How to Store Wendel’s Pumpkin Pie?

How to Store Wendel's Pumpkin Pie
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Wendel’s pumpkin pie is a comforting and tasty dessert that can enrich any meal. For me, this gluten-free product is not a sweet I can eat all at once, which means that I usually have some leftovers to take care of. Storing it well is key because let’s admit — there’s no point in wasting such a delicious pie. Also, I’m all for enjoying something I love for as long as possible. So, how to store Wendel’s pumpkin pie? 

To store Wendel’s pumpkin pie, you can either refrigerate or freeze it. Though you can leave it sitting at room temperature for about two hours, it is a practice you should avoid because, after that, pumpkin custard could develop harmful bacteria.

The following text will provide all the essential information you need to properly store Wendel’s pumpkin pie, as well as some helpful hacks for preserving the flavor for as long as possible.

Should Wendel’s Pumpkin Pie Be Refrigerated?

If you are wondering whether it is necessary to keep a store-bought dessert such as Wendel’s pumpkin pie in the refrigerator, the answer is – yes! It is a dessert with a custard that contains eggs and milk, which are temperature-sensitive ingredients. To make your pie fresh for longer, keeping it in a cool place is key.

Aside from that, classic fruit pies usually contain the right amount of sugar to make them act like a natural preservative, which means they would not need to be refrigerated, which is not the case with Wendel’s pumpkin pie. It is a dessert that incorporates less sugar than a regular pumpkin pie, plus, as it says on the packaging, all ingredients are natural. So, too much time spent at room temperature will make it vulnerable to spoilage.

Before you put the pie in the freezer, wrap it loosely with plastic wrap. You can also use a plastic or a glass container or simply leave the pie in the fridge in its original package.


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Can You Freeze Wendel’s Pumpkin Pie?

If you wish to store Wendel’s or any other store-bought or homemade pumpkin pie longer, you should freeze it. To ensure it stays fresh, wrap it tightly with plastic wrap and place it in a large ziplock bag or an air-tight container. This way, the pie will stay fresh for 2-3 months.

If you prefer an eco-friendly alternative, I usually wrap the pie in beeswax cloth and place it in a glass container. However, if you choose this way of storing, keep the pie in the freezer for 3 weeks at maximum.

No matter which way of packing you choose, prevent freezer burns by ensuring the pie doesn’t come in contact with air.

Is It OK to Leave Wendel’s Pumpkin Pie Out Overnight?

Pumpkin pie should be out at room temperature for at most two hours. However, store-bought pies usually contain preservatives that keep them fresh longer than homemade desserts.

Wendel’s pumpkin pie lasts one day at room temperature. Still, it contains ingredients such as eggs and milk. According to the FDA, desserts made with eggs should not be left out overnight because they could become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

So, the best option is to keep the pie in the refrigerator at 40°F. [1]

How Long Does Wendel’s Pumpkin Pie Last?

Wendel’s pumpkin pie’s longevity depends on how you store it. At room temperature, it will stay fresh for one day. You can also keep it in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

If you wish to make it last longer, the best solution is to freeze it. Properly frozen Wendel’s pumpkin pie can last for 180 days. When you are ready to enjoy your dessert, thaw it in the refrigerator overnight and warm it up in the oven or microwave. 

While you can consume store-bought pumpkin pie a day or two after the expiration date, the flavor will deteriorate. So, make sure you enjoy it while it’s still fresh!

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