St. Brendan’s Irish Cream vs. Baileys: A Detailed Comparison

St. Brendans Irish Cream vs. Baileys A Detailed Comparison
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In the realm of Irish liqueurs, countless brands are offering these drinks, and you need more information to avoid stumbling upon some that give the drink a bad name. Although I am not a fan of the sharp burn and sting some alcohols have, I am, however, very well versed in the subject of sweet and chocolaty liquid delights. 

St. Brendan’s Irish Cream and Baileys are among my favorites, so get ready for a ton of info you will indeed find helpful the next time you need to decide which to have. 

Differences Between St. Brendan’s Irish Cream and Baileys

St. Bernard’s Irish Cream is a creamy and rich liqueur featuring a subtle, sweet taste and a nice creamy consistency. Baileys is very indulgent and exceptionally delicious. They both include notes of chocolate and vanilla, with a slight whiskey tone. 

Taste and Aroma

St. Brendan’s Irish Cream captures the nose before it settles on your palate and heart. With its notes of fresh cream, light cocoa, and just a tad of Irish whiskey, it has a warm combination of aromatic notes you can almost taste. 

It’s inviting but not too intense. I always imagine it like a friend keeping the door open for you without rushing you to enter. Give it a chance if you appreciate subtlety in a drink. 

The first sip is filled with gentility and softness. It takes things slowly and develops further down the palate. Balancing sweet and creamy, I love its flavor because it genuinely feels like a luxurious dessert in a glass. 

The notes of vanilla and chocolate gently unfold as the sip reaches mid-palate before they explode with full strength, filling your mouth with pure magic. 

The whiskey note appears as a gentle reminder to pace yourself right before it reaches your throat. It’s still alcohol you are drinking. 

Keeping up shoulder to shoulder with St. Brendan’s Irish Cream, Baileys aroma is like a warm, inviting hug of rich chocolate, soft vanilla, and more pronounced Irish whiskey notes. 

It warns you from the very beginning that you should take it easy. I really enjoy the sharp alcoholic notes piercing through the chocolate, which makes the drink even more seductive. 

Once you get to know it, you taste it, and right in the beginning, you are greeted with a welcoming note of chocolate and vanilla, which are more expressive at this point compared to St. Brendan’s, so you dive head-on into a rich and creamy experience. 

The Irish whiskey component is more noticeable in Baileys than in St. Brendan’s Irish Cream, which makes it ideal for mixing with sweet drinks and for sipping. It adds an extra layer of warmth without burning or stinging your throat. 

Baileys sweetness and creaminess create a velvety texture that coats the mouth, preparing your palate for the next sip that you will experience even more intensely.


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Color and Consistency

If you like coffee and milk, you will enjoy the color of St. Brendan’s Irish Cream. Its milky shades and gentle brown chocolaty tone resemble a perfectly balanced milky coffee, seducing the eyes before reaching the nose. 

The creamy and generously thick consistency makes this story that much more luxurious. When you pour it into your glass, it looks like a silky dessert, like a Christmas present you can’t wait to unwrap. 

Baileys has a slightly darker shade, like light chocolate or a nice cup of cappuccino. It is just as seductive as St. Brendan’s Irish cream, with shades of light brown dancing around the glass. It is slightly thicker and creamier than St. Brendan’s Irish Cream.


The uses are where these two are very similar. Both feature many cocktails and have a wide application in dessert-making. I love baking with both of them as they impart their best features in the luxurious desserts they participate in. 

Baileys is more of a people person, being the more approachable and the well-known crowd-pleaser, while St. Brendan’s Irish Cream is reserved for pickier palates. 

Alcohol Content

With 17% alcohol content, both of these liqueurs are considered mild, but it is a highly subjective issue. However, considering there are drinks with 40% ABV and above, the two definitely play in the more refined leagues. 

The best thing is you can have them in a cocktail or sip them on their own and enjoy them thoroughly without getting too fuzzy too soon. 


Price-wise, they are very close. With a tag of about $20 for Baileys and about $15 for St. Brendan’s Irish Cream, they are definitely affordable without compromising the experience. 

Which Is Better, St. Brendan’s Irish Cream or Baileys?

Before deciding which one to have, ask yourself what kind of experience you want. Are you looking for a potent flavor and thick consistency providing a layer of luxury and refinement, or are you looking for something sweet, tasty, and light? 

If you answered “yes” to the first question, you should go with St. Bernard’s Irish Cream. If you want a second experience, Baileys is your drink. 

You can’t compare these two in terms of better because they are purposely different and serve different purposes. Similar but distinct, both of these drinks deliver what they promise, and it’s up to you to decide which promise resonates with your current desire. Maybe the following table will help you decide.

FeatureSt. Brendan’s Irish CreamBaileys
Taste and AromaRich and lighter Rich and subtle
Color and ConsistencyCreamy but thinner BaileysThicker and slightly creamier 
UsesPerfect for desserts and cocktails
Alcohol ContentAbout 17% 
PriceAbout $15About $20
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