How Long Does Ganache Last In The Fridge? + Leftover Ideas

How Long Does Ganache Last In The Fridge
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If you are a chocolate lover, there is no chance you haven’t tasted or prepared at least once one of the best Parisien inventions: ganache. Unfortunately, what happens to me every time I prepare it, is that I think it is never enough and ends up having a significant portion. This is about what I am going to write today. So, how long does ganache last in the fridge, and how to treat the leftovers? 

Ganache can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge, up to 2 days at room temperature, and 3 months if it’s frozen. Ganache, if stored properly, can stay safe to eat and can be used again for numerous other recipes after. 

The difficulty of this recipe remains at the technique of preparing it, as it’s crucial to its quality and shelf-life. To help you to benefit the maximum from ganache, I will answer today the most common questions related to the quality of ganache. How many days can you keep it, how to store it or how to treat it after being unfrozen. 

How Long Does Ganache Last?

Ganache shelf-life may be a little difficult to define without considering some other things. 

As you may know, chocolate itself has a very long shelf-life. When mixed with other ingredients, shelf-life may change according to different components like the other product composition or the technique used for the recipe. 

Although, from all the testimonies of people who prepare it a lot, I have proven that it can last to 2 weeks if kept in the fridge. 

Why Is the Ganache Shelf Life so Complex? How to Exceed It? 

Because it is entirely dependent on the water activity of the final mass, researchers have proven that the higher the water activity, the lower the shelf life and vice-versa. And ideally, the most insufficient water activity can exceed up to 6 months of shelf life. But of course, we are not researchers, so it is impossible to know our ganache’s water activity precisely, right? 

Although the water activity can be reduced while boiling the milk because the heat makes sure the water evaporates, so the water content decreases. Another technique that helps is the sugar presence. Microorganisms need water to survive and to multiply, and the sugar prevents it from happening. 

Considering the complex composition of the mixture of whipped cream and chocolate, it is hard to say the exact time that ganache will remain good to eat.

From my own experience, I may give you two pieces of trustful statements: every time I cover chocolate cookies with dark chocolate ganache, they may last out of the fridge, in a closed container, or in a cold environment for up to 7 days. The taste remains the same, and the texture of both cookie and ganache is unchanged. 

Although in the case of chocolate cake, I observed that after two days, it needs refrigeration, as it starts to lose its freshness. So sometimes, you can trust your instinct to see at what point you have to put it in the fridge. 

How to Store Chocolate Ganache?

As I said, you can store chocolate ganache both ways: in refrigeration or at room temperature. But keep in consideration that room temperature may be different from one person to another so that it may vary accordingly. 

When putting it in the fridge, you have to cover the bowl in which you have set the ganache with transparent paper. This way, you will block all microorganisms or bacteria from reaching your ganache. 

Make sure to place it deep in the fridge so the ganache rests at the coldest temperature. This process may harden the ganache, but when you want to reuse it, you can warm it up again in the microwave or just let it chill at room temperature for some hours. 

There is one more possibility which is freezing it. Again here, putting in an airtight bowl is very important. Sometimes the meat or fish smell can be dominant in that part of the fridge, and we want to avoid that.

Can You Refrigerate and Reuse Ganache?

As a food expert for whom food quality is the top priority, I always choose to put it in the fridge immediately after finishing if it’s not already mixed with the dessert. I believe that it’s better to prevent bacteria growth from the very first beginning than risk its quality.  

For as long as ganache is kept in the lower temperatures of the fridge, has been covered, and the appearance looks fine, you can reuse it again for other purposes. What I wouldn’t suggest is to reheat it more than once. The process of heating, getting cold, heating again is not safe anymore. But if you reheat it only once, for sure, you can use it without any doubt.

Can You Leave Ganache Out Overnight?

What I wrote above does not mean that the ganache will get spoiled if you don’t strictly do it. On the contrary, it will surely last two full days outside the fridge if the room temperature is not very warm. But don’t forget that refrigeration is essential to keep the food safe in our homes for every food you cook.  

How to Store White Chocolate Ganache?

Preparing it and the main ingredients are the same as dark chocolate ganache: chocolate and whipped cream. The white and dark chocolate composition is not the same. In dark chocolate, the main ingredient is cocoa beans and in white chocolate is cacao butter and coconut. 

Even so, it’s the butter that gives this ganache the fat levels needed to resist almost the same number of days as the dark one. The storage ways, conditions, and tips are similar to the white chocolate ganache. You can keep it two days out of the fridge, and then you can refrigerate it for around one week in the refrigerator. 

How Do You Know If Ganache Has Gone Bad?

By looking, you may start to understand when things are not going well for your ganache. Usually, ganache has a shiny appearance at its best, and the texture is all creamy and soft. However, as days pass, you have to observe any texture change. For example, if the color begins to change or the mass is separated in becoming heterogeneous, there may be some indications. 

You have to consider an important tip: after unfreezing it, you cannot keep it in the fridge anymore; you either consume it or throw it away. 

And the most important sign is when you can see the mold on the surface of the ganache. Sometimes, it is still good to eat certain hard products like cheese if we remove the moldy surface. Please keep in mind that this is very important: this is not the case. If you see the minor presence of mold in the ganache, throw it away. Because of the moisture content in the ganache, the bacteria can penetrate faster in the deep of the cream. 

How Can You Use Ganache Leftovers?

So, where to begin with my suggestions for using ganache leftovers? 

The list of easy recipes is endless and tasteful. However, considering that if you prepared ganache, it means that you had already a whole and big dessert, let’s look at some simple ideas that you can consume as snacks for both winter and summer, which you can take with you anywhere:

  1. One of the easiest and cheapest summer desserts I prefer to prepare is ice cream. I whip heavy whipped cream for 3-5 minutes in a big bowl, add the ganache, mix again, freeze for at least 6 hours, and Voilà, ice cream, is ready. 
  2. Chocolate fondue: fruits like strawberry, banana, and apples are ideal to be dipped in ganache and eaten with pancakes for breakfast or just as a snack with fresh juice. 
  3. Do you have in your kitchen some old cookies that are not that fresh anymore? Give them a chance by putting some ganache and coconut flakes or sprinkles on top. 
  4. If you are a real ganache lover who cannot get enough of chocolate, you can mix it with some baked almonds or hazelnuts and enjoy it like that.
  5. Ganache can be practically the last touch of every no-bake homemade cookie or dessert-like chocolate oat pudding. 
  6. Ganache hot cocoa – mix the ganache with hot milk, some marshmallows, and some biscuit crumbs, and you can have a fantastic winter drink. 
  7. Make brownies! Stir into the ganache a few tablespoons of flour, baking powder, a little bit of salt and one tablespoon of sugar. Stir the ingredients until you get the needed texture. Pour the mixture into the pan and bake at 375 °F for about 25 minutes.
How Long Does Ganache Last In The Fridge
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