Is Water a Beverage? Why Yes & Why Not?

is water a beverage
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When it comes to drinks and refreshments, people usually consider a beverage with a particular flavor and taste, so water is not always put in this group. However, there are a lot of dilemmas and discussions that claim that water is in fact a type of beverage. Therefore, should you consider water a beverage, and what are the reasons for that? 

Water is not a beverage because it is a liquid of which 60% of the human body is made. It also helps our body to get some necessary minerals and get rid of toxins. However, you can find it in a bottled package, and it can help you stay hydrated, meaning it is a type of beverage in that case.

Whether water is a beverage or not is the oldest dilemma in history. Therefore, there are a lot of different claims that state the accuracy of one or the other. To give you a clear idea of both sides, I have written this article in which I have included all the reasons why some people consider water a beverage and others do not. 

After reading the information below, you will be able to see for yourself that water has the features of a beverage, but it will still not be accurate to fully regard it as an actual beverage.

Why Is Water Considered Beverage? 

Firstly, it is important to note that all people drink water daily – some more, some less, but all of us are doing that at some point of the day. Therefore, if you drink something as a refreshment, then it is perfectly suitable to refer to it as a beverage. In fact, many professionals, such as doctors and nutritionists recommend that people should make water their beverage of choice since it provides many benefits for the health of the human body.

Water is the perfect beverage because it helps you stay hydrated at all times. [1] Water is actually a great option when you feel extreme thirst, especially after eating something really salty, or after some physical activities. It is the perfect drink that can really solve the thirst rather than make your body ask for more, as some sugary drinks do. 

In addition, water is sold and served in bottles, like every other type of beverage you can consume in a restaurant or bar, or you can simply buy it in a store. This means that if you go to a restaurant and you order a bottle of water, you will be served in the same way as someone who will order a coke or some juice. Therefore, there is no reason not to consider water as a beverage since it is regarded in the same way as every other type of beverage. 

Besides, you do not drink water as if you are taking medicine, so there is no reason why you should not consider water as a regular drink. After all, every liquid that is bottled and sold in stores and other types of commercial places is considered a refreshment drink. Therefore, it is only logical to assume that water is a beverage.

Why Is Water Not a Beverage? 

On the other side of this dilemma is the belief that water is not a beverage, and this statement is supported by a definition in a dictionary. 

By definition included in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the beverage is considered everything other than water. There are a few reasons why this definition is formed in this way and after reading them, you will see that there is a significant amount of logic in it. 

Water Is a Liquid Found In the Human Body

The human body consists of 60% of water, meaning that this liquid is something that aids the living organism to survive and stay healthy. Due to the presence of water, many organs are able to function in the human body. Therefore, there is logic in the belief that water is not a beverage. It is a little bit strange to consume something that keeps you alive as a refreshing drink. 

Water Is Used In Cooking 

Usually, something that is most commonly used in cooking processes does not really have the status of a beverage. Therefore, it is more as a type of ingredient than a beverage; therefore, it is understandable not to define it as a refreshment. 

Many Types of Food Are Made of Water 

In the same way as the human body, many vegetables and fruit include a significant amount of water in their content. For instance, watermelon is mostly water-based, i.e., the bigger part of this fruit contains water. 

Water Is Used For Washing 

Water is used for washing many things daily. For instance, we use water to wash fruit and vegetables, wash clothes, clean, and so on. Therefore, something that is used for these kinds of things cannot really be a beverage.

Water Is Used For Fun     

We have large pools filled with water that we use for recreation and entertainment. Also, kids use water to play around on the summer days. In addition, many monuments and fountains include water as their element for the sense of art and aesthetics. 

If you have read all of the reasons, you have probably wrapped your head around the fact that water does not really have the status of a beverage. Although we might drink it on a daily basis, something that has so many uses in daily life it is not bound to be regarded as a refreshment, like other regular types of beverages. 

Is Bottled Water Considered a Beverage?

Nowadays, every drink stored in a bottle and adapted for commercial use is regarded as a beverage. 

Although there are many uses of water, as I listed above, if you have a bottled version of something and you can order it or buy it in the same way as you do with other drinks, then there is no point in saying that water is not actually a beverage. For people who never doubted the status of water as a beverage, this is completely normal, while for those who do not regard water as a drink, this can seem quite odd. 

Is Sparkling Water a Beverage?

Sparkling or carbonated water is a type of beverage that is processed in some way to obtain such a form. Therefore, there is no doubt that it has the firm status of a beverage. What is more, it is considered a healthy option and substitute for sugary drinks, so it is clear that this is a refreshing beverage. [2]

In conclusion, you can see that there are two opposing sides to this question, and each of them is supported by firm facts and proof. However, if you consider all things, it might be more logical not to consider water as a regular beverage since there are many other uses.

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