Is It Possible to Swim in Chocolate? Find Out Here!

Is It Possible to Swim in Chocolate
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Let’s face it, most of us imagined how it would be to jump in a pool full of our favorite candy at least once in our lifetime. Just imagine diving into a pool full of sweetness! It would be like swimming in heaven, right? Most people’s favorite candy is also chocolate, so it’s no surprise that many people wonder if it’s possible to swim in chocolate. 

It is possible to swim in chocolate if the density is similar to the density of water. Otherwise, it would not be possible. However, there are no commercial chocolate swimming facilities available for now. 

Having that in mind, in this review, I’ll do my best to put an end to your dilemma. I’ll start with explaining whether you are able to swim in liquid chocolate and in what conditions, and I will later move on to teach you how to make a chocolate-infused bath on your own!

Would You Be Able to Swim in Liquid Chocolate?

Hypothetically speaking, if you decide to jump into a pool filled with completely liquid chocolate, you will most likely float. According to multiple posts on some of the world’s most famous forums, the specific gravity (otherwise known as relative density) of fully melted chocolate is slightly denser than regular water, and it has about an approximate density of seawater.

Given that the depth of a speculative swimming pool and the altitude of the jump platform you could leap from is unknown, you’ll nevertheless notice that chocolate is substantially more viscous than water and won’t deform as quickly. That would mean it would decelerate you faster. Simply put, jumping from the higher ground into a pool made of chocolate would be more dangerous than hopping into a regular Olympic swimming pool. 

Furthermore, if you decide to dive deeper into that delicious mass of liquid cacao, your pace of ascension will be substantially reduced due to buoyancy, making it more difficult to orient yourself below the surface. Moreover, you won’t be able to open your eyes as easily as you would in the water.

Where Can You Swim in Chocolate?

As tempting as swimming in chocolate sounds, you’ll perhaps be saddened by the fact that as far as I know it, no commercial facility will offer you such experience, unless you’re a famous YouTuber or a scientist working for some world-renowned institution. 

However, fear not, there are a few available options that can give you a vague, if not exactly the same, sensation of relaxing in a pool of the famous sweet treat.

One of those options can be making yourself a nice, chocolate-infused antistress bath at home, to relax your aching body after a long and exhausting day at work. This bath will not only have a great effect on your skin but will also improve your mood. For this particular bath, you’ll need about 75 g grated dark chocolate, about the same quantity of milk, ground cinnamon, and dried ginger powder. 

First, you’ll need to heat the milk, and while it is still on the fire, add the grated dark chocolate. Stir over low heat until the chocolate is completely dissolved in the milk. After that, add a little ground cinnamon and dried ginger powder to the mixture. 

Take care that the mixture does not boil because then the beneficial properties of the bath will be lost. Cool the mixture to your body temperature and mix it with 200 ml of bath foam. Pour the mixture into a tub of warm water and enjoy your well-deserved spa time!

Can You Swim in Chocolate Pudding?

Swimming in the chocolate pudding is yet another fantasy of many people with a particularly sweet tooth, but the question of whether it is actually possible is largely unanswered. One could argue that swimming in such substance is achievable, claiming that if only the pudding was dilute enough, you would be able to pass the surface tension and swim for real. 

Others, however, are not so certain, pointing out that achieving such a feat would be extremely difficult because it could be compared to swimming through a vat of glue, or perhaps through thick, sticky mud. But hey, if you ever get a chance to try it for yourself, I say go for it! 

Is Chocolate Good for Your Skin?

Our skin is said to be a true representation of our health because it is the last location where nutrients are obtained. Cocoa contains manganese, which aids in nutrient absorption, so that means the higher the percentage of cocoa in a food product, the better for your skin! 

Dark chocolate, which contains at least 70% cocoa, has a number of cosmetic advantages. Besides the fact that it can help your skin retain moisture, another important feature of dark chocolate is that it contains flavonoids, antioxidants that protect against UV damage. Therefore, ladies will be happy to know chocolate can defend them against sun damage, and reduce wrinkles. 

We can also state that chocolate is good for your skin because it is anti-inflammatory. The effects would not be immediate, but having a less inflamed body would improve your overall health and make your skin clearer. 

Enjoying a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, soft (dark) chocolate has calming effects that can help you relax, sleep better, and boost your mood. When less stressed, you’ll be happier too, both of which are beneficial to your skin.

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