How Many Layers Should Be in Red Velvet Cake?

How Many Layers in Red Velvet Cake?
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Layers are a major thing in the baking world, so you would assume the more, the merrier, but it is not the case here. Red velvet cake has that signature velvety, airy, and soft feel, requiring them to be a bit thicker. There are many ways to make a red velvet cake, whether you want to keep it traditional or add an exotic touch, and it will stay tasty. But what do baking lovers have to say on the question: how many layers are in red velvet cake?

Red velvet cake goes from one to eight layers. One layer cake is delish and simplest to make, but at least two layers are needed for a real cake feel. Two, three, or four layers will keep the famous sponginess intact, but more is a whole new intake in the baking process.

I don’t always have time to bake at least three layers of the cake, so I tried with less and it turned out well. Baking is science plus imagination, so try unorthodox combos and find your go-to recipe. Read on for some tips on layering and rare combinations. Let’s dive in!

How Many Layers Should Red Velvet Cake Have?

Red velvet is the queen among layer cakes. It is best to make at least two layers, the optimum is three, but four can be excessive. The more layers you bake, the more frosting you need, so the cake will be moist, creamy, and tangy. Also, when you have more layers, they don’t have to be as thick, especially if you fancy the buttercream more than the dough.

How Many Layers in Red Velvet Cake?

There are recipes with even five to eight layers of cake, but it can be more, though. So, if you want a regular cake, three sheets are more than the ideal proportion. When making a three-layered cake, you’ll need to bake each separately to secure the thickness. 

For the aesthetic part, even them out but only after completely cool. If you bake layers too thin, red velvet cake will lose its natural relish, nevertheless. Its velvety and tender layers are what make the cake unique, so keep them all the way. 

Still, if you want a new take on the cake, you can make thinner layers, something like Dobosh cake, but in red. It will still undoubtedly have a divine taste, yet will lack the signature sponginess. Paper-thin layers of cream cheese frosting are a must, without a doubt.


Red Velvet Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting [Recipe]

What Layer Can You Add to Red Velvet Cake?

The possibilities are endless, but here are my favorites!

Choco and Spice

If you can’t imagine the cake without chocolate, be free to replace cream cheese with choco frosting. Chocolate pairs lovely with flowery cocoa and buttermilk in the butter, which alone have a dark choco feel. The high-quality ganache will enrich the original flavors and give them a whole new dimension.

To make a real winterish confection out of this cake, spice things up! A mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove pairs amazingly with chocolate ganache. This aromatic pair gives a warm, nutty, and citrusy touch to the cake overall. It is best enjoyed with a cup of cooked wine or apple cider, yum!


Another attention-worthy duo is cream cheese and raspberry (or a mixture of your fav berries for the fact). Fresh and slightly acidic, but still sweet, raspberries will undoubtedly evoke all other flavors. The finest combo is fresh berries immersed in cream cheese frosting. 

This doesn’t just taste divine but looks delightful on the cross-section. Red velvet will be even moister with fruit juices, plus it will soothe the sugary cake in a blink. Cherries are also a marvelous option with their sour but sweet base note.


What Filling Goes With Red Velvet Cake? 7 Ideas

Peppermint Feel

If a classic cream cheese spread is too boring for you, change things up by the addition of one or two ingredients to the base mixture. A few drops of peppermint extract will deepen the flowery notes of cocoa and the sweetness of vanilla. It is trés aromatic and has a cooling aftertaste to contrast with rich notes of chocolate.

To play with texture a bit, add chunks of dark choco in the frosting for some crunch. Also, if you still aren’t ready to put your Christmas decoration in the box, ground a few peppermint candy canes instead. Mint is always a good idea, so consider trying it!

Can You Make Red Velvet Cake With Only One Layer?

Believe it or not, red velvet cake will be delish with one layer, as well, frosted generously with cream cheese or whip cream. It will be as rich and tender as layered, but it is faster and easier to make as you need to bake just one sheet. This simplified version is not a bit worse than any other because it requires chunky, moist, and buttery dough.

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