How Much to Charge for Cake Pops? How to Sell Them From Home?

How Much to Charge for Cake Pops
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Cake pops are a very delicious recipe made up as the traditional cake recreation, only, in this case, the cake and the frosting are mixed into one mass. For all cake lovers, this for sure will be preferable. Although it started getting famous in 2009, today, this dessert is still among the top sellers in American bakeries. But, how much should you charge for cake pops and sell them from home?

Considering the price of the ingredients, the time needed, and the careful packaging this product needs, you can charge cake pops around $4 per piece. You have to be cautious with the policies of every country regarding opening a business from home. You have to fulfill specific rules and steps to be able to proceed. 

It will be impossible to summarize all regulations in the countries of the USA regarding this matter. Still, I have tried to summarize some critical information and links that can orient you towards your goal.

How Much Do Cake Pops Cost to Make? How Much to Charge?

The list of cake pops ingredients is not short as the recipe has two steps, and each stage has its ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar, whipped cream, etc. So to calculate how much it will cost to prepare them is tricky as it depends on the type of ingredient you choose if you buy big or small packaging, or just the recipe you are following. 

I would say that it may cost $1 – $2 per piece per produce. The professional bakeries charge around $2,5, but they have specialized equipment and staff to produce them. 

On the other hand, you will produce them from home, artisanally, which will need a little more effort. So I would say to charge around $4, and your clients need to order a minimum required, with can be no less than 8-10 pieces.   

How Much to Charge for Custom Cake Pops?

Of course, the custom cake pops will cost more depending on the requests from the clients. For example, if they want good quality chocolate, then dip the cake pops, the cost will increase accordingly. The same will happen with the packaging or decoration elements you need to add. 

Most of the elements will not cost more than $2-$3 extra, so according to what you are spending to prepare them, you will know how much more you will charge. 

How to Package Cake Pops?

The cake pops packaging may be a little tricky, as the chocolate has to get wholly hardened before starting packing. However, after making sure that the chocolate is hardened, you can start packing. 

The best idea would be to use muffin liners. They will keep the cake pops safe without worrying that they will break or destroy each other while transported to the client. You can put them in a box together and install small sticks to close the box quickly. 

Another way is to package them separately. You put them on the small transparent plastic wrapping, tie them with cute tape or other funny elements, and then put them carefully in a box. This type of packaging is ideal if you give the cake pops as a welcome gift at events or conference coffee breaks. 

How Much to Charge for Cake Pops

The last option is the cake pop stander. This type of packing keeps the cake pops standing by fixing the pops stick in the basement of the box. The price will be a little higher due to packaging costs. Pop stander may cost up to $3.5 if it is an attractive version, but you can find even more economical ones that cost from $0,30 – $0,80.

How Do You Start a Cake Pop Business?

Like every other business, you need to build a strategy before everything else. Determine the goals and do some research to help you create a business plan. Decide where you will sell your products and how you will reach your first consumers.

Sometimes we forget that the network is one of the most important things. One good way to start is to sell your products in small markets around you. Try to contact them, make them try your products, and convince them to sell your products. 

Build a website; it can be very simple, done by you in WordPress but don’t neglect the importance of the website as it is the most persistent way to sell products, and also your brand looks more severe in the eyes of your clients.

Put your best effort into the marketing strategy you will use. Things like a logo, a good name, and storytelling have always impacted. Make sure this impact is positive.

So, before starting to operate officially as an entrepreneur, I propose being part of some fresh markets, artisan fairs, or street food events. You can see your product’s impact and how much the buyers will like it. Even in the first year of your business, being part of those organizations can help you with brand recognition and spread the word.

Another good way to start is by collaborating with third-party websites like eBay or food applications in your region. You will probably need to share a small percentage of your profit with those applications, but consider this an investment towards success. 

Can You Sell Cake Pops From Home? How?

Selling food like cake pops is possible and doable. Although, there are some essential things you need to know. The most important one is the “cottage food” law, a law built to regulate the process of homemade food selling and to prevent hazardous foods. 

The tricky thing with this law is that it is valid in 49 states of the USA but may change from one state to another. Therefore, to know precisely what steps or criteria you need to fulfill, you must go to your country’s official health government website and check there. 

In most states, you need a license to operate, including a business license, food handler’s license, business registration, sales license, or zoning permit. As I said, it depends on the countries. 

For example, Florida and Texas are some countries that do not need a license. On the other hand, countries like New Jersey and Kentucky don’t allow selling from home. To obtain the permit, you need to consult your state’s Department of Agriculture or Secretary of State’s office.

Even after getting the license, each country has more rules and regulations for the way you should pack. You have to be very precise in the information you put in the labeling, starting from the name of the producers, the products, all detailed allergen information, nutritional claims, and specify that it is cottage food. 

Another essential matter you need to clarify is the market of your food. For example, in Florida, you can sell your food online, direct to the clients, in small markets but not to restaurants. Minnesota allows you to sell them also in local events or weddings. On the other hand, California enables you to sell food to the restaurant under specific regulations that are more strict. 

Overall, your business will be under surveillance of the state office, which will inspect your kitchen to see if you have all the equipment to produce safe and non-hazardous food. 

Even when it comes to the revenue, there may be some restrictions. For example, Minnesota does not allow you to do more income than $78,000 per year. So every country has its uniqueness in procedures. So please read them carefully and be precise.

No matter the year, Cake pops are very preferred by kids because of their colorful appearance and the ingredients. Mini cakes are dipped in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles. 

They can still be favored to make the birthday or wedding cocktails buffets look full of life. Different surveys show the second in the ranking among several dessert selections. [1] So in 2023, we may say that cake pops are more popular than cookies and cupcakes. 

So if you are organizing a party and want your table to look unique, among all other desserts, don’t forget to include some cake pops. They may be the first to get out of the table.