Ryan’s Irish Cream vs. Baileys Original Cream: Differences & Which Is Better

Ryan's Irish Cream vs. Baileys Original Cream Differences & Which Is Better
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I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of Irish cream! Whether it is the famous Baileys or another one just as delicious but less well-known, I am instantly sold once I smell that delicious herbal-chocolaty note. However, that doesn’t have to be the case for everyone since each brand is different. 

So, in this article I will compare Baileys Irish cream and Ryan’s Irish cream to make your decision a little easier. You will learn about their differences and finally find out which one is better.

Taste and Aroma

Sweet and slightly herbal, Ryan’s Irish Cream offers a slightly sweeter taste profile compared to Baileys Original Irish Cream. It starts with a sharp alcoholic note accompanied by a certain sweetness that often reminds me of burnt sugar. After you take in the initial note, you get to the juicy part, where the chocolaty tone takes the spotlight. 

The aroma is just a slight peep show of what’s to come newt.  Ryan’s Irish cream is known for its rich, creamy texture with a noticeable vanilla flavor, making it very appealing to those who prefer a sweeter liqueur. The vanilla, chocolate, and cream tones entangled together to create a drink that is edgy and soft at the same time. 

The mid-palate is mostly vanilla and cream with delightful whiskey notes as you approach the finish. To top it all off, it leaves a delicious, sweet, and viscous aftertaste accompanied by the warmest burn you’ll ever experience. 

On the other hand, Baileys Original Irish Cream has a more balanced blend of Irish whiskey and cream, with hints of cocoa and vanilla. A little less edgy, but whole lot delicious, Baileys is the crowd-pleaser of the two, better suited for gentler palates. 

Although less sweet than Ryan’s Irish cream, Baileys still offers complexity and depth of flavor, making it perfect for you if you don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. 

I find that the aroma of Baileys is richer, with almost palpable notes of chocolate, vanilla, and the warmth of Irish whiskey.


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Color and Consistency

Ryan’s Irish Cream typically has a light caramel color which reminds me of butterscotch candy, making it even more appealing to me. Actually, the taste also reminds me of butterscotch candy, with its expressive vanilla and caramel tones. 

The only thing that might not sit well with you is that its consistency is thinner than that of some of the other Irish cream brands, including Baileys. This thinner consistency means a little sharper alcoholic note that not everyone would like. 

However, this “disadvantage” gives it another advantage: the ability to seamlessly mix with other drinks, making it a beloved feature of many cocktails. 

On the other hand, Baileys Original Irish Cream has a richer and creamier consistency, making it resemble a cake in a glass. It has an even more pronounced caramel color than Ryan’s, making it visually more appealing. This consistency is ideal for creating layered drinks and for those who enjoy a more substantial feel in their liqueur. 


The best thing about both Ryan’s Irish Cream and Baileys is that they are very versatile in their uses. Still, due to Ryan’s slightly sweeter and thinner consistency, it may be more favored in coffee and dessert recipes, which doesn’t take away from its many uses in cocktail-making

I think a division brings out the best in both these liqueurs, i.e., Ryan’s for desserts and Baileys for cocktails and spiking of drinks. But, again, this is highly individual. 

Baileys, on the other hand, with its richer texture and more balanced flavor profile, is exceptionally well-suited for cocktails that require a creamy, whiskey-based liqueur. From artisanal to well-established cocktails, Baileys fits nicely into almost any combination. 

Sometimes, I like to enjoy it on the rocks with a coffee cake to enhance its flavor. 


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Alcohol Content

When it comes to alcohol content, both of these liqueurs are very mellow and considerate toward those of us who can’t “hold their liqueur” very well. With only 17% of alcohol content, whether you have them on the rocks or as part of a delicious cocktail, rest assured that you can have quite a few before getting fuzzy. 


These two probably differ the most in price. At about $10, Ryan’s is significantly more affordable than Bailey’s. 

Baileys being the more famous one and considered the “bigger” brand than the two is priced significantly higher, with a price tag of almost $40 it is definitely the steeper option. 

However, neither will cost you too much, so don’t let the price deter you from enjoying yourself. 


Choosing between Ryan’s Irish Cream and Baileys Original Irish Cream is highly dependent on personal preferences and priorities. Both are great for different purposes, and maybe you should consider that angle as well. 

Ryan’s offers a sweeter taste and a more budget-friendly option, making it perfect for those who enjoy a sugary flavor profile and are looking for value. On the other hand, Baileys is recognized for its rich, complex flavors and a creamier consistency, attracting those who appreciate depth in their liqueur. 

FeatureRyan’s Irish CreamBaileys Original Irish Cream
Taste and AromaSweeter, vanilla-forwardBalanced notes of cocoa and vanilla
Color and ConsistencyLight caramel, slightly thinnerRicher caramel, creamier
UsesIdeal for coffee and dessertsSuited for cocktails and desserts
Alcohol ContentAround 17%
PriceMore affordable (about $10)Pricier  (around $40)
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