How to Decorate Flan? 11 Simple Flan Decoration Ideas

flan decoration ideas
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You baked your flan and now what? You must be wondering how to decorate your dessert. You came to the right place because I am about to share with you 11 simple and easy flan decoration ideas!

Make Caramel Spiral Decorations

Caramel is nothing more than melted sugar, but you should still carefully follow the steps on how to make caramel decorations. 

First, you need to add 1¼ cups of sugar to ⅓ cup of water, which is in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. You should put it on medium heat until it starts to boil. When it gets the recognizable light brown color, leave the pot aside and let it cool until every bubble disappears. 

Prepare the baking sheets and quickly drizzle the caramel over the baking paper with a teaspoon. Make whatever shape you want and leave it until the decorations cool completely. That should be in 10 to 15 minutes.

Remove the decorations with a spoon and hear everybody compliment your decorated flan!

flan decoration ideas

Berries For the Perfect Balance

A combination of flan’s sweetness and berries’ sourness will perfectly blend in your mouth. You can use raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, ribes, or any wild berry that comes to your mind.

flan decoration ideas

Whipped Cream Will Do the Trick

If you want a quick decoration idea for your flan, you don’t have to complicate things. Just add some whipped cream next to the flan and it will look nice! Furthermore, the flan-cream combination is something that your guests will want to try!

flan decoration ideas

Cherry and Cream on the Top

If you have a cherry somewhere near, why don’t you decorate your flan in a classy way? Just like in movies, put some whipped cream on flan and then put a cherry on top. Simple and easy, right?

flan decoration ideas

Mint Leaf and an Orange Slice For Freshness

Citrus is the synonym for freshness in many cases. When you are decorating your flan, it is not much different. Since the flan is a very sweet dessert, orange and mint will provide it with the freshness that is seeking. A simple decoration made of a slice of fresh orange and two leaves of mint can make a huge difference in your flan’s representation. Just look at the picture and see for yourself!

flan decoration ideas

Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Syrup

If you are a big chocolate lover that likes to put chocolate flavoring in everything, then you will love this combination! Just take the cocoa powder and sprinkle it over the flan. Be careful with the dosage because the pure cocoa powder is bitter and it can easily take over the taste in your mouth.

Next to your flan, add some chocolate syrup for even improved decoration. But I suggest using a low-sugar chocolate syrup since the flan itself is already sweet enough. 

flan decoration ideas

Vanilla, Caramel And Nuts Are the Perfect Combo

It is not a piece of news that vanilla and caramel are the best friends, so why don’t you include them both in your flan decoration? You include some of the chopped hazelnuts and you have yourself a creamy, heavenly tasty dessert.

flan decoration ideas

Pistachio and Caramel for Earthy Taste

Pistachio is considered one of the greatest flavors if you want to add a nutty flavor to your desserts. This seed is full of vitamins and very tasty, so it’s not strange that is often included in many desserts in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries.

flan decoration ideas

Spread Fruit Sauce All Over It

Berry sauce is probably one of the easiest and quickest sauces to prepare. You will need fresh or frozen berries, sugar to taste, cornstarch and water. 

Place the berries and water in a pan and bring them to a boil. In a separate cup, mix cornstarch with a half cup of water, then quickly stir the mixture into boiling berries. When you notice that you have a thick mixture, remove it from the heat. 

Sour berries will make a perfectly balanced taste when you combine them with a flan! 

flan decoration ideas

Everybody Loves Coconut!

Here is another simple flan decoration idea; take a spoon of grounded coconut and sprinkle it on flan and some of the coconut around the flan. Not only it will get a new look, but people will also love its taste. Because, after all, who doesn’t like coconut?

flan decoration ideas

Put Ice Cream and Fruit on Summer Evenings

If you are serving the flan in the summertime, then you must include ice cream for decoration next to your flan on the plate. Many people think that a warm flan is better than cold because it’s creamier that way. To make a balance in the summer, and satisfy their lust for something cold, they add a spoon of creamy ice cream to the plate. That way, you have a whole dessert and decoration at once! 

flan decoration ideas
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