Lindt Chocolate Expiration Date: How Long It Lasts?

Lindt Chocolate Expiration Date
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Lindt is one of the most popular and most sophisticated chocolate manufactures. People tend to buy this chocolate for many special occasions. However, since it belongs to the group of chocolates you buy for special occasions, you might end up with a lot of Lindt products wondering how long they will last. So, what is the expiration date of Lindt chocolate, and how long can you keep it?

The Lindt chocolate expiration date is on its back side, near the barcode. According to the expiration date, you may keep Lindt chocolate for 9-12 months, if stored properly. Lindt chocolate with high cocoa levels has a longer expiration date. If the chocolate is unopened and kept safely, it may last for up to 2 years. 

If you are one of those people who always end up with a lot of chocolate at home without the time to eat it at once, then you need to familiarize yourself with expiration dates.

Reading and acknowledging the expiry date is not enough to make sure that your chocolate is safe to eat. Therefore, here, I have included tips and other facts that you need to know about storing chocolate and keeping it safe for a longer time, so you could eat it without health concerns. 

Where To Find The Expiration Date On Lindt Chocolate?

If you look at the back of the Lindt chocolate package, you will see that there is a lot of information there. 

For instance, you may find the ingredients included in the chocolates and the nutritional values of the chocolate in question. Therefore, you may often end up confused and unable to find the thing you are looking for, i.e. the expiry date. 

Usually, the expiry date on Lindt chocolate is found at the back of the chocolate, somewhere around the package’s barcode. You will first see the month and the year of expiration, and below, the month and the year of production. However, you should remember that the date does not say “Expires By,” but “Best Before.” Take a look at the image below and you will know exactly where to find the expiration date on Lindt chocolate.

 the month and the year of production

This is an important point to consider since these two phrases do not mean the same thing. When you see the phrase “Expires By,” that usually means that the product is not edible anymore, and you should just get rid of it. 

On the other hand, “Best Before” refers to the day until which the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product. [1]

In other words, this phrase is used as a quality tool by Lindt. This way, they assure their customers to expect the highest quality of the chocolate up to the referred date. However, these dates might not have a meaning if the chocolate has not been stored properly, as it is recommended on the package. 


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Does Lindt Chocolate Expire? 

If you have read the section above, you already know that the package contains a date of the quality guarantee. However, neither the date nor the package state whether or not Lindt chocolate can expire. This is why consumers are usually confused, and they do not know what to do once the date from the package has passed. 

To make this clear, first, you need to understand some crucial points. Namely, chocolate generally contains high levels of fat, sugar, and cocoa, which do not allow the chocolate to go bad easily. Since there is no water inside, ingredients are kept bound without spoiling. 

However, you can notice some changes in the taste, texture, or color after some time. For instance, if the chocolate has stayed for a long time at room temperature and is exposed to light, you might notice changes in its color. Usually, chocolate can change color and become harder when exposed to light. 

Nonetheless, that does not mean that it has gone bad and it has expired. The changes happen due to improper storage, but nothing else. That means that you can freely eat your chocolate if you do not mind the changes that can appear on the chocolate’s surface. [2]

When it comes to Lindt particularly, you should know that this chocolate brand uses high levels of cocoa inside of its chocolate. This means that they rarely expire, and mostly never show any changes in texture. However, this applies only if you store your chocolate properly. 

How Long Does Lindt Chocolate Last After Expiration Date? 

Generally, all Lindt chocolates have a “Best Before” date from 9-12 months. Exceptions are those Lindt products that contain high levels of cocoa. These chocolate products usually have a shelf life of 15 to 18 months.

Once again, this refers to shelf life, not to expiration. So, this part is really confusing for consumers, especially when chocolate has stayed unopened for a long time. You probably think that unopened chocolate has not undergone any changes, but you still think about the date put on the package, and the risks that might arise from eating spoiled food. 

However, since chocolate rarely goes bad because of its ingredients, if it has stayed unopened, you can still eat it. Namely, you can eat unopened Lindt chocolate even after two years after the expiration date has passed. If you do not see any mold on the surface, and you do not notice any changes in texture or in taste, you can freely eat it without any worries. 

Can Expired Chocolate Make You Sick? 

Chocolate with an expired date cannot actually make you sick. As I mentioned previously, chocolate is made out of ingredients that bind together and resist spoiling. Namely, cocoa, sugar, and fat are an ideal combination that rarely gets spoiled, and it can last for a long time. 

So, the answer is definitely no. However, sometimes, there might be some changes in the texture of chocolate that might confuse you to believe that the chocolate has gone bad. In fact, this can happen because the chocolate has been kept for a long, and it has undergone some environmental influences, but it is not spoiled. 

However, if you notice some mold, smell, or change in taste, then you should stay away from that kind of chocolate. Those kinds of signs signalize that the chocolate has gone bad. And of course, spoiled chocolate can definitely make you sick. 

You can freely eat Lindt chocolate even if it has passed its due date. However, ensure that you always store it properly to keep it as safe as possible. Chocolate can stay edible for a long time as long as you store it in the right manner. 

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