Here’s How to Make Navy-Blue Chocolate!

How to Make Navy Blue Chocolate Ganache
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Dyeing chocolate is an effective art that allows you to use melted chocolate to create visually appealing and more artistic coatings and dipping. However, if you don’t use the right color and type of food coloring, you risk ruining your chocolate. So, how do you make navy-blue chocolate?

You need to melt the chocolate into a smooth consistency and then add the navy-blue food coloring gradually. If you don’t have navy-blue color, mix royal blue and violet. Ensure that you get white chocolate since brown or dark brown might result in murky black colors.

While coloring chocolate isn’t an easy task, if you take your time to read this post, you’ll finish with results that look like the work of a pro.

How Do You Get Navy-Blue Chocolate?

First, you should melt the white chocolate either in a microwave, dry oven, or double boiler to achieve a smooth consistency. 

For the microwave method, melt the chocolate on medium power in 10-second intervals while stirring at every interval. You could also melt it in the double boiler over low heat or use a dry oven, set to 110ºF (the chocolate may take an hour to melt in the oven).

Finally, transfer the melted chocolate to a dry bowl to add coloring separately. Add small amounts of the navy-blue food coloring and mix it into the chocolate with a plastic spatula. 

If you’re using powdered coloring, sprinkle some over the top and stir it in. You should also warm the oil-based coloring since if it has a different temperature than the chocolate, it can cause it to seize. 

What Colors Make Navy-Blue?

Blending the right colors in different quantities and combinations will give you the exact navy-blue shade you need for your chocolate. 

Getting navy-blue color requires one part of the royal blue oil-based food coloring and one part of the violet coloring

You could also use the ratio 4:1 of light blue to purple to achieve the navy-blue color. Then, mix and blend using a chopstick or toothpick. 

What Type of Food Color Is Best for Chocolate?

When it comes to coloring your chocolate, using the very best quality makes a difference. High quality produces vibrant colors and won’t alter the chocolate flavor.

When coloring chocolate, you should use oil-based coloring since they’re formulated to bind specifically with oil-based products such as chocolates. You could also use powdered color as it contains no liquid and so it’s safe to use in melted chocolate.

Alternatively, you could use gel-based coloring but ensure it’s the same temperature as the chocolate. Gel coloring is made of synthetic coloring with water and glycerin base or corn syrup. It has a dense texture and is not as liquid as water-based coloring. 

In any case, add the color very gradually to prevent it from getting quite lumpy.

How to Make Navy-Blue Chocolate Ganache?

Navy-blue chocolate ganache is easy to make and creates a fancy and fun cake. You can make the navy-blue ganache by coloring the cream before adding it to the melted white chocolate. Alternatively, you can first prepare the ganache before you add the navy-blue color.

You could also add cream to navy-blue chocolate melts to get navy-blue ganache. However, the cream might dilute the color.

It is important to use two parts of white chocolate to one-part cream ratio to make the ganache. Besides, since ganache contains cream, you can use regular food coloring.

How to Make Navy Blue Chocolate ganache