How To Make Betty Crocker Cake Mix Better? 6 Tips

People who love baking would probably never resort to using box cake mixtures. However, when it comes to beginners and those who do not have the time to bake desserts from scratch, box cake mixes are quite a convenient option. Betty Crocker is one of the commonly chosen brands. But, you may wonder how to make Betty Crocker Cake Mix better, so that it tastes like homemade? 

You can make Betty Crocker Cake Mix better by adding more eggs to the mixture, including more butter, replacing water with milk, adding some vanilla extract, or including more layers. Choose some of the tips and your cake will have more moisture and enhanced flavor.

Below, you have some tips that you can use in order to give your box cake a homemade taste and look. So, keep on reading because I will explain each of the tips in detail.

Add More Eggs to the Cake Mixture 

Since you are using a box cake mixture, you are probably looking for simpler and more convenient options for baking a cake. That is the reason why the Betty Crocker cake mixtures come with simple recipes, i.e. a few simple ingredients that need to be added to make batter for your cake. Therefore, the recipe included at the back of the box calls for one or two eggs tops. 

However, if you want to make your cake juicer and fudgier, you would have to opt for more additional ingredients, and you should start with eggs. When you add more eggs than is included in the recipe, you will obtain moisture and an extra richness in your cake. Two extra egg yolks will definitely make a noticeable difference both in the taste and look of the cake. You can do the same thing while baking Betty Crocker brownies.

However, if you are aiming to achieve the lightness and airiness of your cake, then you can use extra egg whites since they will give you the desired result. But, make sure that when you exclude the yolks from the mixture, you are decreasing the fat in the cake, meaning it might ruin the texture. Therefore, make sure that you add at least 1 tablespoon of butter in order to add the needed fat to the cake mixture.

Include More Fat to Enhance the Flavors 

The thing with box cake mixtures is that they contain flavors, but you need to be smart in order to provide the flavors to really be tasted and felt. To achieve that, you will have to include more fat when you are preparing the batter. Betty Crocker recipes usually call for vegetable oil or canola oil, however, they do not enhance the flavors in any way. 

Luckily, there is a solution to this issue. Namely, instead of using vegetable or canola oil, you can simply use butter. An equal amount of butter instead of the recommended amount of oil will definitely do the trick. In other words, by using butter you will enhance the richness of your cake, and you probably have this ingredient at your home at all times. 

Another, maybe a crazy alternative would be to add a little bit of mayonnaise to the mixture. It does indeed sound strange, but mayonnaise consists of eggs and oil, therefore, there goes your fat for enriching the flavor of the cake. Lastly, you may add a little bit of sour cream or yogurt since they might also be helpful in this case.

Replace Water With Milk 

All recipes for box cake mixtures call for water since you need some liquid in order to make the batter. Of course, Betty Crocker recipes are not excluded from this rule, so you will definitely see water as the main ingredient for the preparation of batter. However, water does not really have taste, therefore, do not expect your cake to taste homemade with water as your primary liquid in the mixture. 

Fortunately, there is a perfect substitute for water that can make a huge difference in the taste of your cake. Milk would play the ideal role as a substitute ingredient that will be responsible for the better density and flavor of your cake. You may opt for whole milk, but you can also use non-dairy milk, such as almond or coconut milk, and your cake will definitely taste heavenly.

Now, if you want to get a little bit fancy while making your cake and obtain extra richness, then you can resort to buttermilk. Buttermilk is known to be extra rich, meaning it would give an amazingly delicious taste to your box cake mixture. Your Betty Crocker cake will end up tasting the same way as a homemade cake made from scratch, and most importantly, no one will be able to tell the difference. 

Use Vanilla And Salt to Achieve the Real Homemade Taste 

You have probably heard that vanilla extract can do magic things to your sweet baked goods; therefore, the same refers to box cake mixtures. By adding a little bit of vanilla extract along with a pinch of salt, your cake will turn out with a real homemade taste and flavor. The balance of flavors that you can achieve with vanilla extract and salt is astonishing, and you will be surprised that such simple ingredients could make such a huge difference. 

These ingredients are basically the main things that make all cakes special, no matter if you have opted for a box cake mix solution. As I mentioned previously, you need to be smart to make your cake taste delicious, i.e. you do not have to be a professional chef to make a difference to the taste of a box cake mixture. Therefore, use the combination of salt and vanilla, and you will be on the right track to achieve homemade flavors. 

Experiment With Different Flavors 

Vanilla and salt are not the only ingredients that can make your Betty Crocker cake mixture better. In fact, you can experiment with a variety of flavors that will give you the same result. For instance, if you want more unique flavors for your cake, you can use some special flavors, such as almond, rum, or orange extract. 

If you are about to make some sort of yellow or white cake, you can spice up the flavors of your cake mix by adding a tiny bit of lemon zest, or juice. However, when I talk about experimenting with different flavors, I do not only talk about liquids and extracts. You can also try some chocolate chips, dried fruit, or nuts that will definitely give a different taste to your cake mixture. 

how to make betty crocker cake mix better

Include Some Layers 

You might finish baking your cake, but you still feel that something is missing, i.e. there is something else you could do. You are thinking correctly, there is always something more you could do to improve the flavor and richness of your Betty Crocker cake mix. Namely, even when you are done baking, the mixture allows you to add some layers that will make a difference to your cake. 

For instance, you can cut your cake in half and add layers of jam or marmalade to give juiciness to your dessert. Even a little bit of syrup will do the trick. Nothing says “homemade” more than a juicy layer of something fruity. This will not only make your cake sweeter, but the layers will make it look way nicer as well.

Is Betty Crocker Cake Mix Better With Milk or Water? 

It is a well-known fact that water might be a more convenient and cheaper option. However, every cake is better with milk instead of water. Using milk as a substitute for water in your Betty Crocker cake mix will enrich your cake.

What Does Adding An Extra Egg Do to Cake Mix? 

Extra eggs in cake mixtures are used for many purposes, such as making the cakes lighter or obtaining more moisture. If your aim is to achieve moisture, then you should add extra yolks. If your end result is light and airy cake, opt for extra egg whites.

Do You Need a Mixer For Boxed Cake Mix?

When it comes to making the batter out of the boxed cake mixture, it does not mean that you will need a mixer. But, it might be the more convenient option. If you have the right tools and utensils, you will not need any electric appliances to make the cake batter. 

In conclusion, you have seen that you can always do something about the taste of box cake mixtures, and you do not even need some complex ingredients. Therefore, follow some of the tips, and make your Betty Crocker box cake mix taste as if you have made a cake from scratch. 

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