How to Improve Pillsbury Biscuits? 13 Ideas

How to Improve Pillsbury Biscuits

Although Pillsbury biscuits are already a perfect idea, there are always ways to improve even the best solutions. Even though Pillsbury biscuits require nothing but an oven and appetite, there are still things you can do to make them taste better. So, how to improve Pillsbury biscuits? 

To improve Pillsbury biscuits, add oats, chocolate, raisins, butter, nuts, or cream before baking them. You can also repurpose them and turn them into something else. The temperature is also very important, as well as the timing.

Pillsbury biscuits are delicious dessert pastries that require less than basic baking skills. If you don’t have any creative juices running, you can have Pillsbury biscuits as they are, but if you have some creativity and are willing to experiment, there is an entire realm of possibilities. In the following paragraphs, I will give you some ideas on improving Pillsbury biscuits so that you can enjoy them to the fullest. 

Add Oats 

Oats are an excellent addition to biscuits. Not only are oats extremely healthy and will improve the nutritional qualities of your Pillsbury biscuits, but they have unique magic that rubs off of whatever they are on. 

Before baking your Pillsbury cookies, press the oats into them so that they don’t pop out when you bake them. The oats will add to the crumbly texture of the freshly baked Pillsbury biscuits and the recognizable bitter-sweet oat flavor; you cannot double in any other way. 

If you are a fan of contrasting tastes and fancy a bit more texture, this idea is the best one for you to improve and enrich your Pillsbury biscuits. 

Add Chocolate Chips

We cannot omit the chocolate chips idea when talking about improving Pillsbury biscuits. Although Pillsbury biscuits already contain chocolate chips inside, you can always add more because there is no such thing as “too much chocolate.” 

Press the chocolate chips onto the Pillsbury biscuits like buttons before you bake them, and enjoy the velvety chocolate chip richness of the freshly baked Pillsbury biscuits. 

If you are a fan of the classical chocolate taste, then go for the classic chocolate chips. On the other hand, if you like trying out new combinations and flavors, opt for crushed chocolate and add a flavored type of chocolate. I would recommend going with the strawberry chocolate or may some white chocolate to mix things up. 

Add Raisins 

Raisins and Pillsbury biscuits are one of the best creations in the world of baking. There’s something about the compatibility of the taste of raisins with the sweetness of the Pillsbury biscuits that makes them go indescribably well together. 

You can press the raisins onto the Pillsbury biscuits or tuck them safely inside them, covering them with a thin layer of the biscuit dough. The raisins will release their delicious fruity sugars, penetrating the Pillsbury biscuits and altering their essence. 

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As a result, you will get fruity, sugary cookies with a delightfully crumbly and gooey consistency and tiny surprises for your palate as you bite into the raisins without knowing where they are. 

Add More Butter 

Butter is always a nifty solution to improve the taste of your baked goods, even though there’s nothing wrong with them. The butter has a unique ability to add some fattiness to the baked good, but not make it fatty but delightfully rich.

I’d recommend you use dairy butter, unsalted, for better results, as the milkiness of dairy butter cannot be doubled by margarine or another butter substitute. Just smear melted butter over your Pillsbury biscuits before baking them and enjoy the dessert’s rich, almost royal sensation. 

Add Nuts 

If you like the crunchy sensation in your mouth and the soft and airy texture of the Pillsbury biscuits, then this solution is for you. Crush some nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts and mix them with honey. 

Let the mixture sit for ten minutes and smear it over the Pillsbury biscuits. You can leave the honey-nut mixture on the surface of the biscuits, or you can press it inside to allow the honey to penetrate them inside.

The honey will flavor the Pillsbury biscuits, making them softer, and the nuts will add extra texture and crumbliness to the story. 

How to Improve Pillsbury Biscuits

Pan-bake Your Pillsbury Biscuits

You don’t necessarily have to oven-bake your Pillsbury biscuits. Instead, you can pan-bake them on the stove. Smear a nice layer of butter on the pan and place one or two Pillsbury biscuits inside. You will have the satisfaction of watching them rise and turn into a combination between a pancake and a biscuit. 

Pour some chocolate cream on top and fruit chunks, and you have a nice cakey dessert in a jiffy. 

Try to Make Biscuits With Waffle Iron 

Why not turn your Pillsbury biscuits into waffle cookies? Add some vanilla flavoring to the dough and press them with the waffle iron until they are done. This will save you time and give you an unusual and original Pillsbury biscuit experience. 

You can add some pastry spices before pressing the Pillsbury biscuits and make yourself an original and tasty dessert. 

Pay Attention to Placement 

How you place your Pillsbury biscuits on the baking tray plays a massive role in how your biscuits turn out. If you place them close together, they will either burn on the spots where they are touching, or they won’t bake enough. 

Also, the tight space won’t allow the biscuits to rise as much as possible, so it is best to leave approximately one inch of space between them. 

Be Aware of the Right Temperature 

No need to tell you how much the temperature you bake your Pillsbury biscuits influences the flavor. These biscuits aren’t meant to be baked slowly, whereby you gradually increase the temperature. Instead, they need a constant high temperature to bake well. 

Therefore keep the oven temperature at 350 °F, i.e., 176 °C, and don’t disrupt the baking process by opening the oven door and checking the Pillsbury biscuits. Check them once, five minutes before you think they are done. 

Preheat the Oven 

Make sure you preheat the oven before placing the Pillsbury biscuits inside to bake. Preheat for fifteen minutes at 400 °F, i.e., 200 °C, and lower the temperature to 350 °F, i.e., 170 °C, when you put the tray in. 

Try to Repurpose Pillsbury Biscuits

To improve your Pillsbury biscuits, you can repurpose them and make something else. One of the many great things about Pillsbury biscuits is that they can be used to make other baked goods, sweet and savory. 

If you don’t like your Pillsbury biscuits, it may not be their fault, but you simply like other types of baked goods. Therefore, let your creativity drive you and make mini pizzas, pigs in a blanket, waffles, pancakes, or anything else you think you would like. 

Timing Matters

You need to bake your Pillsbury biscuits right after taking them from the packet. They are best when fresh; as the dough continues to rise, whether you store them in the fridge or on the counter and will deteriorate the quality of the baked good. 

So once you open the packet, either make all Pillsbury biscuits or store the rest in the freezer.

Add Cream 

If nothing else works, cream definitely will. Either dip the Pillsbury biscuits in cream, chocolate, heavy flavored cream, or another creamy liquid or pour the cream over them. 

You can make Pillsbury biscotti by dipping them into chocolate cream and leaving them in the fridge for the cream to harden and stick better. 

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