Waxy Chocolate: Why Does It Happen?

waxy chocolate
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Choosing the right chocolate can be sometimes difficult, especially for those who cherish chocolate in special ways. In other words, quality chocolate is not always easy to select, and you do not want to end up with waxy types. However, what makes chocolate waxy, and why does this happen in the first place? 

When you notice a waxy texture in your chocolate, that usually means that the type you have chosen is of lower quality. Quality chocolate usually melts quickly in your mouth considering that cocoa melts at body temperature. Waxy chocolate does not melt quickly and does not have lasting flavor.

In this article, I will discuss the occurrence of the waxy texture of chocolate, and why this happens in the first place. If you are wondering whether this happens due to included wax in chocolate, here you will clear out your assumptions. Also, I will help you learn how you can determine whether the chocolate is of good quality. 

Why Are Some Chocolates Waxy?

When the chocolate has a waxy texture, it means that it is of a low quality. The texture can be a good factor in determining whether the chocolate has good or bad ingredients, i.e. whether it is of good quality or not. Quality chocolate would never have a waxy texture due to the ingredients that are included in it. 

To make things more clear, if the chocolate in question melts in your mouth after just a few seconds, and it leaves a certain type of flavor that lasts in your mouth even after you have swallowed it, that means that the chocolate contains high-quality ingredients.

In other words, you have to remember that proper chocolate would melt in your mouth, not become waxy or gritty. [1]

What Makes Chocolate Waxy?

In order to eat some good chocolate, you have to be familiar with the ingredients that are included in it. The taste of chocolate really depends on the quality of the ingredients that it contains. Otherwise, you will end up with a gritty taste, which is not something you expect from chocolate. 

The waxy texture comes from the low-quality ingredients from which the chocolate is made (high-quality chocolate is made of real cocoa butter).

If chocolate does not have the right percentage of cocoa, or real cocoa butter, it would become waxy and it will not have the taste you expect. Due to low-quality ingredients, the taste will not linger in your mouth, but instead, it would just disappear, as if you have not eaten chocolate at all. 

Is There Wax in Chocolate?

Regular chocolate is not supposed to include wax in its main ingredients. Paraffin wax is sometimes added for a glossy finish of melted chocolate, in cases when you are making a cake or something similar. Some candy bars might also contain some paraffin wax in order to keep the candy from melting in your hand. 

How to Tell if Chocolate Is of Good Quality?

You can tell if the chocolate is of good quality by just taking one bite in your mouth. If high-quality chocolate is in question, you should expect it to melt in your mouth quickly and to feel its velvety texture. Also, the rich chocolate flavor of it would linger in your mouth for a longer period of time. 

As you could see, chocolate is not supposed to taste waxy since its right texture is smooth and velvety. Therefore, when your chocolate does not melt in your mouth, it means that low-quality ingredients are in question. 

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