Truffle Burrata: What It Is & How to Use It?

Truffle Burrata
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This might be the first time hearing about truffle burrata, so you may think it is not very popular. However, the fact is that truffle burrata is one of the most famous Italian types of cheese, spreading its popularity worldwide. So, what actually is truffle burrata, and how do people use it?

Truffle burrata is a cheese truffle made of layers of soft mozzarella. The core of truffle burrata is creamy and buttery, while the taste is characterized by light and fresh flavors. It can be used as a centerpiece of a cheese board, with pasta, or as an ingredient for sandwiches. 

If you are a fan of different types of cheese, then it is time to learn about the features of truffle burrata, and how it is best used. In this article, I have focused on the properties of this type of cheese and how it is used. Truffle burrata might be a great addition to your dishes, and it will give you a chance to experiment and be creative in the kitchen. 

What Is Truffle Burrata?

When you hear the word “truffle,” you probably assume that it is some kind of sweet dessert served at the end of the main course. However, when the word “truffle” is accompanied by the word “burrata”, a real confusion might arise. If this has happened to you, do not worry because you are definitely not the only one. 

To be more precise, truffle burrata is a type of cheese that comes from Italy, and it has a long history along with an interesting way of production. The word “burrata” comes from the Italian word “burro” which gives you the association of butter, but it actually refers to a buttery rich type of cheese. Burrata is a fresh soft cheese that is made by the combination of cow and buffalo’s milk, and it comes from the Italian regions. 

This cheese came from the areas of Puglia. However, some stories are claiming that burrata cheese’s original regions are somewhere around Andria. Anyway, according to official records, burrata first appeared when a popular cheese producer, Lorenzo Bianchino needed to find a way to save milk cream. Therefore, he created a pouch out of mozzarella cheese and stracciatella leftovers. 

This was the beginning of this type of cheese. Later, there came to many alternations and variations. That is why nowadays we have the popular truffle burrata that is not only used in Italy and Europe but across the whole world. Many people might not even have heard about it, but it is actually delicious cheese that can be combined in many ways and in many dishes.

As I have explained how burrata appeared and started being used, now it is only proper to explain what exactly truffle burrata is. Since there have been many changes, burrata alternated many times, and therefore, today, we have the type known as the truffle burrata. 

Truffle burrata is actually soft milk cheese made of stringy layers of mozzarella. The center of the truffle burrata is characterized by a milky and buttery texture, which is light and it contains fresh flavors. This type of cheese is used in many ways, meaning people like to experiment with it due to its versatile features and properties.

What Is Truffle Mozzarella?

Truffle mozzarella is a ball of fresh mozzarella that acts as the preserver of the freshness of the cheese. The creamy and buttery texture keeps the mozzarella’s lightness, hence the deliciousness of the truffle mozzarella. It is also very versatile since you can use it in salads, sandwiches, and of course, bruschetta. 

The truffle mozzarella contains amazing flavors in itself, so you do not need any additional spices to intensify the taste. It is usually drizzled with olive oil, and you will have your cheese ready on the plate.


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How to Use Truffle Burrata? 

Since truffle burrata is a soft and delicate type of cheese, it is best to be served fresh and at room temperature. This way, you will preserve all the flavors, i.e. the cheese will taste as you expect. Only when served at room temperature you can truly taste the creamy and buttery texture that is actually the main characteristic of this cheese.

One of the best ways to use truffle burrata is as a centerpiece of your cheeseboard. Firstly, it will look amazing due to its unique shape, and also it will come as a good addition to other salty or sweet types of cheese that might accompany it. Truffle burrata does not have flavors, so it balances the tastes of a variety of cheese choices on a cheese platter. 

Another popular way of using truffle burrata is as an ingredient in some sandwiches, such as the Caprese sandwich. As I said, this type of cheese is not characterized by strong flavors, and it is soft, so it will taste great in a sandwich. When it comes to sandwiches, you probably do not want very strong flavors and dry textures; therefore, this would come as a really refreshing addition. 

However, you can also use truffle burrata simply by itself. The fresh and creamy flavors will taste great as some sort of sophisticated snack. Therefore, you will not be disappointed in whatever way you choose to use truffle burrata. 

What Goes Well With Truffle Burrata? 

The look of truffle burrata is simply attractive, so this type of cheese will go well with many dishes. You can certainly do a lot of combinations, so feel free to experiment. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can combine this cheese with a particular food, so you cannot go wrong.

For instance, truffle burrata will taste amazing in combination with heritage tomatoes. This is actually a traditional Italian combination that tastes heavenly. In addition, you will also not regret including truffle burrata in pasta or alongside grilled chicken. 

What is more, you do not need any special spices to improve the taste of this cheese since it tastes delicious by itself. But, you may always drizzle a little bit of olive oil, so you will get the ultimate taste. Whatever you decide, you will not go wrong here. 

If you want to get fancy in the kitchen, you can combine truffle burrata with prosciutto on bruschetta and make yourself a great appetizer.

Truffle Burrata

Truffle burrata goes amazingly with fresh pasta. Just cook homemade pasta, stir in some sour cream, fresh basil and truffle burrata. As simple as that! 

Why Should You Eat Truffle Burrata? 

If you have already tried truffle burrata, you know its fresh and light taste. However, it is important to remember that this cheese is high in calories, meaning it needs to be consumed with certain limitations. Dairy products, such as truffle burrata can be really beneficial, but you need to be aware that keeping balance is also an essential point. 

For instance, truffle burrata has a lot of beneficial nutritional values that are good for dental health. All of the vitamins and minerals contained in this cheese have a positive impact on the health of your teeth. What is more, the presence of protein in truffle burrata decreases bone resorption. [1]

However, as I mentioned, truffle burrata is high in calories, so you should not exaggerate its consumption. Furthermore, this type of cheese might not be good for certain health conditions, such as diabetes. Also, lactose intolerant people should not intake truffle burrata on any occasion. 

Therefore, you may enjoy this cheese in controlled amounts, and under conditions that your personal health allows. This cheese has a light and refreshing flavor, but it still contains fat and is high in calories, so make sure that you do not demonize its consumption. 

In conclusion, you have seen the properties of truffle burrata and how this cheese can be combined. If you are a true cheese lover, you should not miss a chance to try this Italian specialty.