprinkled with cheese or stuffed bell peppers. My favorite here is chicken risotto with a creamy sauce made with Gruyere, mushrooms, and white wine.


Both pork and Gruyere are rich and greasy with a tad of sweetness. This combo will result in a heavy, but mouth-watering dish, such as tenderloin roulade. The trick is to add enough herbs to smash the taste and add a bit of freshness. 

A casserole is one more amazing idea for lunch, made with pork chops and sliced potatoes. For a 5-star restaurant experience, stuff tenderloin with Gruyere and pears, and serve it on the bed of roasted onions with fresh rosemary. If you want a taste of Germany, serve breaded pork schnitzel filled with melty cheese.


This combo brings together rich and robust flavors. Lamb chops are my favorite part of the lamb, especially when served with nutty Gruyere sauce. It is exceptional with roasted veggies, buttery potatoes, and fresh branches of rosemary. 

For a big crowd, put together a tray of nachos topped with ground lamb and cheese on top, plus pomegranate seeds for sweet and sour relish. Lamb-Gruyere moussaka is another outstanding flavor pairing, especially when you add cinnamon and red wine to deepen the taste. The most special among all, at least for me, is pizzettas with lamb, cheese, and LOADS of spices!


Venison cobbler with cheese and biscuits

Venison tastes strong and grassy, so it pairs amazingly well with mild, nutty Gruyere. You can upgrade French onion soup by flipping it into venison stew and topping it with the cheese in question. Venison cobbler with cheese is also super tasty because of its different textures – soft, creamy, melty, and crispy. 


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Gruyere and fish are a match made in heaven. The first dish to mention is quiche – flaky, crust-filled, with a mixture of cheese, smoked, and baked salmon. Or you can simply stuff salmon fillets with spinach and cheese, drizzle with garlic marinade, and toss it on the grill for an ideal dinner.

Meat and Gruyere Pairings in Snacks

Snacks should be easy, quick, and scrumptious – so, here are my favorite special snacks featuring Gruyere and meat! 


Pepperoni is meaty and piquant, a bit chewy and tangy, so silky cheese is its other half. Make a keto-friendly snack by crisping Gruyere and pepperoni slices in the oven or skewers topped with black olives for grassy relish. I also love pizza slices, grilled sandwiches, and bagel bites are delish! 

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky and Gruyere Snack Charcuterie Board

Beef jerky is a handy snack with signature smoky relish, so it marries the nuttiness of cheese impeccably. Whether you go for a simple cheesy dip and jerky-Gruyere rolls or make a snack charcuterie board – you won’t regret it! Toss mixed greens, crumbled jerky, and cheese shavings, and sprinkle it with vinaigrette dressing for a unique and flavorful salad.

Smoked Turkey

This combination is a blend of light smoky flavor and a distinct nutty relish. A toasted crunchy panini with thinly sliced turkey, melted cheese, and cranberry jam is my all-time favorite snack. Salads, wraps, pinwheels, bruschetta, and cold bites are all incredibly delicious.

Pull-apart sliders are very popular snack food and this smoked turkey and Gruyere combination is scrumptious. Just brush the buns with garlic butter and don’t forget to add Dijon in the filling! If you have leftover turkey, stuff baked potato with cheese and meat, and broil it till crispy golden on top. Yum!


When it comes to taste, pastrami is a love child of roasted beef and sausage – smoky and spicy. Simple meat and cheese sandwich with wholewheat flour is a standard, plus it pairs with fresh cucumber and red pepper flawlessly. If you want a quick and interesting snack, wrap grated cheese, mustard, and pickles in thinly-sliced pastrami. 


Mushrooms Topped With Crab and Gruyere

Crab has a slightly fishy, delicate flavor, hence it pairs with Gruyere so well. And crab cheese melts are easy to make; just top brioche slices or mushrooms with this duo, add some mayo, and spice it up with stone-ground mustard. Also, surprisingly or not, artichokes pair perfectly with crabs and Gruyere; just sprinkle it with some lemon for the sour touch. 

Bison Jerky

Bison jerky and Gruyere are an especially satisfying snack combination. The bison jerky offers a lean and savory meat option, while this type of cheese provides a rich and nutty flavor. Together, they create perfectly balanced and filling snacks – you can enjoy them combined into a dip or simply cubed into bite-size portions.

Which one will you try first, and for which occasion? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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