How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person For A Party? Charts Included

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person
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Sushi rolls are a great party food option, especially when it comes to larger gatherings. However, for those who host these parties, it is usually difficult to decide how many rolls are enough for each person at the party. So, how many sushi rolls should you consider per person at a party? 

Seven sushi rolls are considered enough for one person. Usually, men approximately eat around eight, while women around six sushi rolls. However, if there are side dishes provided, such as salad or miso soup, then fewer will be enough.

If you are organizing a party with sushi rolls as your main party food, then you need to know the right amount of rolls that you will need for each person. This is usually a very difficult number to determine. That is why I have provided a chart that you might find really helpful. 

I have also discussed sushi ingredients as well as good sushi combinations, so you will get a clear image of what kind of dishes you should obtain for your party. 

How Much Sushi Is A Serving?

Since sushi rolls are considered finger food, usually a person can eat a lot of pieces without thinking whether that was one serving or more. Sushi rolls are not exactly a typical type of finger food, but when you eat something that tiny, it is difficult to regard it as an actual portion. 

However, there is an exact number of sushi rolls that come in one serving, and it is convenient that you are familiar with that number, so you would have an idea of how much food you intake. 

In addition, it is important to bear in mind that one whole plate of sushi rolls is not considered a serving. Many restaurants, especially across the US, serve sushi roll plates that are quite above the number of sushi rolls per serving. That is why it is not convenient to rely on the serving sizes when you try to calculate how many sushi rolls per person you need.

Another tricky thing about plates of sushi rolls is that you never know how much you eat because the plate might be big and full. That is why people tend to eat more when they are served a large amount of food. The good thing is that sushi is a type of healthy food, meaning that even if you eat more, you are eating something that is beneficial for you. 

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should not have a limit on the number of sushi rolls you eat per day. It is true that you will intake a lot of nutrients with this food, but you should not overstep the recommended limit. 

Believe it or not, two sushi rolls come in one serving. However, people usually do not stick to this recommendation since this is a small size of food, and quite delicious, in fact. Therefore, when it comes to eating sushi rolls at parties, you are the first one that cannot control yourself, so it is quite normal to not be able to determine the number for your own party.

However, you may ask yourself what kind of nutrients you include when you eat sushi rolls, and why it is important to know your limit. Namely, it is recommended that a person eats only two sushi rolls per day. You can often eat sushi, but you need to think about the high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. 

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person

If you stick to this recommendation, you may eat sushi rolls daily, without causing any harm to your body. 

Nonetheless, you have to think about the additives that you use with sushi rolls since they can contain high levels of fat. For instance, some side dishes or sauces that are considered a good combo with sushi rolls can be quite rich in fats, so make sure you understand the nutritional values of the same. 

The fats and these sauces can quickly dominate the other healthy nutrients of sushi rolls, meaning your dish will become rather unhealthy. That is why it is good to learn about the nutritional facts of these sauces before you decide to go for one. 

How Many Sushi Rolls Should You Serve To A Group? 

The most difficult thing comes when you have to decide the number of sushi rolls you are going to serve to a group of people. Sometimes, if you are organizing a small gathering with a few close friends, you may be able to know the exact number of sushi rolls you need. This is because we usually know our friends well, and we know how much they can eat. 

On the other hand, when it comes to throwing a bigger party with a larger number of people, you will have to think a little bit harder and come to the right estimation. 

Remember that food plays an important part in the success of your party, and you do not want it to lack. Also, bear in mind that sushi rolls can be tricky, so make sure that you check your calculation twice or even thrice before you definitely decide how many sushi rolls per person.

Another thing you need to consider is whether you are going to serve side dishes with the sushi rolls. This is important because you do not want to end up with a lot of leftovers, especially if you are throwing a larger party. Therefore, below, I have included two charts – one which will show you the number of needed sushi rolls when you do not serve side dishes, and the other when side dishes are provided. 

Number of people Amount of sushi rolls needed (with side dishes)
1seven sushi rolls
2fourteen sushi rolls
3twenty-one sushi rolls
4twenty-eight sushi rolls
5thirty sushi rolls 
10seventy sushi rolls
15one hundred and five sushi rolls
20one hundred and forty sushi rolls 
30two hundred and ten sushi rolls
40two hundred and eighty sushi rolls
50three hundred and fifty sushi rolls

When there are side dishes included, then you need to consider that your only food will be sushi rolls. Therefore, it is only logical that you will need more sushi rolls in these conditions. So, here is the chart with an estimated number of sushi rolls for a particular number of people. 

Number of people Amount of sushi rolls needed (without side dishes)
1nine sushi rolls
2eighteen sushi rolls
3twenty-seven sushi rolls
4thirty-six sushi rolls
5forty-eight sushi rolls 
10ninety sushi rolls
15one hundred and thirty-five sushi rolls
20one hundred and eighty sushi rolls 
30two hundred and seventy sushi rolls
40three hundred and sixty sushi rolls
50four hundred and fifty sushi rolls

What Are Common Sushi Ingredients? 

Firstly, it is important to point out that there are different kinds of sushi. If you are a real fan of sushi, you have probably heard of most of them. However, people who are just starting to try all different kinds of this dish might be surprised by the great variety of choices. 

Namely, most of the sushi ingredients are found in the many sushi varieties. Nonetheless, these ingredients are combined in different ways, so they usually taste differently. This is the main reason why sushi is such a tasty and delicate Japanese dish. 

