Does Kit Kat Have an Expiration Date?

kit kat expiration date
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Kit Kat is one of the most delicious and most popular chocolate bars around the world. People who like to buy Kit Kat in larger amounts or in big-size packages like to know the expiration date of these chocolate bars, so they would be aware of how long they can eat them, i.e. how long they will last. So, does Kit Kat have an expiration date, and how can you read it? 

Kit Kat has an expiration date since all food is required by law to have it on their packages. On the Kit Kat packaging, you can find the expiration date on the back where you are opening it. However, the chocolate will not go bad, it just means that Kit Kat would be best used by the particular date.

If you are a fan of Kit Kat and you want to learn how to read the expiration date on Kit Kat, you have come to the right place. Here, I will explain why Kit Kat has such a peculiar way of writing the expiration date on their packages as well as the proper way to read it. Also, I will talk about the shelf life of Kit Kat, so you would know approximately when it is safe to enjoy your Kit Kat chocolate bar. 

Where Is Kit Kat Expiry Date?

Firstly, it is important to understand that every type of food needs to have an expiration date because that is how the law dictates. However, on food, such as various types of chocolate and chocolate bars, the expiration date does not mean that the chocolate will go bad after that date. In fact, it is a type of guarantee that claims that the chocolate is best used by that date, i.e. the quality of the particular chocolate is best until the set date on the package. [1]

Generally, it is okay to eat chocolate with an expired date, especially if it has stayed unopened. The same thing refers to Kit Kat as well. Kit Kat has its expiry code usually on the back of the package somewhere close to the barcode. You can sometimes find it in the middle when you are trying to open it. It is shown in the picture below.

kit kat expiration date

However, you might notice that the expiration date is a little bit different than you would expect. In other words, sometimes Nestle tends to put expiry codes instead of the regular expiration date formats. So, if you think that the expiration date on your Kit Kat is missing, look again, and try to find a code that denotes the expiration date.

How to Read Expiration Date on Kit Kat? 

If you see the regular format of dates on your Kit Kat chocolate bar, then the first one would refer to the date when it was produced, while the second one would refer to the date of expiration. However, as I mentioned before, sometimes Nestle tends to put codes instead of dates. 

There is no particular reason for this, but it is common for people to be confused. Luckily, the codes are not difficult to interpret. If you look closely and think about it for a little bit, you would probably be able to figure it out on your own. 

Therefore, if you do not see any regular date format, you would probably see a number and one letter, i.e. the code. In this case, the number refers to the year, while the letter refers to the month. If you see any other digits, characters, or letters, you should know that they refer to something else, not to the shelf life of the chocolate bar. 

If you purchase larger amounts, such as boxes of Kit Kat chocolate bars, you would have the same codes on the whole box as well as on the packages of the chocolate bars themselves. However, bear in mind that these dates or codes refer to the quality of the Kit Kat, meaning that after some time when the date passes, you might notice some changes in the taste. 

What Is the Shelf Life of a Kit Kat Bar?

Usually, as stated on the package, Kit Kat has a shelf life that lasts up to 12 months. This means that Nestle guarantees the quality of the taste of Kit Kat for a year, so if you notice any changes in the chocolate bar after the date, the manufacturer would hold no responsibility at all. However, the date is guaranteed only if your chocolate bar is unopened and properly stored. 

Kit Kat should be stored in a cold and dry place, so you would preserve the ingredients in a good condition. If you expose your chocolate bar to hot temperatures and in light places, you should not expect that your Kit Kat will stay in good quality.

Is It Okay to Eat Kit Kat After Expiration Date? 

The date put on the package does not mean that your Kit Kat would go bad, so it is okay to eat your chocolate bar even after the date passes. If there is something wrong with the ingredients, you will notice changes in color, texture, or you might even notice some mold.