How Many Steaks In a Cow? Porterhouse, T-Bone, Ribeye…

How Many Steaks In a Cow
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To wonder how many steaks are in a cow sometimes seems odd because why would you be interested in that? However, it is a piece of important information because when you buy a cow, you need to store it. Knowing the number of steaks will immensely help you in terms of space planning and may even influence your decision on whether or not to buy them. So, how many steaks are in a cow?

On average, a cow weighs 525 kg, which means that after everything is said and done, you are left with about 150 primary steak cuts. The number of steaks in a cow is not set in stone, as they vary depending on how big the cow is.

In the following paragraphs, I will describe how many steaks are in a cow of each primary steak cut. This will come in handy for those of you who plan on buying a cow or at least a larger amount of steaks. You will find this information very useful in planning your storage space and consumption needs. 

How Many Steaks In a Cow

How Many Porterhouse Steaks Are In a Cow?

The porterhouse steak comes from the meeting point of the tenderloin and top loin. Removing the bone and cutting out the two steaks making the porterhouse, results in a tenderloin steak and a top loin (or New York strip steak). 

Depending on how your preference, you can serve a Porterhouse steak whole or sliced. However, a Porterhouse steak is a challenging meal even for those with a big appetite and eating capacity. 

Therefore a Porterhouse steak equals a very big portion. You may want to consider this in your decision-making process. It is probably a better idea to share it with someone than struggle to finish it alone. 

Usually, an average  525 kg cow has about 27 cuts of Porterhouse steak, i.e., 9 kg. If you divide the total weight- 9 kg by the number of cuts, i.e., 27, one Porterhouse steak is about 333 g So, have that in mind when ordering or buying. 

How Many T-Bone Steaks In a Cow? 

A T-bone steak comes from the middle to the end of the subprimal. The T-bone steak has a T-shaped bone, which is why it is called a T-bone steak. 

The T-bone steak is an exceptionally delicious cut and compared to other cuts, it is the easiest to cook, which is why it is the best-sold and the most famous one. The bone in the middle keeps the meat from drying out, which makes this cut suitable for many types of cooking- grilling, broiling, roasting, or even frying.

The T-bone steak is a substantial cut and an average 525 kg cow has about 5 kg or 14 cuts of T-bone steak, making each piece weigh about 350 g.

How Many Ribeye Steaks In a Cow?

The rib steak or ribeye comes from the rib section and is one of the nine primal cuts. It is known as very tender and highly flavourful. It is a boneless cut from the rib section of the cow. 

The ribeye is an extremely tender cut containing significantly more protein than fat. 

You don’t have to use a lot of seasoning for ribeye, as it is very flavourful in itself, so only salt and pepper will do nicely. You should cook it over high heat and serve it with nothing more than just spicy sauce. 

There are about 4 kg or 12 cuts of ribeye in an average 525 kg cow, making each one weigh about 333 g. 

How Many Delmonico Steaks In a Cow?

Delmonico steak is not actually a part of the cow, like the other steaks, but rather a thick piece of cow meat popularized by Delmonico’s restaurant. The Delmonico steak originates in the 1800s, so no one can say for sure what kind of meat it is. 

Basically, though, a Delmonico steak is a big chunk of meat, maybe two inches thick. It is extremely high-quality, containing a lot of marbling. It is supposed to come somewhere from the rib or short loin.

According to this definition, we cannot say how many cuts of Delmonico steak an average 525 kg cow has, as it isn’t a certain type of meat, but it can come from anywhere on the cow. 

What Are the Best Cuts of Steak?

Saying that one or two cuts of steak are superior to the rest of them would be highly inaccurate, as it all depends on what you, as a consumer, prefer. To those who prefer the chicken, there is no cow stake they would like, but that doesn’t make cow stake poor food. 

Therefore, it is a very subjective matter which steak cut you would say is the best. If you like tender meat that is easy to cook, you should choose the Porterhouse steak. It is flavourful, very satiating, and fairly simple to prepare. 

The Porterhouse steak also offers a lot of cooking variety, meaning you can cook it in different ways and pair it with various sides. 

The T-bone steak is known as the most delicious cow cut and is, therefore, the one that is best sold and most popular. It isn’t, however, very tender, and chewing the T-bone steak can be a little bit of a struggle. 

Nevertheless, it is an absolute delicacy allowing for a number of pairing options, making it probably the most versatile of the cow cuts. 

The ribeye is for you if you prefer tender cow cuts with lots of flavors and juices. Although it is high in protein and low in fat, it is greasier than what you would expect, making it the perfect option if you like juicy cow cuts. Seasoned with nothing more than salt and pepper and served with a spicy sauce, the ribeye is definitely one of the most charming cow cuts. 

Lastly, the Delmonico steak can come from anywhere on the cow; the only thing it needs is lots of marbling. It is absolutely delicious but pretty fatty, and it can be challenging to chew it.

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