The most common ingredients that you will find in sushi are the following: 

  • Unagi – Japanese word for freshwater eel.
  • Sake – raw salmon which is usually combined with avocado and cream cheese. 
  • Nori – thin seaweed sheets. When buying nori sheets, make sure you are buying a high-quality ones. Low-quality ones will easily spoil the taste of your sushi. 
  • Ahi – raw tuna. 
  • Kanie – crab meat.
  • Wasabi – a paste made from special kind of Japanese horseradish, and usually used to give a spicy and flavorful taste of sushi. Be careful with serving sizes because it has very spicy and strong taste.
  • Tempura – light batter used for adding crunchiness to sushi rolls. It can remind you of fried chicken strips.
  • Pickled ginger – acidic ginger root pieces that are served next to sushi rolls. It is spicy and sour, so not everybody likes it. 
  • Tobiko – fish eggs that are most often used for uramaki rolls. 

How Many Pieces in a Sushi Roll

As I mentioned above, these ingredients are combined differently. Therefore, they taste different in various sushi rolls. Sometimes, you might get overwhelmed by all of these choices, so you will not know which one to pick for yourself. That is why, I have made a list of sushi that you definitely need to try, and most likely, you will not regret it. 


Temaki rolls are suitable for eating on the go. This is because they are made in a special way which allows them to be easily eaten even when moving. Temaki looks like a cone made of nori sheets, with rice, fish, vegetables and other sushi ingredients on the inside.

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person


Maki rolls are the most popular choice among sushi lovers. They can contain different fillings, such as crab meat, avocado, vegetables and fish. They are rolled with rice, and seaweed sheets are used to hold the rolls together.

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person


Uramaki is very similar to maki rolls, and many people choose them interchangeably, i.e. when there is no maki, they go for uramaki. The only difference between these types of rolls is that rice and seaweed switched the places. That’s why you will see rice on the outside, and seaweed sheets on the inside.

To add additional flavor, people roll uramaki in sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, tobiko or something similar. You may hear people calling this sushi type “California roll.”

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person


There is no way that you have not heard of this type of sushi. Sashimi is one of the most popular choices when it comes to sushi rolls, and people across the whole world enjoy it. This is the perfect option for people who do not like rice in their sushi. 

Sashimi includes pieces of raw fish without any additional ingredients. So, if you order sashimi, you will see just tuna, halibut, mackerel, and/or salmon on the plate. Any other ingredient would be used just as decoration.

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person


Nigiri contains pieces of raw fish spread on sushi rice. Usually, this type of sushi is accompanied by wasabi, so you should expect a hot and spicy taste. People who cannot handle a little bit of spiciness in sushi should just skip the wasabi.

If you are not a fan of raw fish and the piece of raw fish pushes you away, don’t be discouraged. Raw salmon tastes so buttery and creamy, that it will melt in your mouth. You won’t even realize that you are eating a fish. 

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person

What Are Common Sushi Allergies? 

Since the main ingredient in sushi is fish, people with fish and shellfish allergies need to be aware in order to avoid unpleasant situations. [1] [2]

Allergies that are caused by sushi can be mild without any serious consequences, but some of them can be severe, so they can become really nasty and dangerous. That is why you need to be careful when you choose your sushi rolls, especially if you are getting them as party food.

Usually, people who are allergic to fish might have allergic reactions while or after eating some type of sushi. What causes the reaction is actually the oil that some fish contain. Some common symptoms of allergy are nausea or vomiting, nasal congestion, headaches, itching, swelling of some parts of the face, and so on. 

In addition, shellfish allergy is similar to a fish allergy, so people who have this type of allergy should avoid sushi that contains crab, prawn, shrimp, crayfish, and lobster. The symptoms that might occur due to shellfish allergy are the same as those that occur with fish allergy. 

However, having allergic reactions to fish does not mean that you need to entirely avoid eating sushi. There are some good alternatives that will definitely allow you to enjoy sushi rolls, although they might not be made according to the original recipe. 

For instance, you can replace crab meat with imitation crab, or you can substitute crab with tuna, salmon, or simply some veggies. You can do this with many types of sushi rolls, but make sure that you always communicate with the waiter or the caterer during events. Only this way you can avoid unpleasant situations and reactions to allergies. 

How Much Sushi Do You Typically Consume in One Meal?

The recommended number of sushi rolls is two, and considering the fact that they are small, you might wonder how you can really eat and feel full with such a tiny portion. However, sushi contains a lot of fat that can get you through the day. 

Also, a lot of ingredients in sushi rolls are quite healthy, meaning that you will intake a lot of beneficial nutrients. 

Nonetheless, if two sushi rolls are not enough for you, then you can always opt for some side dishes, such as salad or miso soup. 

What To Serve With Sushi? 

Sushi allows you to make many different combinations and make your meal more interesting. You can really get creative with the side dishes, and you can really pick many ingredients to intensify the flavors of sushi. I have included some ideas that you may find helpful. 

Japanese Yaki Onigiri 

Sushi goes well with grilled rice balls stuffed with avocado. Japanese are crazy about this combination, so you will not go wrong if you opt for this side dish. 

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person

Miso Soup 

The most common side dish that goes well with sushi rolls is the traditional Japanese miso soup. It contains tofu, greens, green onion, and miso paste. This is something that you must try if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine. 

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person


Tempura is usually served with sashimi. It is a combination of crispy and crunchy prawns and veggies served with soy as a dipping sauce. 

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person

Seaweed Salad 

Seaweed, veggies, mushrooms, soy sauce, and spices are things that combine magically well with sushi. This is the most common side dish with sushi rolls, so if you decide on them, you will not go wrong. 

How Many Sushi Rolls Per Person

I hope that this article will help you decide on the number of sushi rolls that are needed for a party. This information will probably help you in organizing your next party easily, as well as give you ideas of different combinations that you can make with sushi. So, now, nothing is holding you back from having an amazing gathering with the tastiest food you can imagine. 

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