What Does Jarritos Tastes Like? All Flavors Reviewed

what does jarritos taste like
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Jarritos is a Mexican brand of soft drink that has been in production since 1950. Though the original drink was coffee-flavored, the drink is popular now as a fruit-flavored soda. Since its inception, the drink has seen numerous variations in flavors. But what do these flavors taste like? Which are the best Jarritos flavors in the market?

Most Jarritos taste like some sort of fruit with varying levels of sweetness, as most of them are fruit-based drinks. Pineapple, tamarind, orange, and lime are some of the most popular flavors. Additionally, they have non-fruit-related variants such as blue Jarritos and Mexican Cola.

In this article, we are going to take a sip of some of the most popular Jarritos flavors available throughout the Americas, in an effort to determine which flavor of Jarritos is the best. 

What Does Jamaica Jarritos Tastes Like?

Despite initial impressions, this drink does not come from the Caribbean rather Jamaica Jarritos brings with it the flavor of hibiscus. It stands out among the Jarritos catalog as hibiscus is not a common flavor profile.

This drink has a light and refreshing quality. It has a sweet and citrusy taste with a hint of floral fragrance. The unique quality of its flavor profile may lead to very divergent opinions on this Jarritos. Some may say that this requires an acquired taste to enjoy as you may be put off at the beginning.

If you have ever tried hibiscus herbal tea, then you will be familiar with the flavor. As such, this drink may be more suited to your taste. But if you are planning to try your first Jarritos, this flavor is not the ideal place to start. 

However, if you do end up liking the combination of floral and fruity flavor, then you will be able to enjoy a highly refreshing and soothing drink. And the potential benefits of drinking hibiscus-infused soda are just the bonus.

What Does Tamarind Jarritos Tastes Like?

And continuing our selection of unorthodox soda flavors, next up we have Tamarind Jarritos. People who are unaccustomed to the taste of this tropical legume might be perplexed by the taste. Tamarind Jarritos taste similar to tamarind candy, slightly sweet, slightly sour, and with a whole lot of tang.

The sharpness of this flavor may be too much for some initially. But once you get familiar with it, you will discover that Tamarind Jarritos is one of the most uniquely vibrant drinks available on the market. 

What Does Watermelon Jarritos Tastes Like?

When you think about it, a watermelon variant for a fruit-based soda brand just makes sense. And Jarritos evokes the memories of the hot summer days with this bright red drink. 

Watermelon Jarritos has a notably sweet flavor profile. Its taste resembles watermelon-flavored candy rather than actual watermelon juice. This can be appealing to some while repelling others. Many have compared the taste of watermelon Jarritos to watermelon Jolly Ranchers. 

What Does Strawberry Jarritos Tastes Like?

Jarritos Fresa or Strawberry is one of the brand’s most well-known varieties. Strawberry is a common flavor for fruit-based drinks. And Jarritos Strawberry soda is a bright, refreshing drink fit for the summertime.

The strawberry flavor is present in this drink but it is not too prominent. What is prominent is its sugar levels. Many have noted that the strawberry Jarritos can be too sweet. This coupled with the fact that the strawberry flavor is not as strong as one might expect may explain why this variation does not rank high on too many people’s lists.

But for a nice refreshing breather on a hot summer day, a cold bottle of strawberry Jarritos can be just the tonic. 

What Does Grapefruit Jarritos Taste Like?

Drinking a bottle of Grapefruit Jarritos is like eating a very sweet grapefruit. But unlike the actual fruit, the drink does not have any of the usual bitter aftertastes. This leads many people to prefer this Jarritos variation over others as it does taste similar to the fruit it is based on.

Despite initial impressions, Grapefruit Jarritos is not colored green. It is a clear liquid that is packaged in a green bottle. 

What Does Blue Jarritos Tastes Like?

Blue Jarritos is sort of the odd one out from the entire Jarritos line of soda. Because this is not actually a fruit-flavored soda. Rather, it is the brand’s version of sparkling water or seltzer. Hence, why it is referred to as blue Jarritos by some. The official name for this drink is “Mineragua” or Agua Mineral.

Blue Jarritos taste a lot like other sparkling water but with a noticeable amount of saltiness. The ingredients for this drink are carbonated water, sodium bicarbonate, salt, and potassium chloride. The last two ingredients explain the salinity of the drink.

Blue Jarritos has a noticeable fizz as well. It goes down smoothly and has a refreshing aftertaste.

What Does Fruit Punch Jarritos Tastes Like?

Jarritos’ Fruit Punch soda comes in vibrant red color. The taste of the drink is an odd mixture of different fruit flavors such as strawberry, cherry, and possibly lime. The strawberry is likely the most dominant flavor you will notice when drinking it. 

Fruit Punch Jarritos has a very sugary taste, very identical to strawberry candy. To some, the sugar can be a bit too much. But the drink has accumulated many more fans over the years. This explains why fruit punch is one of Jarrett’s most popular variations.

What Does Lime Jarritos Taste Like?

When you pop open a bottle of lime Jarritos you are instantly met with the unmistakable fragrance of lemons. It tastes like a very sweet glass of lime juice without any of the acidity. So, the taste is not identical to lime but close enough. This makes lime Jarritos one of the brand’s most refreshing options, especially when you drink it with ice.

What Does Jarritos Mexican Cola Tastes Like?

Jarritos Mexican Cola comes with a distinct dark brown complexion, similar to another one of Mexico’s iconic export, Coca-Cola. Unlike Coca-Cola, Jarritos Mexican Cola is made with actual cane sugar rather than corn syrup. And many people prefer the taste of sodas with real cane sugar over their corn syrup counterparts.

What Is the Best Jarritos Flavor?

It is pretty difficult to pick the objectively best Jarritos flavor since different flavors appeal to different people. But in terms of popularity, pineapple, tamarind, mango, and lime are some of the standouts. 

what does jarritos taste like

What Are the Less Favorite Jarritos Flavor?

The Strawberry Jarritos is many people’s least favorite due to its extreme sweetness. Hibiscus and tamarind are two other flavors that can be quite controversial due to their unique flavor profile. 

Is Jarritos Fizzy?

All Jarritos flavors are fizzy drinks. When a drink is labeled fizzy, it means that the drink contains carbon-di-oxide in a pressurized state. When you open the bottle, the pressure is released and the soda starts to fizzle. 

Since, every Jarritos variety, even their mineral water, contains this gas. So, they are all fizzy.

To conclude, the world of Jarritos is diversely colorful and fruity. When you dive into it, you are sure to find that one flavor that suits your taste buds like no other.

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