What Is Pure Chocolate? 5 Reasons to Eat It

What is pure chocolate
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Chocolate is a sweet pleasure, but it is also known to be not so healthy food. However, there is always a way to maintain balance, so for those who would like to keep a healthy diet, the preferable option of chocolate would be the pure kind. So, what is pure chocolate? 

Pure chocolate, or also known as plain or baking chocolate, is a chocolate type that does not contain sugar. This is because pure chocolate is made mainly of cocoa butter and cocoa solids in various proportions. Also, it is not mixed with sugar or milk, so it is the healthier choice.

This article discusses the features of pure chocolate. I will elaborate on the benefits of plain chocolate, so you would know why you should opt for it in the future, and why it would be a great substitute for the flavored types of chocolate. In addition, I will explain why chocolate should not be included in a daily diet often, so you would know in what proportions to consume it afterward. 

How Is Pure Chocolate Made?

You might think that chocolate differs only in the flavors it contains and that there still might not be a healthier option when it comes to this kind of food. However, there is usually a substitute for every food, so chocolate is not excluded. If you want to opt for a healthier kind of chocolate, you can go for pure chocolate. 

The reason why this is the healthier option is due to the ingredients included in pure chocolate. While regular chocolate is often mixed with sugar in order to have a sweet taste, pure chocolate is made primarily of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. [1]There are different proportions of these ingredients in each type of pure chocolate, but it is still not the same as those included in milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate includes much fewer amounts of cocoa solids, and instead of cocoa butter, it includes milk and sugar. Milk chocolate might usually include vegetable oils, artificial colors, as well as flavors. This is what actually makes milk chocolate unhealthy and a factor for gaining weight. 

What Do People Call Pure Chocolate?

Pure chocolate has its official name as chocolate liquor, and it is the base of all kinds of chocolate. The chocolate liquor contains 100% cocoa and no additional ingredients. When the chocolate liquor is put under high pressure, it becomes cocoa butter or cocoa powder, from which further types of chocolates are produced. 

However, since chocolate liquor requires additional processing, pure chocolate is considered the solid type made mainly from cocoa butter and cocoa solids. This type of chocolate is known as baking or plain chocolate. Most people refer to pure chocolate as the baking kind because it is mostly used for cooking purposes, and people do not want to consume such bitter tastes. 

Is Pure Chocolate Good for You?

Pure chocolate is in fact quite beneficial, and if you look closely into its features, you will understand why you should opt for pure chocolate instead of the milk one. Namely, cocoa is known to be very beneficial for human health, and since pure chocolate is mostly made of cocoa, it is clear that it is a healthy choice that could be included in a balanced diet. Below, you have some of the reasons that might convince you to switch to pure chocolate. [1][2]

Source of Antioxidants 

Cocoa is known as a powerful source of antioxidants, and it is believed that it is the food that is the best in this field. Polyphenols, flavonols, and catechins are just a part of the antioxidants present in pure chocolate. 

Improves Blood Flow 

Pure or dark chocolate is great when it comes to improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. If you need something that will regulate these things, then the natural way would be through ingesting pure chocolate. 

Reduces Heart Disease Risk   

It is widely known that pure chocolate is good for the heart since its ingredients function as a protection for the heart muscle. 

Gives Your Skin Protection From the Sun 

Pure chocolate is also beneficial when it comes to hot and sunny days when you are mostly exposed to the dangerous sun rays. 


Pure chocolate is known to contain many nutrients needed for the body to function properly. In other words, this kind of chocolate includes minerals and vitamins that are needed for a balanced diet. 

Is Milk Chocolate Pure Chocolate?

Milk chocolate is not the same as pure chocolate since the former contains milk and sugar in order for the sweet taste to be achieved. Also, milk chocolate includes fewer amounts of cocoa solids, and there are usually some ingredients included that are not regarded as healthy, such as vegetable oils and fat. 

What Is Bad About Chocolate?

While pure chocolate might be beneficial, it is not the favorite type among people. People love the regular kind of chocolate, i.e., the one that contains milk and sugar, and the incredibly sweet taste. Sugar does not work well for people’s health. Therefore, it is considered an unhealthy pick in one’s diet. 

As you could see, pure chocolate has a different structure from the regular type of chocolate, so it is understandable that it is considered more beneficial and healthier. It would be smart to substitute regular chocolate with pure one, especially if you are trying to balance your diet.