What Happens If You Add An Extra Egg to Cornbread?

what happens if you add an extra egg to cornbread 2
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When it comes to cooking, “it is easier to add than to extract” is an absolute truth. Still, although you can always add extra ingredients to a dish, taking them out may be a challenge, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Adding an egg to cornbread does change the structure, but it may save the day. So, what happens if you add an extra egg to cornbread? 

Adding an extra whole egg to cornbread will make it creamier and rise more, but it may also taste eggy. Adding an extra yolk will make the cornbread denser and more stable.  

Sometimes the cornbread batter can trick you into thinking that you need to add one more egg. It may seem too dry or thick, so naturally, you will add more liquid. The result may not be what you hoped for, but it may surprise you well. In the following paragraphs, I will explain what to expect if you add an extra egg to cornbread. 

What Does Egg Do to Cornbread? 

The egg is the bonding agent. Both the yolk and the white have sticky properties and help the ingredients bond together. The egg also adds moisture, but you need to add a few extra for the batter to become runny. 

Although that isn’t their primary function, eggs also make cornbread creamier. They also tend to thicken the batter, especially the yolks, but you can feel their taste if you add too many. However, if eggy-flavored cornbread isn’t a problem for you, this is a non-issue. 

On the other hand, if you don’t like eggy cornbread, you may want to consider adding an egg substitute instead of an extra egg. 

Another thing egg does to cornbread is make it rise more. A well-risen cornbread is fluffier and more stable, not as crumbly, spongy, and absorbent. However, adding an extra egg to cornbread that would have risen sufficiently without it may make it rise too much, resulting in a cornbread that doesn’t bake well and is slightly sour.

Should You Add an Extra Egg to Cornbread? 

Whether you should or shouldn’t add an extra egg to cornbread depends on the particular situation. If your cornbread batter is visibly dry and the ingredients haven’t bonded well, you should definitely add another egg. If the batter is moist and well-bonded, don’t add an extra egg. 

If you aren’t sure if the cornbread batter needs an extra egg or not, you can add an extra yolk instead of a whole egg. Even if the cornbread batter didn’t need an extra egg, the yolk wouldn’t ruin it, so it is the safest option if you aren’t entirely sure. 

Before adding an extra egg to your cornbread batter, ensure that it is the only additional liquid you add. More precisely, if you add an additional egg and the cornbread batter still isn’t as it should be, don’t add more milk or butter immediately, but wait for a few minutes for the egg to get fully absorbed in the cornbread batter. 


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How Many Eggs Are Enough in Cornbread? 

There is more than one cornbread recipe. Some recipes call for one egg, some for two, some call for only egg yolks, and some instruct you to beat the yolks and whites separately and add them to the dry ingredients. 

Boxed cornbread mixes usually call for one egg. The traditional Southern cornbread recipe calls for two medium-large eggs or one extra-large egg for two cups of cornmeal. 

If you want to increase the cornmeal amount, you need to add one egg for each additional cornmeal cup. 

What Happens If You Add An Extra Egg to Cornbread

How to Make Cornbread Moist?

The cornmeal recipe calls for eggs, cornmeal, oil, butter, eggs, and milk or buttermilk. The eggs make the cornbread rise, and the buttermilk/ milk makes it creamy. All of the ingredients working together make it moist. I also have the recipe for Jiffy cornbread with yogurt instead of milk, so feel free to check it out.

However, sometimes it needs additional ingredients or more of the existing ones to be moist. Adding a tablespoon or two of sour cream can make all the difference in the world. You can also add one more egg, or if you used milk, try adding some buttermilk too. 

Cooking oil is also known to make cornbread moist, so add a spoon or two to the batter if it seems dry. Melted butter can sometimes do the trick. However, don’t add too much; ¼ of a cup is more than enough, but if the batter is still dry, don’t add more butter and try adding some of the other ingredients mentioned above. 

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