Is Havarti a Good Melting Cheese? 6 Perfect Uses

Is Havarti a Good Melting Cheese
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Soft melted cheese spread over your pasta, pizza, or whatever dish is probably one of the best things in the world. Sadly, not all cheeses can give you that decadent delicacy, so you may end up disappointed. Knowing which cheeses melt well can make all the difference regarding this soft and sticky pleasure. So, is Havarti a good melting cheese? 

Havarti is an excellent cheese to melt. However, you need to melt it the right way. Cut in cubes and place in a non-sticking pan over a low heat plate; gradually increasing the temperature is the perfect way to melt Havarti. 

In the following paragraphs, I will share some ideas on how to use Havarti best and explain how to melt it to perfection. 

Does Havarti Cheese Melt Creamy? 

Havarti is a Danish semi-soft cheese made from cow’s milk. It is best known for its melting properties. It is buttery nutty and melts very well, both in a pot and when combined with food. 

The trick to melting Havarti cheese is to give it time and be patient; it won’t take too long anyway. However, even though Havarti melts creamy, things can quickly go wrong if you grate it or slice it into thin pieces. 

To melt Havarti in a pot and enjoy the rich and creamy result, cut it into thicker chunks and slowly increase the plate temperature while stirring. If, on the other hand, you want to melt Havarti on top of your pizza with nachos, or pasta, simply grate it over your meal and watch the magic happen. 

It will melt, and some of the cheese fat, which is not a lot, will get absorbed into your meal, making it even creamier and smoother. Here, your Havarti sticking to your food is just what you want, so don’t be afraid to add a thick layer of think Havarti slices on top of your meal. 


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Uses of Havarti Cheese 

The excellent melting properties are not the only thing that makes Havarti cheese so versatile and so widely popular. It is also very delicious and particular, yet understated and not at all overwhelming. Its tasting notes of butter and milk and the slightly nutty flavor make it the perfect addition to many dishes. The recipe doesn’t have to call for cheese, so add Havarti, as it easily fits in many combinations. 


Whether you use Havarti as one of the four kinds of cheese when you want to make four-cheese-pizza, or you make it the star of the dish by adding some ketchup to accentuate the cheesiness, it is one of the best pizza toppings imaginable.

Havarti works on meaty pizzas, vegetarian pizzas, already popular and known pizzas, and pizzas you create using your imagination. It melts, creating a deliciously creamy and slightly crunchy around the edges top crust, making it impossible to resist it. 


It is no secret that burgers and cheese are one of the best love stories ever known, but Havarti and burgers take this story on a whole different level. Slide a few thin slices of Havarti between the burger buns and let them melt. It will make your burger juicier and dreamier.

Grilled Sandwich

Grilled sandwiches, especially grilled cheese sandwiches, are Havarti’s specialty. It melts so well between and over the bread slices covering them in delicious creaminess you cannot imagine before trying it. Here, the more, the better, so don’t be stingy with the Havarti and add as much as you want. 


Homemade Havarti-topped nachos are as close to perfection as you will ever get. Even though nachos are delightful in any shape or form and with any cheese, there is something about the Havarti cheese that makes nachos super nachos. 

Grate a generous amount of Havarti over your nacho chips, and let the microwave do the rest. Enjoy the creamy and crunchy delight on your plate.


Even cooked pasta with Havarti is a delicacy, and if you add some sauce, we need a new word for delicious. Whether you melt your Havarti in cream and dip your pasta inside the sauce or simply grate some Havarti on your pasta while it is still hot, you will enjoy the nutty and buttery flavor the cheese gives to your pasta dish.

Is Havarti a Good Melting Cheese

Cheese Plate

The Havarti will start softening after ten minutes at room temperature, transferring some of its magic to whatever sits next to it. It won’t melt, but it will become soft and even gentler, perfect to munch up. If you are not feeling particularly creative yet want to treat yourself to something delicious, slice some Havarti and possibly other cheeses you have at home, throw some deli meats, dried fruits, and maybe some olives, and you have a decadent cheese plate.

 What Does Havarti Taste Like?

Havarti is the perfect balance between flavorful and neutral. It tastes buttery, milky, and nutty. It usually ages for three months, but sometimes it can age longer than that: the longer Havarti ages, the more intense its flavor notes. 

Havarti also acquires a slight tangy note as it matures, so the butteriness, milkiness, and nuttiness become even more noticeable.

 Which Cheese Melts Better, Gouda or Havarti?

Even though both Gouda and Havarti melt excellently, the Havarti cheese is more pliable than Gouda, making it slightly better for melting. However, this difference is only marginal, as Gouda and Havarti have very similar melting properties and often substitute for one another. 

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