How to Reheat Waffle House Food?

How to Reheat Waffle House Food
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Reheating leftovers properly will provide you with freshly-made-like soul foods. Waffle House offers a wide range of mouth-watering foods that tends to be bland when left overnight. Don’t worry; it can still be succulent, crispy, and delish even after leaving it in the fridge. The main question is: How to reheat Waffle House food?

There are five ultimate ways for reheating Waffle House food: microwave, oven, toaster oven, stovetop, and air fryer. Waffles are the best to reheat in the waffle maker, though, while the rest of the foods favor reheating in the oven. Sandwiches, hash browns, and waffles won’t be crispy in the microwave, but for omelets and biscuits is a way to go.

My favorite reheating method for almost any food is the oven, but I perfected other methods, too. Keep reading to find out some helpful hints on how to keep your best-loved food crunchy or tender. Read about heating techniques for waffles, sandwiches, hash browns, omelets, and biscuits. Let’s dig in!

How to Reheat Waffle House Waffles?

There are three main ways to reheat your waffles, but only two will keep them crispy. The first one, and most obvious, is the microwave. Microwaving will make your Waffle House waffles soft and pretty soggy, though. It is still a convenient and quick option when in a hurry, but not for larger quantities whatsoever.

It takes a minute, but you can only heat one waffle evenly in a microwave. An oven is the best option for warming a family pack of waffles simultaneously. Just arrange them on the baking sheet and toss them in the oven at 350°F. 

Don’t forget to cover the baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray or parchment paper to easily remove the dough. Bake them till warm enough and crispy, about 10 minutes, depending on how strong your oven is. You can sprinkle them with granulated sugar if you like that caramel feeling on the palate.

A toaster is also an amazing kitchen gadget to reheat your waffles and keep them crispy in the process. Toasting will ensure the moistness of the waffles inside and golden-brown crunch outside. It takes only a minute, and they will be tasty and aromatic like you made them from scratch. 

You must reheat them one by one here, too, so if you have many of them, it will require some standing by the waffle maker. 

How to Reheat Waffle House Food

How to Reheat Waffle House Hash Browns?

Waffle House hash browns are known for their crispiness, so you’ll probably want to keep them that way. The microwave will heat them through, but they won’t be crunchy but mushy. If you still opt for this method, don’t forget to flip them halfway to ensure they are heated evenly and reduce the sogginess. 

Just like the waffles, hash browns are delish when reheated in the oven. Lay them out on the baking sheet, and cover them with aluminum foil. The foil is a must, as they could be over-browned, so just lift it off a few minutes before taking them out of the oven for a nice golden crisp.

This is by far the best option if they are topped with cheese, as it will melt and broil nicely. It should take about 10 minutes for them to thoroughly reheat at 400°F. Be careful when arranging them on the plate, as they fall apart easily. 

The next way to reheat hash browns is by frying them on the stovetop. This method will provide you with right-from-the-stove-like potatoes, ideal for the situation when you want to slip store-bought meal as a homemade. It has one catch whatsoever.

If you add too much oil and fry it on low heat, you’ll be left with sloppy and grease-dripping hash browns. Moreover, add enough oil to prevent them from sticking to the skillet and frying on medium heat. Always opt for a non-stick pan, and handle them carefully so they don’t come to bits.

To avoid additional oil and standing by the stove, you can reheat them in the air fryer for the same effect. Potatoes are naturally succulent, so air frying won’t dry them out noticeably, but you will get that nice, golden-brown crust. Bring your air fryer to 370°F and leave them in about 5 minutes, and you’re good.

How to Reheat Waffle House Sandwiches?

A microwave is always an option, but like the foods above, it won’t give you any crunch but soft and chewy bread. An air fryer is an awesome option here, too. Just heat your air fryer to 350°F and bake them for 2 minutes on each side. The inside will be nice and warm with a crisp outside. 

The next option is an oven, it works similarly to the air fryer, but you need a bit more time. You have to wrap your sandwiches in aluminum foil, as it will keep them from drying out. Bake them for about 15 minutes or less, at 350°F, and remove the foil 2 minutes before for them to catch some color and crunch. If you have a toaster oven, it rests on the same principles, so just follow the steps above.

You can reheat the sandwiches on the stovetop, as well, with the use of a grill or frying pan. Heat the pan well to medium-high heat, and grill it for 2-3 minutes, one side then the other. This is another way to keep the bread fresh and delish.

How to Reheat Waffle House Omelet?

Waffle House omelet is the best to reheat in a skillet or non-stick frying pan. With enough butter to cover the bottom of the pan, your omelet will be evenly heated with a freshly-made feeling. It should take about 2 minutes to reheat per side, but if you have a thick omelet on your hands, it will take several minutes longer.  

How to Reheat Waffle House Food

Surprisingly, an oven is also a convenient reheating option, especially when you have a few portions, as you can fit them all together. Arrange them on the baking sheet sprayed with cooking oil and cover them with foil. Heat your oven to 360°F and bake for 5 minutes or more if it’s thicker, like a cheesesteak omelet.

When it comes to the air fryer, it is the quickest method, but it’s a bit tricky as the eggs will be very dry if not taken out in time. It will work best with vegetable-packed fiesta omelets, though, because of the moistness of the veggies.

The optimal temperature is 360°F, and the omelet should be done in a minute or two. Don’t forget to cover it with parchment paper if you want to skip oil spray. Using a microwave for reheating omelets is a fine option as you, in fact, want them juicy and soft.

When microwaving an omelet, put a soaked paper cloth on the bottom to prevent eggs from dehydrating, or simply cover it with a poked plastic wrap.

How to Reheat Waffle House Biscuits?

Warming biscuits on the stovetop is the method that keeps their texture intact. The trick to as crispy as fresh biscuits is wrapping them one by one in aluminum foil. If you want more moisture and flavor, brush it with butter.

Bring the heat to be medium and set your biscuits on the pan. Lower the temperature and flip them over every 30 seconds for 2 minutes for them to reheat properly. You can also skip using the foil and use a non-stick pan instead. Just remember to turn them over every 15 seconds at low heat. 

This works great with biscuits that come with gravy as a side that can be warmed in a skillet or microwave. When it comes to sandwich-like Waffle House biscuits, the techniques below are, in fact, better options.

So microwaving is an excellent option. Just wrap each one in a damp paper towel to keep them moist inside. Let them heat for a minute or two, and check if you still want them warmer. For a bunch of biscuits, the oven is undoubtedly the chief option. 

It scatters the heat equally, and you can warm loads of them simultaneously. Heat your oven to 360°F and arrange the biscuits on the baking sheet covered with paper. Leave them in for 10 minutes, covered with foil, so they don’t over-bake. 

That is enough time for the filling to heat up evenly, and you’ll keep the meat tender and juicy. Just brush with butter when done for a glazed look. Yum!


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