What Is Maca Coffee? What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Maca Coffee
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Maca coffee is a delicious and unusual drink that gained popularity over the past few years. It originates in South America, Peru, to be more precise, and is rapidly spreading throughout North America and the rest of the world. Maca coffee is a beneficial beverage, and many people are increasingly interested in learning more about it. So what is maca coffee? 

Maca coffee is a coffee-like drink made with maca root. It is not actually coffee but a coffee supplement. The maca root is powdered, and the maca coffee is prepared just like regular coffee. It is an excellent option for people who want to reduce their coffee intake but still want to enjoy a tasty coffee-like drink.

Since maca coffee is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, it is only natural for the interest in this beverage to rise. Since maca coffee has numerous health benefits, it is excellent to know a little about it to make the most of it. In the following paragraphs, I will explain what maca coffee does for you, how to make it, and discuss the taste and if and how to combine it. 

What Is Maca Coffee Good For?

Maca root has been a part of alternative medicine for ages, so it has established its use as a supplement and an immunity booster. Even though it hasn’t been known to treat a condition, it does help treat certain conditions used as a supplement and a doctor-prescribed therapy. 

Since maca coffee is made of maca root, you can expect the same benefits as those deriving from maca-enriched shakes. 

Maca root is becoming a superfood, justifiably so, since it is very rich in vitamins and nutrients. It contains high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin B6. It is packed with nutrients such as iron, potassium, proteins, and carbs. 

Maca is often recommended as a supplement for hormone-related issues, especially in women, and has shown to be very successful. It has an energizing and detoxifying effect on the body. It has also been known as an ingredient that increases fertility, especially in men but in women too, as well as libido-boosting effects. [1]

Due to its detoxifying properties, maca coffee regulates blood pressure and improves brain function, increasing your focus and concentration. It can also improve liver and heart function, making your body stronger and more resilient overall. 

Maca coffee is also one of the most energizing drinks, so if you start your morning with this drink, you will feel your best for the entire day. The carbs contained in maca coffee are easily degradable and turned into energy. 


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Also, menopausal women find that maca coffee reduces their menopause symptoms and makes this period more bearable. It balances the hormones and gives the body the energy it loses due to the menopause-induced hormone imbalances common for this stage. [2]

Maca root has been used in herbal medicine for a long time, and it has been proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect and anxiety-reducing properties. It also helps with headaches, nausea, and overall gut health. It can also help speed up the metabolism, thus contributing to more effective weight loss. [3]

Because maca coffee regulates blood pressure and has a purifying effect on your body, it improves circulatory health. Therefore, with time, you may even feel that your feet and hands aren’t as cold as they used to be. 

Maca root can have an estrogen effect on women, so it may act as if the woman is taking extra estrogen, which isn’t bad. However, if there is an underlying hormone-related condition, especially about excess or shortage of estrogen, you should consult with your doctor before drinking maca coffee. 

What Is Maca Coffee

What Does Maca Coffee Taste Like?

Maca coffee is absolutely delicious and surprisingly similar to actual coffee. It has almost the same color, with coffee being a little darker brown than maca coffee. 

Maca coffee tastes earthy and natural since it has powdered roots from below ground. It also combines vanilla and caramel, and it is sweet and well-balanced. It is also slightly nutty and very aromatic and flavorful. 

The best thing about maca coffee is that it goes with various coffee additions, such as coffee cream, chocolate cream, or whipped cream. You can also combine it with milk and enjoy the earthy tones enriched with the gentility of the milk or cream. 

Can Maca Have Side Effects?

So far, no side effects of maca have been discovered; however, it remains unclear how pregnant women would react to maca coffee since any type of coffee is not recommended during pregnancy. Still, maca coffee is not regular, so it might not harm pregnant women, mainly because it boosts fertility. 

Breastfeeding women should also consult with their doctor before consuming maca coffee, as it can cause hormonal imbalances in this period. Although that doesn’t have to be the case, it is still reasonable to consult with your doctor on this. 

Maca coffee, although very beneficial, has been shown as not so beneficial for people with thyroid problems. Also, people with urinary infections should avoid having maca coffee as it can irritate the bladder. Men with prostate dysfunction should stay away from maca coffee too. [4]

Nevertheless, maca is very safe to drink if you don’t have a special condition requiring a particular way of eating. You shouldn’t overdo it with maca, as with everything else. You should be perfectly okay in moderate doses, one to two cups a day. 

If you have any health condition, including pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is best to consult a doctor before having maca coffee. Even in such cases, the chances of everything being alright are higher than the chances of something going south. However, you should play it safe and have your maca coffee okayed by your doctor first.

Does Maca Coffee Have Caffeine?

Since maca coffee is a coffee-like drink and is not made of actual coffee beans, it doesn’t contain any caffeine. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t energizing because although it is caffeine-free, maca coffee offers many other benefits, including energy. 

Can Maca Coffee Keep You Awake?

Even though maca coffee doesn’t contain any caffeine, it can keep you awake and give you the energy you need even better than regular coffee. Due to its calming effects, if you try to keep yourself awake using maca coffee, you won’t feel any jitters, shaking, or crushing when keeping yourself awake with regular coffee. 

Does Maca Coffee Give You Energy?

Maca root has been known as one of the most energizing foods known to people. Due to its exceptionally rich nutritional properties, maca root is immensely healthy and energizing. Maca root, combined with the caffeine and the powerful detoxing effects of coffee, creates an energy explosion perfect to start your day with. 

You can start your day with maca coffee and be bright and cheerful all day, or you can reenergize yourself using maca coffee for that much-needed boost in the middle of the day. 

In addition, regular coffee can dehydrate your body, while maca coffee helps you keep yourself hydrated, as it doesn’t dehydrate your organism. 

Can Maca Cause Weight Gain?

Maca root has been known as a very beneficial supplement for your muscle and skeletal health. It can make you gain weight, but not in the traditional sense, but it helps the muscles grow and develop if you work out regularly. Therefore maca powder is a frequently used ingredient in protein shakes. [5]

Maca can do wonders for your body if you accompany your regular workout routine with nutritious, delicious maca-containing protein shakes. 

Does Maca Increase Size?

The only size maca increases is hip size. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t come naturally. Since maca gives you an energy boost, you are able to do the best you can during workouts. What is more, maca had some influence on estrogen levels which is linked to the growth of women’s curves.

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