Is Horchata Good for You? What Are Its Benefits?

is horchata good for you
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Horchata is originally a Spanish drink imported to Mexico. Over time, the recipe was changed and modified, and therefore it is a Mexican drink according to the recipe as it is now. Horchata is a rice-based drink, but it has numerous variations; however, it is still based on the same ingredients. Horchata is a delicious drink without a doubt, but is it good for you, and what are its benefits?

Horchata has been known for its health benefits, as it contains vitamins, nutrients, and protein. It is an excellent energy booster, and it has an extraordinary diuretic effect. In addition, it is highly satiating, with a good caloric and fat content. 

Horchata is generally considered a very healthy drink. Moreover, since it is supposed to be served cold, it is also very refreshing and energizing. In the following text, I will discuss the health benefits of Horchata, what it is good for, and what to keep an eye on when it comes to consuming it. 

Is Horchata Healthy?

Horchata is considered an extremely healthy drink. It is excellent for after a workout, as it is great to replenish your body and boost your energy levels. 

Because of rice, it contains a lot of vitamin E and vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and protein. [1]

It often contains nuts, which makes it all the more nutritious. However, it does contain a significant amount of calories, fat, and sugars, which is why it is so energizing. 

Is Horchata Good for Weight Loss?

Although very healthy, Horchata isn’t exactly what you want on a weight loss journey. However, if you aren’t on a specific low or no-carb diet, you can place Horchata on your menu.

Since it is highly satiating, it can substitute for a meal or at least keep you full enough so that you can eat less during the day. Therefore, if you aren’t following a specific food regimen, you may benefit from Horchata, even though you are on a weight loss journey. 

What you need to keep in mind is that you need to pace yourself with this drink and don’t overdo it. Incorporate it into your diet, but don’t go over a glass a day and see that you have it in the morning.


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Is Horchata Good for Your Heart?

Although the health benefits of Horchata do not influence the heart directly, it undoubtedly benefits from this drink. Horchata has an anti-inflammatory effect, which means that it has the power to calm and balance the organism. 

As a result, if there’s an infection in the body that could lead to heart problems, it will be reduced. Therefore, the heart will benefit from Horchata, although Horchata does not affect it directly. 

Is Horchata Good For Acid Reflux?

Since it is grain-based, most commonly that grain is rice, Horchata is definitely beneficial for acid reflux. It has a soothing effect on the stomach lining and calms the entire digestive tract. 

In essence, Horchata alkalizes the stomach lining, which decreases the risk for acid reflux. Therefore if you suffer from this very unpleasant condition, Horchata could help you manage it in the long run. 

Is Horchata Good for Diabetics?

Because Horchata has an anti-inflammatory effect soothing the organism, you could say that it would be beneficial for diabetes, but that isn’t entirely true. 

Whether it is made of rice or another grain, it definitely contains a good amount of carbohydrates as well as sugars, which isn’t what you want for diabetes. Also, the high calorie and fat content could cause insulin spikes, making it risky for insulin-resistant people as well. 

In general, fatty food and beverage, grain-based food, or food containing sugar aren’t beneficial for diabetes. As Horchata contains grains, sugars, fat, and carbs, I would say that it isn’t good for diabetes. 

However, if you are mindful about how much you have and how often, you could adjust the recipe and be able to enjoy a glass of Horchata every now and then. 


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Is Horchata Good for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Horchata is considered safe during pregnancy, but the situation may vary from case to case. Therefore it is best to consult with your doctor. Still, the general conclusion is that Horchata is perfectly safe for expecting mothers. 

Horchata has also been known as a lactation-stimulating drink, and it may actually help nursing moms who struggle to produce milk. Also, it is very beneficial for mothers who don’t have any problems nursing, as it is highly nutritious and hydrating. 

Breastfeeding is straining for the mother, and therefore Horchata has been known as a natural energy drink for nursing mothers. 

Does Horchata Help With Digestion?

Horchata is excellent for digestion. Whether you have some digestion issues or not, Horchata can help you with your digestive health or keep it in good shape. 

Since it is a rich source of nutrients and is known for its anti-inflammatory health, Horchata is one of the best things you can take to improve or maintain your digestion smooth. 

Is Horchata Good for Sore Throat?

Since sore throat can benefit from both hot and cold drinks, it can benefit from Horchata as well. The cinnamon, which Horchata has plenty of, is known as beneficial for sore throat. So, Horchata will definitely help you dull the pain and inflammation in your throat. 

Also, since it is a generally healthy drink, it could help you beat the cold or flu causing your sore throat in the first place. 

Is Horchata Good for Hydration?

Horchata is definitely good for hydration. It is famous for its benefits as an after-workout drink and a hydrating drink for nursing mothers. The rice water has well-known hydration effects and is therefore very beneficial for the skin. 

Is It OK to Drink Horchata Every Day?

Although it is very healthy, the high fat and calorie content in Horchata don’t make it a good choice to have it every day. 

However, the frequency in which to have Horchata is highly dependent on your lifestyle and food choices in general, as well as your current health condition. 

If you have an active lifestyle with a lot of physical activity, then a glass of after-workout Horchata would be beneficial for you. However, if you spend most of your day sitting without any physical activity, it is best that you have a few glasses a week. 

If you want to lose weight, you need to time your Horchata glass wisely and plan your meals accordingly. Horchata isn’t a good choice for Keto, Paleo, or another low-carb diet. 

Can Horchata Make You Sick?

If you leave it for too long, Horchata can go bad and make you sick. It doesn’t have a long shelf-life, so one to two days after making it is all it can handle. 

Rice water spoils relatively quickly, and it can therefore make you sick. However, if you don’t have any allergies or intolerances and the Horchata is safe, there’s no reason to make you sick. 

Drinking too much can give you some problems, but overeating or overdrinking anything could have the same effect; therefore, it isn’t something only Horchata can cause. 

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