11 Substitutes for Mayo in Deviled Eggs

Substitutes for Mayo in Deviled Eggs
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What’s a better way to use cooked eggs than making fun, delicious, and appealing deviled eggs? They aren’t time-consuming to make and are best served cold, so there is a good reason for them to be the favorite finger food. Traditionally, deviled eggs are filled with mayo-based spread, but I love making them a real delicacy by stepping out of the original recipe. So, here are the substitutes for mayo in deviled eggs!

You can replace mayo with Greek yogurt, sour cream, and mustard if you use the proper seasonings. Next up, hummus, guacamole, and pesto are surprisingly really good when paired with egg whites. If you want something unusual, opt for caramelized onion dip, muhammara, or baba ganoush. 

I love making staple, simple dishes a specialty, and this is one of those cases. There are so many possible additions, and this is my ultimate list! I just know you’ll find something you’ll want to serve for the party that everyone will talk about!

What to Add to Deviled Eggs Instead of Mayo?

Deviled eggs can undoubtedly be delish even when the original recipe is modified. Mayonnaise is a classic, but let’s see what other options you have!

Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt is still silky but a less caloric substitute for mayo. It has a fresh and neutral taste, so it goes along with different spices and flavors. You can mix it with some mustard to get on that pungy taste and add a few drops of lemon for a touch of zestiness.

When it comes to spices, it will be fine with salt and pepper only, but my personal favorites are smoked paprika and fresh or dried herbs like parsley. One more thing, don’t forget to mince some garlic in, as it makes everything better.


Hummus is one of the creamiest and tastiest spreads there is. It goes wonderfully with hard-boiled eggs, bringing a well-appreciated dash of East. You can definitely use store-bought one, but for the superb taste, make your own. It’s incredibly simple, as the blender will do the job for you!

Chickpeas provide the signature nutty flavor of hummus, while tahini adds up to richness and creaminess. Don’t forget to add some lemon and garlic to smash the taste with some tanginess and a string that links all ingredients together – extra virgin olive oil.


What to Serve With Deviled Eggs? [Ideas for All Courses]


mustard deviled eggs

Mustard is on the list of traditional deviled egg recipes, but in this case, it’s the main ingredient. Having this in mind, choose high-quality mustard, like Dijon. It blends fantastically with honey and some acidic components like lemon or apple cider vinegar.

Also, garlic is inevitable here, as well. What brings out the smack the most is fresh dill. It has a slightly sweet taste that pairs well with strong and spicy mustard. This is a sour-sweet combination, and it definitely doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. 

Sour Cream

Sour cream is very easy to pair with anything, but it’s flavorful when standing alone, as well. You can mix it with some rich-flavored cheese, like sharp cheddar, parmesan, or provolone cheese. These cheeses have bitter and nutty base notes that go well with the tart flavors of cream.

Just add some salt, pepper, and maybe some fresh herbs. You can also add crispy bacon or ham on top for both taste and texture.

Cream Cheese and Bacon

cream cheese and bacon

Cream cheese is probably the most neutral ingredient on the list. It is a perfect base to build on the flavor with its subtle tanginess. When paired with crispy bacon, it gets a whole new dimension. Don’t hold back on spices — combine ground pepper, fresh herbs, chili flakes, and smoked paprika.


Avocados and eggs are a match made in heaven. When you add a few more layers to kick the taste, you’ll get a real gourmet bite! Diced tomatoes and shallots go together nicely, but for a smokey aroma, choose sun-dried tomatoes. 

Spice it a bit with ground pepper, chili flakes, garlic, and lime. This way, you’ll get both a nutty and fresh taste on your palate. 


If you fancy basil, this will probably be your fav filling! Original pesto requires loads of fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, pecorino, and parmesan. The taste is everything buttery, nutty, spicy, and citrusy. Like a real Italian, don’t skip extra virgin olive oil here, as well.

If you find the traditional pesto too pungent for your taste, I would just swap a few ingredients here and there. Cottage cheese and walnuts, or basil, make a top-tier blend, as well. Spice it a bit with some sea salt and ground pepper, and enjoy!

Roasted Eggplant Spread

Roasted eggplant dip or baba ganoush is one of the tastiest dips you’ll ever try, even if you’re not an eggplant fan. It’s pretty similar to hummus, though, but here you’re swapping chickpeas with eggplant. Roast or grill your eggplants in the peel, as that’s where they get their special smoky flavor.

Pair it with tahini paste, lemon, garlic, olive oil, and spices for a divine taste. The spread is slightly bitter but still tender and earthy. Plus, it has a nice pastel shade and a silky texture you can easily decorate to make it look like It came out of a 5-star restaurant.


Authentic Greek dip is a whole new take on deviled eggs. It is fresh and citrusy, rather light than buttery. It has two key ingredients – Greek yogurt and cucumber. Both are mild ingredients, but the seasoning is what, in fact, makes it special.

Garlic, lemon, and olive oil as the staples of almost any dip, plus fresh, Mediterranean herbs. Mint and dill are uninventable if you want a touch of the Adriatic coast! Tip: Serve them straight from the fridge for the best taste.

Roasted Paprika Spread

Roasted Paprika Spread deviled eggs

Originally named Muhammara, roasted paprika creamy spread is a next-level smack. It originates from Syria, so expect some spice. It has a smokey flavor that comes from roasted red peppers, while butteriness comes from walnuts. 

When speaking of spices, there are a few that are specific just for this dish: Aleppo pepper and sumac. Both are strong, tangy, and smoky, but you can definitely substitute them for more common spices. The final touch of pomegranate molasses makes all the other flavors pop!

If you want something more simple but still love the smoked paprika relish, try blending it with feta cheese instead. Sprinkle it with olive oil and lime to satisfy all the taste buds. Enjoy your hearty and spicy deviled eggs!

Caramelized Onion Dip

If you want your guests talking, go all in and make this creamy dip. As the name says, the first step is caramelizing onions. Caramelized onions itself have sweet but deep savory relish. When you combine it with slightly tangy cream cheese and sour cream, it becomes a real taste rhapsody.

The taste is already rich, so it doesn’t require many spices. I’ve found that salt, pepper, and maybe some chives are more than enough. Enjoy!

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