Truffle Burrata vs. Mozzarella: Differences & Which Is Better?

truffle burrata vs mozzarella
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Truffle burrata and mozzarella look the same, so people do not usually differentiate them. While they do seem exactly the same on the outside, their inner features and properties come with many differences. Therefore, what are the differences between truffle burrata and mozzarella, and how can you tell which is which?

Truffle burrata contains an outer layer of mozzarella, but the core of this cheese is filled with soft, stringy curd, and fresh cream. In contrast, mozzarella is a lighter type of cheese with an elastic texture, and it does not include buttery and creamy flavors in its inner part.

To resolve the confusion about the differences between truffle burrata and mozzarella, you need to compare them precisely. Their different names signalize that they are actually two separate types of cheese. Once you read about their actual differences, you will be able to distinguish them. 

Truffle Burrata vs. Mozzarella: Differences

It is a fact that truffle burrata and mozzarella have a lot of similar features, which is perfectly logical if you consider that truffle burrata contains mozzarella. Still, they are not the same types of cheese, i.e. they have significant differences that make them distinct. To see the differences clearly, you need to compare the main properties of truffle burrata and mozzarella.

Once you see the differences in the features, you will know exactly which one is more appropriate for your needs. Below, I have compared the texture, taste, and different uses of both truffle burrata and mozzarella. 


When you look at truffle burrata and mozzarella, you will not spot any particular differences. They look pretty much the same, and if you see them served on a cheese platter, you will probably not be able to say which is which. However, if you look closely and pay attention to the textures of these types of cheese, then you will surely see some distinctions.

If you do not see them, you will definitely feel them in your mouth when you take a bite. Namely, truffle burrata is known for its creamy and buttery texture. This cheese is also known as filled cheese because its core is filled with fresh cream and a soft, stringy curd. 

Mozzarella is lighter in texture in comparison to truffle burrata. It has an elastic texture, and it is usually eaten fresh. The texture of mozzarella is great once the process of production is done, meaning you do not have to wait for it to age. 

Therefore, if you are looking for something rich and buttery in flavors, then truffle burrata is your ideal choice. On the other hand, if you search for something lighter and semi-soft, then mozzarella would satisfy your needs. 


Since truffle burrata contains a layer of mozzarella, it is logical to assume that these types of cheese have very similar tastes. However, that is not entirely true because their inner flavors make a significant difference in taste. 

So, when you are eating truffle burrata, you will experience some creamy and buttery tastes and earthy and aromatic flavors of truffles. Some people compare truffles to garlic because of their strong smell and taste. So, if you think you would like truffles, it’s most likely that you will enjoy truffle burrata, too.

By contrast, mozzarella is not characterized by such a rich flavor. Both truffle burrata and mozzarella are known for slightly sour and delicate tastes, but the flavors in truffle burrata are creamier and longer-lasting than the ones in Mozzarella. 


Considering that both truffle burrata and mozzarella do not have many different properties, you probably assume that they might be used interchangeably. However, if you use them as ingredients in different dishes, they might significantly affect your meals’ taste. That is why it is important to be familiar with their features. 

Namely, both truffle burrata and mozzarella can be served fresh since they go well as an appetizer or a side dish. They are both compatible with different types of wine, so they will look great as the centerpieces of a cheeseboard. Nonetheless, it might be more convenient in some recipes to use one over the other. 

For instance, mozzarella is mostly used in pizza and lasagna. It can be also used in some light salads, or even in some pasta. By drizzling a little bit of olive oil over mozzarella, you can achieve the most delicious flavors that we all desire in cheese. 

On the other hand, truffle burrata is mainly used in different types of pasta due to its creaminess and buttery flavors. It also works well with grilled vegetables and some cold meats. 

Truffle Burrata Vs mozzarella

Truffle Burrata Vs. Mozzarella: Which Is Better? 

Since they have many similar features and are commonly used interchangeably, it is very difficult to determine which one is better. 

However, if you use them as ingredients in other dishes, your choice will depend on your recipe. If your recipe calls for creaminess, then truffle burrata would be your best choice, while mozzarella would work well if pizza is in question. 

Nonetheless, if you are serving your cheese fresh, then which one you pick will depend on your own personal taste. Tastes can hardly be discussed, especially if you are trying to determine which is better. Therefore, make sure that you try both of them, and see which one suits your palate the best. 

As you can see, both truffle burrata and mozzarella are characterized by some extraordinary features. They are quite similar, but still unique in their own way. Therefore, make sure that you are familiar enough with their properties before you pick one for your dishes.