Scooter Pie vs. Moon Pie: Differences & Which Is Better?

Scooter Pie vs Moon Pie
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Moon Pies and Scooter Pies are loving words from the childhood of so many Americans. I’m sure that anyone tried these chocolate candies at least once and was surprised by their flavor. But, the question is, were these two products the same thing? If not, how did they differ?

Moon Pies are a trademarked product made by the Chattanooga Bakery, while the Scooter Pie is a version of the Moon Pie. Both products feature a marshmallow filling sandwiched between two graham crackers. Moon pies are still produced by the original manufacturer, while scooter pies have been discontinued.

In this article, we will turn back the time and visit two classic lunchtime snacks and see how they came to be. 

Scooter Pie vs. Moon Pie: Differences


There seems to be a bit of argument surrounding the origins of these two products and which came first. But most people agree that Moon Pies first popularized the “cookie sandwich with marshmallow filling” concept, which led to many offshoots and variations, including the Scooter Pie.

The inception behind Moon Pies is a fascinating story. As the official statement goes – Earl Mitchel, a traveling salesman, asked a Kentucky coal miner about his ideal snack. The miner envisioned a snack that is, in his own words, “as big as the moon.” 

Inspired, Mitchel returned to his employers at Chattanooga Bakery. The bakery responded to this fanciful request by making the original Moon Pie. This was back in 1917.

A few decades later, Scooter Pies became popular as a variation of the original Moon Pie concept. The popular consensus is that the name originates from NY shortstop Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, who later became famous as a radio personality. The reason why he chose this name is unclear, but it certainly caught people’s attention in the ’60s and ’70s.

Over the years, manufacturers made Scooter Pies under the umbrella of various companies. They have been discontinued, and it is hard to track any products on any platform.

Taste and Texture

Since Scooter Pies have long been discontinued, so it is hard to get a contemporary comparison between Scooter Pies and Moon Pies. Both pies have the same concept – they are two pieces of graham crackers covering a center of marshmallow cream. Then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate.

Many people in the Northern parts of the US claim that Scooter Pies were the superior snack. 


If you were a kid growing up in the ’70s, you had some visual hints to tell these two products apart. Both pies had a chocolate coating on their graham crackers. 

But the chocolate on Moon Pies is a deeper, darker hue. In contrast, the Scooter Pies had a lighter colored chocolate coating, which was more similar to the color of caramel candy. Scooter Pies also had a rougher exterior than Moon pies.


All Moon Pies are packaged and distributed in boxes of varying sizes – 6, 12, 36, etc. Each pie is wrapped in a clear plastic bag inside the box. The trademark Moon Pie logo is a clear way to identify this product. Most of the boxes are blue and white.

On the other hand, Scooter Pies had different packaging over the decades as they changed ownership. They also came in boxes of varying colors depending on which company was producing them. From Cap’n Crunch to Salerno, different company logos accompanied these pies.

Scooter Pie vs Moon Pie


Since its inception in 1917, Moon Pies have seen massive growth in popularity. At the end of the decade, manufacturers were boxing hundreds of these products. This number steadily grew as the demand for this snack increased. The Moon pies became so adored by the American masses that they even served as a source of comfort during World War 2.

At present, you can find Moon Pies in most states and any of the popular retail stores, both online and off. The Chattanooga Bakery produces around 300,000 of these delicious snacks per day, shipped to various parts of the US.

The Scooter Pie became a household name in the ’60s and ’70s. They were especially prevalent in the Northern region of the US. Scooter pies became a cherished part of many children’s lunchtime.

But the product slowly lost its relevance over the decades. Unlike Moon Pie, the production of Scooter Pie has been overseen by multiple companies in the past, even an Italian-based manufacturer at the beginning of this century. Eventually, the production of Scooter Pies ceased operations. 


Over the years, the Chattanooga Bakery has come up with many variations in its classic formula. They have bought single-decker and double-decker pies as well as mini pies. In terms of flavor, Moon Pies can come in chocolate, vanilla, banana, butterscotch, caramel, and strawberry flavor.

Scooter Pies never saw this much variation in their flavors. But there were some. There was a variation with extra chocolate in the marshmallow filling. There also was a banana-flavored Scooter Pie released in the past by Salerno.

Scooter Pie Vs. Moon Pie: Which Is Better?

Moon Pies come in a much more variety, and they are readily available. They are affordable yet satisfying, simple yet delicious treats that can fulfill the purposes of a lunch meal or an afternoon snack. And until a new company starts the production of Scooter Pies again, Moon Pies will remain the superior choice.

Are Scooter Pies Still Made?

Unfortunately, Scooter Pies stopped seeing production sometimes during the early 2000s. They were never as popular nor widely distributed as Moon Pies. Slowly, other companies inspired the Moon Pie formula and made similar products. So, as time passed, they saw a decline in demand. 

Why Are Moon Pies so Cheap?

The Moon Pie’s main claim to fame was its affordability. It became a lunchtime staple of students and workers alike as it was both appetite filling and inexpensive.

The reason behind this is the low cost of production. Most Moon Pie ingredients, including the marshmallow filling and graham crackers, are very inexpensive, especially when you make them in bulk. 

Scooter Pies are like a relic of a bygone era, a blissful reminder of many people’s childhood. But Moon Pies are a part of that childhood that has withstood the times and continues to delight children and adults alike.