What Is High Oleic Sunflower Oil? (Benefits & Uses)

What Is High Oleic Sunflower Oil
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It is no secret that oils are very beneficial if you know which and how to use them, from cooking to using them externally on your skin and hair. High oleic sunflower is known for its health benefits, and it is the second most sought-after cooking oil, right after olive oil. So what is high oleic sunflower oil, and what are its uses and benefits? 

High oleic sunflower oil is oil from sunflower seeds high in oleic acid. The oleic acid in sunflower oil is significantly higher than in regular sunflower oil. It is made from quality sunflower seeds and is known as beneficial for the heart.

Although high oleic sunflower oil isn’t new to the market and has been proven beneficial for health, the consumers still don’t seem to be very well-familiar with it. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, I will explain and describe what high oleic sunflower oil is, how it is used, and what its benefits are based on various scientific researches. 

What Is the Difference Between Sunflower Oil and High-oleic Sunflower Oil? 

The main difference between high oleic and regular sunflower oil is the oleic acid amount. While high-oleic sunflower oil has at least 80% of the oleic acid amount, regular sunflower oil has about 20% oleic acid. 

The high oleic acid in high oleic sunflower oil makes this oil beneficial for heart health and cholesterol management. 

Is High-oleic Sunflower Oil Healthy? 

High oleic sunflower oil is widely used and has certain health benefits. It can improve or maintain heart health and help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. It is also beneficial for skin care, as well as for hair. 

In addition, it is also suitable for cooking at high temperatures as it remains more stable; it is neutral in flavor, so it doesn’t change the taste of the food. 

Hearth Health and Cholesterol 

High oleic oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which fall under the unsaturated fats category. The unsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated among them, are beneficial for maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels. [1]

These unsaturated fatty acids help in the reduction of LDL cholesterol amounts. The LDL cholesterol is considered harmful to health. The body functions at optimum levels with reduced concentrations of this LDL cholesterol.


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Since it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, high oleic sunflower oil is also considered good for heart health, helping the body maintain normal blood pressure. It is also known that high oleic sunflower oil doesn’t clog blood vessels. [2]

Anti-inflammatory Effect

A recent study has discovered that high oleic sunflower oil reduces lung inflammation which causes asthma. [3] It has been concluded that vitamin E in high oleic sunflower oil helps the body fight against inflammations and reduces swellings in the lungs, thus relieving asthma symptoms. [4]

It doesn’t cure asthma, though, but with regular use, it has been proven to help with the symptoms. 

Boosts Immunity

Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, high oleic sunflower oil is also regarded as an immunity booster. [5] It also helps with digestion, which helps absorb nutrients, making the body healthier and better nurtured. 

Skin and Hair Care

The vitamin E in the high oleic sunflower oil makes it excellent for skin and hair care. [6] It softens the skin, helps with wrinkles, and nurtures it, and since it is a lightweight oil, it doesn’t clog the pores, meaning the skin remains fresh and can breathe. 

High oleic sunflower oil has also shown as effective in haircare. [7] It boosts hair growth, nurtures hair roots, making it healthier, helps with dandruff, makes the hair shinier, and reduces scalp inflammation.

What Is High Oleic Sunflower Oil

What Are the Bad Sides of High-oleic Sunflower Oil? 

Like everything else, high oleic sunflower oil can have some adverse side effects. [8] If you are allergic to sunflower, don’t risk consuming any sunflower oil, high oleic sunflower oil included.

If you suffer from diabetes, high oleic sunflower oil and sunflower oil, in general, can cause glucose spikes. If you use it too often, it can cause blood sugar spikes. 

Should You Avoid High-oleic Sunflower Oil?

If you don’t have any allergies or other health conditions preventing you from using high-oleic sunflower oil, there is no reason to avoid it. However, make sure you don’t overuse it. 

In cooking, use it when you cook at very high temperatures. You can also use it in salads, but some high oleic sunflower oils can make your salad taste funny. So, choose one that suits you. 

If you apply it to your hair or skin, use it two or three times a week, like any other skin and hair product. 

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