Jennie-O vs. Foster Farms Turkey: Differences & Which Is Better

Jennie-O vs. Foster Farms Turkey Differences & Which Is Better
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It is very difficult to compare two excellent brands like Jennie-O and Foster Farms, and even more difficult when the product under comparison is turkey. Still, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a rundown of these two turkey brands and what to expect from each. 

The holidays are advancing, with Thanksgiving only weeks away, and now time is not on our side since we have to decide quickly on the main course- the turkey. So, I hope that this article will be helpful to you and will help you make the right turkey decision. I will tell you everything about Jenny O and Foster Farms turkeys, so keep reading to find out all you need to know. 

Differences Between Jennie-O and Foster Farms Turkey

When comparing Jennie O’s and Foster Farms’ turkeys, I can tell you they are more similar than different in most aspects. However, they differ in their flavors, which most of us are interested in. So, look at the features of these two turkey brands and pick the one that’s right for you.

Size and Variations

What I appreciate very much about both brands is the variety they offer. They have different types of turkeys and different sizes, so you can find what you are looking for from one brand or the other. 

Jenny-O offers pre-basted turkeys that are exceptionally soft, moist, and tender, which take a shorter time to cook. 

Another variety they offer is frozen whole turkeys, which are available year-round. The great thing about these turkeys is that you can keep one in your freezer and are ready for an unplanned feast, which is my favorite kind of gathering. 

They also offer oven-ready turkeys, which are preseasoned and come in a bag that can go directly into the oven. It saved me a few Christmases ago! 

And, as I said, they offer something for everyone, and that’s why you can also buy a Jennie-O oven-roasted turkey. It’s preseasoned and cooked, and everything is done for you. Your job is to just pop it in the oven and let it heat up for about two hours. 

The brand also offers fresh young turkeys, premium turkeys, and all-natural fresh turkeys. 

Foster Farms isn’t much behind; it also has much to offer. 

They have fresh whole turkeys, known for their freshness, and are especially popular during the holiday season since they deliver a traditional and wholesome flavor.

Another variety they offer is the fresh and frozen young turkeys, which come very handy when hosting a smaller gathering. I served one of those for a small and intimate Thanksgiving dinner. They don’t need as long to cook as full-sized turkeys, and they taste sublime.

Jennie-O vs. Foster Farms Turkey products

Their seasoned whole turkeys are great when you don’t feel like spending too much time marinating the bird, so they are a great time-saver, yielding an exquisite taste. 

Of course, pre-brined turkeys are also a part of Foster Farms’ turkey assortment, and they are tender, juicy, and beyond succulent! 

A friend of mine told me that she saw an oven-roasted Foster Farms turkey, but I haven’t seen one, neither in the stores nor online, so I can’t confirm this statement. 

Either way, they have more than enough to choose from, that’s for sure.


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Taste and Meat Quality

When it comes to flavor and meat quality, both Jennie-O and Foster Farms have their “thing.” While both brands offer impeccable meat quality, they have different taste styles. 

Jenny-O turkeys are known as lean and flavorful, which is why they are a popular healthy option. Now, I know that with all that stuffing and all those sides, healthy is the last thing we have in mind for turkey season; it is still good to know that their turkeys do offer good nutrition. 

They aren’t too potent in flavor because they don’t have too much seasoning, making them the perfect place for creative experimentation. Still, they burst with natural flavors and richness, so if you think they are bland, you are fortunately in the wrong. 

Foster Farms turkeys, on the other hand, are known for their richness and tenderness of the meat. They are full-flavored with the pronounced taste of a hearty traditional turkey. 

They are perfectly balanced, so none of the notes is overwhelming, and the natural taste of the meat easily pierces through with each bite.  

Packaging and Prices

Both brands, Jennie-O and Foster Farms, have competitive prices, so they are both affordable, but I would say that Foster Farms is marginally more expensive. 

Generally, their prices vary depending on the size, type, store that sells them, and season. During the holidays, the supply is much bigger, and many stores offer discounts, so you can get a turkey of either brand for a reduced price. 

As a reference, yesterday I saw a 10-16 lbs. Jennie-O turkey at Walmart is priced at $13.50. The other day, I ran into a Jennie-O turkey at a local store near my house, and it was $34 for 16-20 lbs. 

Regarding the packaging, I must say that both brands have clear, simple, and very informative packaging, so you can clearly see what you are buying and also familiarize yourself with the nutritional information, potential allergens, etc.  

Treatment of Turkeys and Use of Antibiotics

Both brands take much pride in the way they produce their meat since they are known for the humane treatment their turkeys receive. They have their farms where their turkeys are free to roam and feed. 

They produce their turkey feed, providing them with all the nutrients they need, ultimately resulting in delicious flavor and high-quality meat. 

Neither of these brands uses antibiotics unless absolutely necessary for the turkeys’ health and prescribed by a veterinarian. Growth hormones and other chemicals are also not practiced by Jennie-O or Foster Farms. 

Availability In Stores

Jennie-O and Foster Farms turkeys are widely available in stores, especially around the holidays. Fresh turkeys are available around the holidays, while frozen ones are all year round. 

You can also pre-order them, as I usually do: order them online, pick them up from the store, or have them delivered. 

Which Is Better, Jennie-O or Foster Farms Turkey??

And now the impossible question. I really can’t say that one is better, but I will say that they require a different palate. Personally, I prefer Foster Farms because of their rich and potent flavor, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a Jennie-O turkey. 

It all boils down to personal preference and taste. If you like a leaner turkey with a gentler flavor, Jennie-O is for you, while if you don’t mind a little extra fat, Foster Farms should be your choice. 

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