Decoding Schlotzsky’s Sandwich Sizes: A Comprehensive Guide

Schlotzsky's Sandwich sizes explained
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Schlotzsky’s seems to have cracked the code on excellent food and service, so in addition to offering a wide range of meals, they also offer variety within their categories. You know I’m a sucker for their sandwiches, so I decided to kick off the elaboration with that particular category. 

In this article, I will tell you all about the sizes of Schlotzsky’s sandwiches. Although you may wonder why exactly you would need that information, let me tell you, size matters when it comes to these tasty delights. When they tell you “big,” it really is!

How Much Are Schlotzsky’s Sandwiches Big in Inches? 

Schlotzsky’s offers four sizes for their sandwiches, “small,” “medium,” “large, and “giant.” Considering that I am usually full with a single medium sandwich, I can tell you that they are pretty generous in filling ingredients and bun density. 

There are many speculations about the sizes since they aren’t listed anywhere, but speaking strictly from experience and a few sources online, though not official, the sizes of Schlotzsky’s sandwiches are pretty standard for the sizes. 

So, the small Schlotzsky’s sandwich is typically around 6 inches in length. I recommend this size if you aren’t very hungry but could go for a light snack.

The medium-sized Schlotzsky’s sandwich is usually around 8-10 inches in length, and it always gets me full, especially considering that the rest of the sandwich ingredients are pretty substantial. A medium-sized sandwich would be a good choice if you are hungry and looking for something to restore your energy. 

The large Schlotzsky’s sandwich is really large, ranging from 12 to 14 inches in length. If you are really starving or perhaps want to share your meal with another person, go for this size. 

Now, when it comes to the giant sandwich size, I must be honest: I’ve never tried it, nor have I seen it. Since the large is from 12 to 14, the giant is definitely over 14 inches, which is really over the top for me. When I eat Schlotzsky’s, I usually go with my boyfriend, and two mediums, or a medium and a large, are more than enough for us. 

Still, if you are curious, please order it and let me know!


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Which Sandwich Size to Choose? 

Choosing the right sandwich size for a Schlotzsky’s sandwich is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so which one you choose is totally up to you. Still, consider how hungry you are and what you are hungry for. If you crave a meaty sandwich, you may want to go for the Original in a medium size. 

If you are hungry for substance, then get a large size of the sandwich you prefer. I would cut the large one in half and see how far I can go because it really is a lot. 

If you are super hungry and have a person to share your sandwich with, go for the giant size. 

Also, consider the sides you plan to order since you may very well get full of them and not even half your sandwich. 

Do You Need a Side Dish with Schlotzsky’s Sandwiches?

I decide if and which side I’ll have depending on the sandwich I’m having. If my sandwich is rich, which they always are, I don’t order a side. Still, there are days when I just want to eat everything on the menu, so I go for a side, usually fries or a salad. 

So, you don’t need a side dish unless you want to order one just because. Schlotzsky’s are very rich as they are, so you absolutely don’t need anything with them other than your appetite. 

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