Gouda vs. Cheddar: Differences & Which Is Better?

gouda vs cheddar

Cheese lovers know that there is a wide variety of types. When it comes to choosing, the decision can be really overwhelming. This usually happens because many types of cheese are similar in features and properties. Examples are Gouda and Cheddar, so you might get confused when picking one. So, what are the differences between Gouda and Cheddar, and which one is considered a better type of cheese? 

Gouda is characterized by sweeter and nuttier notes, while Cheddar contains a mix of butter and hazelnut flavors. Gouda and Cheddar can work as substitutes to one another, but they still differ in some features. They are similar in density, but Cheddar is slightly firmer cheese, and Gouda melts easier.

When you are not sure which type of cheese to choose, a smart solution would compare the same. Therefore, I have compared Gouda cheese and Cheddar to understand the actual differences. This article will probably help you with your decision, so you would be able to decide which one is more suitable for your needs. 

Gouda Cheese vs. Cheddar: Differences

It is a fact that both Gouda cheese and Cheddar share many features. Therefore, when you taste them, you cannot easily distinguish them at once. However, if you spend some time analyzing these types of cheese, you will be able to notice the differences, although they might appear insignificant. 

It is important to understand that Gouda and Cheddar contain differences that can make a great change in your meals, or snacks. 

That is why, it is convenient to make a quick comparison and learn how they differ, and when it is more suitable to use one than the other. Below, I have compared the most important features of Gouda cheese and Cheddar, so you will be able to see the distinction by yourself.

Nutrition Facts

When you look into the nutritional facts in products, you can almost visibly see the differences that exist between them, even if they are very similar. Therefore, to understand how different are Gouda and Cheddar, you should examine their nutritional values. [1]

So, the first difference can be seen in the number of calories. Cheddar contains a higher number of calories than Gouda, and it includes more fat. On the other hand, Gouda contains more carbs, but it is richer in protein. 

The differences between them are not great, but they still exist. People who count calories in their diets might find these features really important in their choice of cheese. However, those who do not mind a little bit more calories will not base their decision on the nutritional values, but rather on taste. 

Nonetheless, the nutritional values of any kind of food are important, so you should not ignore them. 


Gouda cheese is semi-hard to hard cow’s milk cheese. It is characterized by a particular density that other types of cheese do not possess. However, since there are different types of Gouda cheese, the texture can vary. Therefore, you can notice that some Gouda types contain harder textures, while others include mild, crumbly, and deeply flavorful textures. 

On the other hand, Cheddar is cow’s milk cheese with a harder texture in comparison to Gouda cheese. Cheddar is characterized by a dry and crumbly texture, a really smooth surface and orange color. That is the reason why Cheddar is mostly used in sandwiches and burgers. It is the perfect ingredient for these kinds of dishes. 

gouda vs cheddar


There are really small differences between Gouda cheese and Cheddar when it comes to taste. Some people cannot make the difference, while others can sense the various flavors that are included in both. This is because they are both made from cow’s milk. But, the processes in which they are made are different, hence the slightly different flavors. 

So, Gouda cheese is characterized by a more sweet and nutty taste, while in Cheddar, you can notice stronger notes of butter and hazelnut. Cheddar is not as sweet as Gouda, so some people would say that it is in the group of stronger types of cheese when it comes to its taste and flavors. 

Origin And Way of Production

Although Gouda and Cheddar come with many similarities, they do not come from the same country, and they are made in different ways. Namely, Gouda cheese comes from the Netherlands, and its production is quite delicate and unique. 

To make quality and rich Gouda, the milk is first poured in a large cheese vat. With the addition of rennet and natural bacteria, the milk forms a curd. Later on, that curd is separated and placed in a mold. Weights compress the cheese to achieve the characteristic density in texture. The final product results in the amazing Gouda flavor we all know. [1]

On the other hand, Cheddar comes from England. Its name also refers to the process in which it is made. “To Cheddar” means to cook the curds of the cow’s milk and to mill them into rice-size pieces. Later, the pieces are pressed into large blocks, which are later put one on top of the other to press out the remaining moisture.

Best Uses 

Gouda cheese and Cheddar can be used in various ways. One of the most popular ways in which Gouda is used is melting. The properties of this type of cheese allow its melting very easily and quickly. Also, people use Gouda as an addition to salads by grating it on top.

Cheddar, on the other hand, is mostly used in sandwiches and burgers. People also tend to use Cheddar in a casserole and grilled cheese. 

Gouda Cheese Vs. Cheddar: Which Is Better?

Since they share many similarities, it is very difficult to determine which one is the better choice. However, in some cases, one of them might be the more suitable choice than the other. 

For instance, if you need cheese for melting, it would be better to opt for Gouda. This would also be the case if you are choosing cheese for pizza.

On the other hand, if you want to add some cheese to your sandwich or burger, then Cheddar might be more compatible. 

However, they are commonly used as substitutes for one another. Therefore, many times, choosing which one will depend on your taste. Some people prefer sweeter types of cheese, while others would rather go for salty cheese with hazelnut flavors. 

Is Gouda Cheese Same as Cheddar?

Gouda and Cheddar are different types of cheese. It is no secret that they have similar features, but they are still quite different in taste, texture, and nutrition values. Although these differences are small, they still make certain changes in the ways you experience them while you consume them. 

In conclusion, it can be said that Gouda cheese and Cheddar can be used interchangeably. However, if you are really picky in your choice of cheese, you will notice their differences. 

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