What Is Jimmy Mustard? [Uses, Substitutes & More]

What Is Jimmy Mustard
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Jimmy mustard is a special product made by Jimmy John’s restaurant chain for their sandwiches and cold cuts. Because of this, it has a chief place as a deli meat condiment. With its interesting grainy texture, it fast became one of my favorite sauces to serve with many dishes, not cold-cut platters only. It’s best described as a love child of Dijon and stone-ground mustard with a spicy kick. You can get it in their restaurant or, if you’re lucky enough, online. But what is Jimmy mustard?

Jimmy mustard is brown seed-based and ground into grainy consistency. It has a specific taste, a bit spicy and zingy, with a touch of sweetness. Besides staples cold cuts and sandwiches, it pairs flawlessly with salads, pasta, roast, and even French fries!

Jimmy mustard is one of the best mustard varieties I tried; hands up! It is hard to find sometimes, so I had to take some desperate measures. Therefore, I blended Dijon and spicy brown mustard and got a similar taste and texture – and I 100% recommend it! Let’s get to know more about this special condiment!

What Exactly Is Jimmy Mustard?

Jimmy mustard is a whole-grain mustard which means it involves untouched mustard seeds, as well. Not being absolutely silky smooth but more textured makes it stand out. It has a ground-paste-like texture, similar to crunchy peanut butter.

Being a signature condiment of Jimmy John’s restaurant, it’s impossible to know the exact recipe for this mouth-watering mustard. They make it with both vinegar and white wine, just like Dijon mustard, but the texture is where the difference lies. The fact that saying “old school mustard with seeds” is enough shows just how popular and recognizable it is!

It’s a classic — brown mustard with seeds, loaded with natural flavor and spices, plus it’s vegan-friendly. What’s more, Jimmy mustard is known as deli mustard, and you will always get it in any sandwich you order at Jimmy John’s place. Although, it is so tasty that they had to start selling it in jars, as well! 


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What Does Jimmy Mustard Taste Like?

The simplest way to describe Jimmy Mustard is by comparing it with Dijon. The ingredients are pretty much the same, but Jimmy keeps some of the seeds whole. This makes it spicier because biting into a brown mustard seed unravels the taste of rhapsody and extra zing.

It has more kick and spice but also a crunch, which makes it pretty special. The condiment is full-flavored and pungent but with a tad of sweetness and heat. The taste spectrum makes it perfect to incorporate in many dishes, not just sandwiches.


Roast Meat With Jimmy Mustard

I like to rub the mustard over the raw meat and sear it quickly for a perfect crunch. Turkey meat is my favorite to pair with Jimmy mustard, roasted or smoked – anything is luscious. Let’s not forget hot dogs, sausages, and grilled chicken as mustard’s perfect matches!

American favorites – all kinds of burgers – are usually served with mustard, but if you haven’t tried them with a crispy variety, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you go for a cheeseburger, Jimmy mustard will blend excellently with the gooey layer of melty cheddar. Not to mention, nothing goes better with a glass of beer or chilled soda than a spicy burger with vinegary pickles and spicy mustard – a real sports fan feast! 🙂

For all pasta lovers, mac and cheese is scrumptious with a spoonful of mustard to spice things up. Also, it’s a top-notch option to dip soft pretzels or French fries in. I love it in salads, as well, as it subtly adds a bit of crispiness.

Whether you go for the simplest all-veggie salat, Caesar, or even tuna – this mustard is unbelievably tasty. For me, potato salad has no competition, to be honest, as the softness plus crunch is unmatched! Mustard relish elevates grilled shrimp salad, too, especially when you sprinkle it with some lemon to add a bit of acidity and fresh citrusy dill.

It’s not a dish, but mixing Jimmy mustard with mayo is super tasty! It becomes nicely balanced and is much better for dipping veggies, fries, or slaty pretzels than regular mayo. You can mix it with ketchup, as well, if you hold more of the tomato side!

And last but not least of all, Jimmy Mustard was born for sandwiches, so it marries with any deli meat impeccably. Every combo I’ve tried is delicious, from capocollo and salami to ham and bacon. Besides, roasted meat like beef and pork are amazing options, as well.

Or, you can copy the Jimmy John’s sandwich masters like so! Since you’re at home, you can lose the stress, though.

What Are Substitutes for Jimmy Mustard?


Unsurprisingly, Dijon is the first option when it comes to substituting Jimmy mustard which can be hard to find. I checked out the ingredients list for both products, and they are entirely the same! The difference lies in the preparation, as the Dijon is on the smoother side, and Jimmy is more like grainy paste.

That’s the reason why it comes off spicier than it really is. Plus, there is one ingredient in Dijon that the other one hasn’t – fruit pectin – but it affects the texture, not relish. So, be free to substitute them with one another without a second thought!

Spicy Brown Mustard

This one has almost-the-same texture as Jimmy, but it’s undoubtedly spicier. Keep in mind it has the heat, so take it easy if you’re incorporating it in already spicy dishes. I find it great in chicken salads because of the same texture, plus fresh salad soothes the piquancy.


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Stone Ground Mustard

This mustard’s texture resembles most of the Jimmy variety, but the taste is much milder. That comes from the fact that stone ground mustard doesn’t have white wine in the recipe, but vinegar only. Also, many seeds are left whole, so they haven’t had the chance to develop the hotness.  

Bavarian Sweet Mustard

This is also a coarsely ground condiment but sweetened with brown sugar. The taste is different, but it pairs well as a dipping sauce, just as Jimmy mustard. It’s a star of Octoberfest, so it’s no surprise that it goes flawlessly with soft pretzels and ice-cold beer.

Have you tried Jimmy Mustard? I would love to read about your experience in the comments below!

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