Shepherd’s Pie vs. Moussaka: Are They the Same?

Shepherds pie vs Moussaka
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Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka are often mixed, rich, and incredibly delicious. Considering that they have much in common, starting from the main ingredients and ending with the cooking process, it is only natural to assume they might be the same dish. So, are Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka the same, considering they originate from different sides of the same continent? 

Moussaka and Shepherd’s pie are not the same dish. Their main ingredients are the same and the cooking processes are similar, but moussaka contains more ingredients than Shepherd’s pie. Also, Shepherd’s pie incorporates cooked and then mashed potatoes. In contrast, you make moussaka with sliced raw potatoes and eggplant.

Moussaka and Shepherd’s pie are very near to my heart. The smell while baking and the cooking itself are rustic and homey and remind me of a simpler time. I have spent much time and energy learning how to perfect them both, and naturally, I have learned the differences between them. So, in the following text, I will explain the differences between Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka, their origin, making processes, and popularity. 

Shepherd’s Pie vs. Moussaka: Differences

Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka are two different dishes despite their many similarities. Moussaka has more ingredients than Shepherd’s pie, and Shepherd’s pie has one more step in its making process. 


Both Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka originate in Europe. While Shepherd’s pie is believed to have originated in Ireland, Moussaka is considered to have originated in Greece. 

Because both dishes are very old, their origins cannot be precisely confirmed, especially since both Moussaka and Shepherd’s pie has spread across the continent. 

The Turkish invasion of the Balkans may have caused Moussaka to spread to the Middle East and Egypt, while Shepherd’s pie has gained popularity mainly throughout Western Europe. 

Since both dishes are known and loved in many countries, other than their lands of origin, there are also variations of the two. However, the original recipes still stand. 

Ingredients and Making

Shepherd’s pie traditionally contains potatoes, ground lamb, cheese, and onions. Moussaka has an extra ingredient, eggplant, and the same ingredients as Shepherd’s pie. 

Some variations of Shepherd’s pie also contain peas and carrots, and some variations of Moussaka include zucchini and the main ingredients. Also, there are versions of Moussaka made with eggplant, zucchini, or both, without potatoes. 

Traditionally, both Moussaka and Shepherd’s pie are made with ground lamb, but nowadays, they can be made with other types of ground meat, such as pork, beef, or a mix of the two. 

In Shepherd’s pie, the meat is cooked together with the onions. The potatoes are mashed and seasoned, whereby the meat is then covered with the mashed potatoes, topped with cheese, and oven-baked. 

Moussaka encompasses the same procedure for the meat, but instead of mashed potatoes, the meat is covered with copped raw potatoes and eggplant. The entire thing is then topped with béchamel sauce and oven-baked. 

Generally speaking, both Moussaka and Shepherd’s pie are pretty easy to make. There are no specific measurements of the ingredients, and both dishes are open to experimentation. 

However, Shepherd’s pie has one more step in its preparation: the boiling and mashing of the potatoes. Still, I wouldn’t say that this makes Shepherd’s pie more difficult to make, but it takes more time than Moussaka. 

Taste and Texture

Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka taste very similar. However, Shepherd’s pie’s meaty taste is more expressed than in Moussaka. 

Because it contains eggplant, Moussaka is very mildly bitter, so the meaty taste is a bit more tuned down. 

Both are very rich dishes, especially because they both have toppings. The cheese topping gives Shepherd’s pie a distinctly cheesy flavor, whereas the béchamel makes Moussaka taste more buttery.  

In terms of texture, Shepherd’s pie is slightly creamier and softer than Moussaka. However, the mashed potatoes, which are cooked twice in Shepherd’s pie, are more stable and firm. 

On the other hand, because the eggplant and potatoes are layered raw in Moussaka, it is more watery with an unstable structure. 

A piece of Shepherd’s pie would stay as it is when served, whereas a serving of Moussaka would have the top layer slid off. 


Sides for Shepherd’s Pie: Salads, Desserts, Bread & More


Although spread throughout Europe,  parts of Asia, and Africa, Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka aren’t popular dishes. Moussaka is primarily popular in the Balkans, Turkey, and some countries in the Middle East. 

Shepherd’s pie is primarily popular in Western Europe- England, France, Germany, etc. However, they are still considered “ethnic foods,” so it is safe to say that they still have a long way to go. 


Nutrition-wise, Shepherd’s pie and Moussaka are very similar. They are both balanced meals, containing parts of each food group. 

The potatoes provide the sugars and carbs. The meat and the cheese/ béchamel provide the proteins and fats. The eggplant provides micronutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B6. [1]

Considering that both dishes are baked, they don’t contain any added fats, other than the natural fats in the cheese/béchamel toppings and the ground meat. 

Both Moussaka and Shepherd’s pie are considered healthy and nutritious. [2] [3] They are good if you are on a weight loss journey, but they aren’t suitable for Keto or a low-carb diet. 


While Shepherd’s pie resembles a layered cake, Moussaka has a less elegant look but seductive nonetheless. The potato and eggplant circles lurking below the béchamel topping make this dish look rustic and refined at the same time. 

Shepherd’s pie mesmerizes with its creamy, cheesy topping and the meaty and luxurious bottom layer, while Moussaka seduces with its more playful appearance. 

They both taste as good as they look.  

Shepherds pie vs Moussaka

Shepherd’s Pie Vs. Moussaka: Which Is Better?

Juicier than Shepherd’s pie, buttery, with just a hint of the eggplant’s bitterness, Moussaka is the perfect choice if you are a fan of a perfect balance between meatiness, butteriness, and very discreet bitterness

On the other hand, if you like a stronger meaty taste, creamy potato topping covered with cheese, your choice should be Shepherd’s pie. 

Overall, both are excellent dishes, and nutrition-wise they are well-balanced, healthy, and contain members of each food group. 

Which one you choose depends solely on your preference and mood, but whichever you decide to have will be the right decision.

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