How Much to Charge for Homemade Pumpkin Pie?

how much to charge for homemade pumpkin pie
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Nothing says Thanksgiving like a good old pumpkin pie. And the best part is you do not need to wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy this delicious dessert. You can expect demand for this item when you include it in your menu. So, how much should you charge for a homemade pumpkin pie?

You can charge $23 to $30 for a 9-inch homemade pumpkin pie, which includes the expenses of ingredients, labor, utility, and packaging. You can slice this pie into 8 equal slices and sell them for $2 to $4 per piece.

Pumpkin pies are in high demand, especially around the holidays. So, adding them to your menu is a good way of increasing the appeal of your bakery. And in this article, we will look at just how much a single pumpkin pie costs to make and how you can sell them.

How Much Should You Charge for Homemade Pumpkin Pie?

When coming up with the price for your product, you have to consider the cost of the ingredients and the packaging, your labor, utility bills, and the cost of equipment (if they are substantial). You also have to factor in shipping costs if you deliver the product to distant places.

The ingredient cost for a standard pumpkin pie is between $10 to $11. If you package the pies in a square bakery box with a window, it would cost $1.27. 

The pie requires about an hour to make. Depending on how much you want to charge for your work, the labor cost can be between $10 to $15 per hour. You also have to cover the cost of utility and equipment.

Factoring in all of this and an increment for profit, you should look to charge somewhere in the range of $23 to $30 for your homemade pumpkin pie. This is before you include any shipping charge. That will depend entirely on the method of shipping and the destination.

The exact price of the product will vary based on how much you spend on the individual ingredients and the packaging. You may decide to add exotic ingredients to give your pie’s taste and extra dimension. You may also choose an elaborate packaging system to increase its visual appeal.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Homemade Pumpkin Pie?

When figuring out the cost of making a homemade baked product, several variables are considered. Not only will the price of individual ingredients be different, but also different people will make their variations of the pie.

So, we will take a recipe for a standard yet exquisite pumpkin pie for this calculation. The objective here is to give you a general idea about the cost of making a homemade pumpkin pie with the basic ingredients. 

  • ½ cup of shortening (Crisco) – $0.80
  • 1 and 1/3 cups of all-purpose flour (King Arthur’s) – $0.51
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 3 and ½ tbsp of cold water
  • 1 can of Pumpkin Puree – $2.62
  • 1 can of evaporated milk (Nestle) – $1.57
  • 2 eggs – $0.82
  • ¾ cups of brown sugar (Domino Dark Brown Sugar) – $2.64
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract – $0.97

Of course, you can add spices like ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, perfect for a pie. The total cost of all the ingredients sums up to $10, but it depends on the store prices and quality of ingredients. This is enough to make a pie 8 to 9 inches in diameter. You can slice this pie into 8 equal slices for 8 servings. So, a single slice of pie would cost roughly $1.30 to bake.

How Much to Charge for a Slice Homemade Pumpkin Pie?

If you plan on selling a whole pie at $20 to $30, then a single slice would be in the range of $2.5 to $4, assuming you divide the whole pie into 8 equal amounts. Since the slices of pies will require individual wrapping and delivery, the sum of its parts will be greater than the whole. 

How Do You Package Homemade Pumpkin Pie?

When running a bakery from home, the biggest challenge is the packaging and delivery process. You want the packaging to look good, but it cannot be so expensive that it bumps the price of the pie excessively. So, there has to be a balance.

The best container to deliver a pie would be a bakery box with a window. These boxes are paperboard and have a section covered by transparent plastic film, which acts as a window. This is an efficient way of delivering homemade pies.

The boxes are easily disposable and affordable. The window allows customers to see the content, which you can use to benefit. You can get elaborate boxes with fancy designs. If you inflate your budget too much, a simple box with a window will suffice.

It is best to buy these boxes in bulk as it is cheaper when acquiring them. You can get them easily from Amazon or Walmart. Or you can contact any local manufacturers of such products which would be a cheaper alternative.

How Do You Sell Homemade Pumpkin Pie?

If you are planning to sell your homemade creations, you need to find a market for them that you can easily access. You can get in touch with your local farmer’s market or grocery stores that sell homemade goods. You can get a contract to hand over a set number of pies that the store would then sell on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can create an online platform with the help of various social media. Here, you can display your pies and other goods to potential buyers. 

The best place to start such an endeavor would be with friends and close associates. Start selling the pies locally and create a name for your home bakery. With how the world’s current climate is, you should look to create an online platform from where people can order your pies.

To conclude, hearty, sweet, and quaint – a pumpkin pie is the ultimate comfort pie. Have it to lighten up a Thanksgiving dinner table or a normal dinner with friends; you simply cannot go wrong with a good pumpkin pie.