How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Apples & Caramel Apples?

How Much to Charge for Chocolate Covered Apples
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Both chocolate apple and caramel apple are premium items on any confectionery’s menu. They are some of the most desirable candy treats, especially during Halloween or festivals. So, how much should you charge for chocolate-covered apples and caramel apples if you plan to make these treats at home?

You should charge $5-$6 per chocolate-covered apple and $4-$5 per caramel apple. This will cover the cost of ingredients, labor, and packaging. Depending on the toppings you use, you can charge an additional $1 to $2 per item. 

In this article, we will look at the process of making both these sweet treats and discuss how much they cost to make. Afterward, you will get a better idea of how to price your candy apples accordingly.

How Much Do Chocolate Covered Apples Cost to Make?

For this recipe, you are going to need the following ingredients to make one batch of chocolate-covered apples:

  • 10 Apples
  • 2 lbs. semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • ½ cup of roasted almonds or nuts

Granny smith and crisp honey apples are the more popular choices for confections. One 3 lbs. bag of granny smith will fetch you 10 apples and cost $4.50-$4.60. The same amount of honey crisps will cost about $7.

2 pounds of Ghirardelli’s semi-sweet chocolate chips will cost $10.40-$10.50. And ½ a cup of roasted nuts will be $2, and almonds will be $7. 

As for accessories, you will need one stick per apple. You can get such items easily from amazon. 10 sticks will cost $0.70. 

The best package for candy apples is a square box with a transparent window on one side. Buying them in a 100-piece case will be cheaper, and 10 boxes will be worth $5.5. 

So, one batch of chocolate-covered granny smith apples with nuts will cost around $22.50 to $23 to make. So, a single apple will cost $2.25 to $2.30. If you use honey crisps with almonds, the price will rise to $25 to $26; a single apple will become $2.50 to $2.60. 

How to Make Chocolate Covered Apples?

Thoroughly wash the apples first. Store-bought apples often have a wax coating to prevent drying or fungi infestation. But this wax will also make it harder for the chocolate to stick on the surface. So, give them a proper wash.

Then remove the stem with a gentle twist. Insert one apple stick directly where the stem was. Keep the additional toppings such as nuts (finely chopped) and sprinkles on a wide tray next to the prep station. You will need to move quickly when you coat the apples. Plus, keep a tray with wax paper on top ready.

Place 2 lbs. of chocolate in a large enough bowl and put that bowl on top of simmering water. This double-boil process will ensure smooth, melted chocolate without risking a burn. Stir constantly with a rubber spatula until you get a nice, smooth consistency.

Pick up the apples by the stick and dip them in the chocolate. Twist them around to get an even coat. Then shake off excess chocolate. 

Then roll the apple on top of your additional ingredients. Then place the apples on the wax paper tray. This way, the chocolate will not stick to the surface and create a mess.

Refrigerate the apples for 20-30 minutes or as long as it takes for the chocolate to set. Once cooled, the treats will be ready for consumption or packaging. 

How Much to Charge for Caramel Covered Apples?

A batch of 10 standard caramel apples will have an ingredient cost of around $16; $17.20 if you cover them with roasted almonds. So, a single caramel apple would cost $1.60 to $1.72.

Factoring in labor time, additional packaging, and profitability, you should look to charge $4 to $4.50 for a standard caramel apple. Or $5 to $6 per item if you use additional toppings or coating. 

Can You Sell Chocolate Covered Apples from Home?

If you are looking to start a home bakery, you should contact the local farmer’s market or county fair. With the advent of social media marketing, you can promote your goods through multiple platforms. Start by selling your apples to locals and branch out from there. You don’t need to stop on apples, you can also make and sell chocolate-covered strawberries.

If you plan on making this into a business and not just simply a hobby, it is best to have proper documents and license ready. These papers are not mandatory for a home business, but they can save you from many potential hassles. 

How to Decorate Chocolate Covered Apples?

Decorating your chocolate apples will only increase its appeal. And there are plenty of fun ways you can go about this. Sprinkles or M&Ms are great options. These candies have eye-catching bright colors that will especially appeal to kids. Sprinkles also make the apples more festive and fit for a special occasion.

Just take a bowl or tray of sprinkles or M&Ms ready at your side. Right after you dip the apples in chocolate, roll them on top of the candy of your choice. Use your hands to get a nice and even coat on all sides. 

Alternatively, you can use more chocolate to embellish the apples. You can use the leftover melted chocolate to draw creative designs on the apples. These designs can range from simple swirls to elaborate decors. You can also melt white chocolate and use a pipe to write names on top of each apple. This is ideal for making the treats very personalized.

As for decorated packaging, a ribbon is an elegant yet simple touch. Whether placing them inside a cellophane bag or a box, tie a ribbon on top of the sticks to make them look classier. 

How Long Do Chocolate Covered Apples Last?

Chocolate-covered apples, if stored properly in a fridge, can stay relatively fresh for up to 2 weeks. But if you keep it for too long, the apples will start to lose their crispy texture.

Apples, like most fruits, will start to perish if you leave them out in the open. When apples lose their freshness, they become soft instead of crispy. And a big part of what makes caramel or chocolate apples so alluring is their crunch. So, you have to preserve that freshness at all costs, or the price of your candy apple will drop significantly.

The chocolate does not go bad as quickly as fruit. But after a prolonged period, its taste and quality will start to diminish. 

How Long Do Caramel Covered Apples Last?

Caramel apples have the same shelf-life as chocolate apples. You can comfortably store them in a fridge for a couple of weeks. It is best to eat or sell them within that period. The longer you wait, the more you will compromise the quality of the apples. 

To conclude, the natural tart of apples combines amazingly with the sweetness of chocolate and caramel to make a truly decadent dessert. Whether you are making them for yourself, your family, or your customers, these seasonal treats are sure to be a hit.

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