How to Make Oreos Soft? Try This for Even Better Taste!

How to Make Oreos Soft
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Oreo has a distinctive cream-cookie ratio that creates a signature look, and when looking for something sweet, the cookie can really hit the spot. However, some people don’t like their crunchiness and prefer to enjoy soft cookies. So, how can you make Oreo cookies soft?

You can make Oreos soft by dipping them in milk for a few seconds or leaving them open in a humid area for 12 hours. Another method includes microwaving for 30 seconds in plastic wrap. The last option is fruit moisture absorption.

I often have Oreos in my pantry and use them for various recipes. That’s why I prepared for you a few ideas on how to make these cookies softer and enjoy them even more!

Tips for Making Oreos Softer

Oreos can become soft when left in high humidity. To do this, rip a packet, place it somewhere safe and leave it in a damp and humid area for about 12 hours. It will absorb the air moisture, making it soft.

You can also wrap the bowl with the cookie in plastic wrap and place it in a microwave for approximately 30 seconds. The moisture in the filling will hydrate the Oreo, making it soft. If you choose this option, make sure that the plastic wrap and bowl are labeled microwave-safe and that the wrap is not touching the cookies.

Another method for making Oreos soft is by dipping them in milk for a few seconds. Milk is full of emulsifiers, a substance that allows fat to blend with substances without fat, such as cocoa powder and water. Since Oreos have fat in them, the milk-emulsifying property will dissolve and soften them.

Moreover, you can place some Oreos in a plastic container and put some juicy fruit, such as a quarter of a fresh apple. Seal on the lid tightly, and the moisture from the fruit will soften the cookie over several hours.

How to Make Oreos Soft milk

How Long Do Oreos Take to Get Soft?

At 2.5 seconds, Oreo will be slightly moist and retain its entire structure. At five seconds, it will be significantly softer, and at 10 seconds, the cookie will be too soft, so it might collapse in the milk. Finally, after 50 seconds, the cookie will crumble.

So, based on how soft you want the cookie to be, you can dunk it in milk for seconds between 10 and 45 at a point where it’s softer but still intact. 

Remember that leaving the cookie in the milk for too long causes it to crumble and fall apart. If you draw it out too early, the milk won’t have soaked the cookie enough.

Why Do Oreos Taste Better With Milk?

For dunkers and non-dunkers alike, Oreos are milk’s favorite cookie. That’s because milk contains a lot of water and fat, making it an excellent solvent for the fat and sugar in the cookie. It also enhances the cookie flavor and taste, melting in your mouth with every bite. Without the milk, your cookie might be a little gritty.

Milk can also mellow out the vigor of Oreo. The cookie has a chemical known as methyl butanol that creates the toasty flavor in cookies and other baked products. Dipping your cookie into milk releases the flavor more easily in your mouth.

How to Dunk Oreos in Milk?

Most people use their hands to soak their cookies in milk. However, the soft cookie can get sticky and mess up your hands. Besides, sometimes it can accidentally drop or break, and you must fish it out before it sinks in the milk. 

The simple solution is to dunk them with a fork. The cream in the middle of the cookie has a perfect consistency to hold it on the fork and your Oreo won’t crumble or break.

Why Do Some Oreos Not Get Soft in Milk?

Usually, it’s because you’re dunking the whole thing, which causes the surface tension to keep the air in the cookie. Without air escaping, the cookie might take several minutes before it softens. So, ideally, you should dunk half the cookie in milk to ensure the air is escaping through the top.

Since water has no flavor, the cookie will taste a little different than it would when dry, only that it will be moist. Besides, the water would dilute the incredible taste of Oreo. When the cookie sinks in the milk and soaks up the sweetness, it usually creates a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

What Is the Best Way to Store Oreos?

Make sure to store Oreos at room temperature, away from sources of heat. Keep leftover cookies sealed tightly once you’ve opened the package so that they don’t go bad quickly. 

It is crucial to seal them as tight as possible since the cookies in opened packaging go stale much faster than the unopened packages. The best option would be to put the cookies in the resealable bag. Close it with the clip to limit the air that touches the cookies.

If you’ve found an old packet of Oreos in your kitchen cupboard, but it’s soft, you should check the expiry date. Usually, the cookie keeps quality (hence safe to eat) for at least a few weeks past the best-before date on the label. 

If the cookie has softened because you opened a package, Oreo can stay fresh and safe to eat for about two weeks if you keep them sealed correctly.