Godiva Vs Ferrero Rocher

Godiva Vs. Ferrero Rocher: Which One Is Better?

Expensive chocolate is becoming more fashionable these days, much like the craft beer and coffee movements before it. Chocolate making has evolved into an art form, so the best chocolate brings out the subtle differences in flavor between each cacao bean, resulting in a rich flavor that you won’t get in a standard chocolate bar.

Godiva is one of the most well-known luxury Belgian chocolate companies in the world, and one of the first to achieve real global recognition. Ferrero Rocher is the world’s most popular roasted chocolate brand, created in Italy. For people with a sweet tooth, choosing between the two might prove to be a hefty task. 

In this review, I have all of the facts you’ll need to make the best possible choice. Scroll down to learn more about Godiva, Ferrero Rocher, and which chocolate will suit you best.

Godiva Vs. Ferrero Rocher: Which One Is Better?

Ferrero Rocher is a one-of-a-kind confection made of toasted hazelnuts, walnuts, and hazelnut crème milk chocolate. There probably isn’t a chocolate enthusiast alive who hasn’t heard of Ferrero Rocher or hasn’t tried a piece of their confection.

As the market for this chocolate grows, the company has begun to produce succulent chocolates in a variety of tastes. Pistachio, Coconut and Lemon, and Coconut & Dark Chocolate are the most popular flavors on the market today.

On the other hand, Godiva is widely considered a pioneer in the gourmet chocolate category and is instantly recognizable through its golden boxes. People are addicted to their chocolate-dipped strawberries and distinctive flavors, in addition to their amazing truffles and pralines.

Your choice probably depends on your personal taste and budget. If you like more crunchy chocolates with a clear taste of hazelnuts, go for Ferrero. If you are more into soft, rich chocolate truffles, choose Godiva. You can’t go wrong with choosing any of the suggested options. So, sit back and prepare to have your taste buds blown away by some genuinely delicious chocolate!

Godiva Chocolates Review

Is Godiva a Luxury Brand?

In the United States, although Mars and Hershey are two of the most well-known chocolate brands, only one name comes to mind when it comes to chocolate enthusiasts searching for something a bit more refined: Godiva. For nearly 90 years, the Belgian chocolate brand has reigned supreme in the luxury chocolate market, with over 600 outlets in more than 100 countries.

Godiva has been creating chocolates since 1926 when Pierre Draps Sr. started making them with his two sons, who would eventually take over the family business. The inspiration behind the name comes from Lady Godiva, an 11th-century noblewoman noted for her courage and charity, which are the traits that Godiva still upholds today. 

Godiva was named an official chocolatier by the Royal Court of Belgium in 1968. The renowned Royal Warrant affirmed Godiva’s role as an ambassador to its home nation and vendor of high-quality Belgian chocolate, which was a remarkable accomplishment for the once-small, family-owned business.

Is Godiva Chocolate High Quality?

Godiva Chocolates are prepared using high-quality ingredients and excellent chocolate. Bittersweet and milk chocolate are largely formed of fine, high-flavor cocoa beans that have been processed to a velvety smoothness. It’s also important to mention that many of their chocolates contain hazelnut praline, which is made of finely ground hazelnuts, sugar, and chocolate. 

However, the company hasn’t always been without controversy. Some American customers had been willing to pay a premium price based on the assumption that only Belgium as a geographic origin guaranteed the highest quality of chocolates. When they found out that a large part of Godiva’s production was transferred to the United States in the past few decades, they felt tricked and decided to file a lawsuit against the company. 

Are Godiva Chocolates Expensive?

Godiva remains a luxury confectionery brand, with prices that are far higher than mass-market confectionery companies and even certain other premium confectionery brands. The company is mostly concentrated on chocolate gifts, portraying Godiva as a high-end brand.

The majority of its chocolates are priced between $8 and $50, with many of them ranging between $20 and $40.

Ferrero Rocher Review

Why Is Ferrero Rocher so Good?

The Ferrero Group, a world-renowned Italian corporation, and the world’s third-largest chocolate maker, produces Ferrero Rocher. It is one of the most loved and admired chocolate brands globally, thanks to its focus on quality, gorgeous golden packaging, and copious amounts of hazelnut. 

This delicious candy, which was first produced in 1982, is a roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut chocolate and topped with milk chocolate and crushed hazelnuts. Traditionally, Ferrero Rocher is associated with New Year and Christmas holidays, and in certain countries, Rocher is mostly sold during the winter months. 

Godiva Vs Ferrero Rocher good

Why Is Ferrero Rocher Expensive?

Ferrero Rocher isn’t the most costly chocolate when compared to Le Chocolate Box, which costs $1.5 million per box, but it’s not that easily affordable either. So, what makes Ferrero Rocher so pricey?

According to Forbes, Ferrero Rocher profits about 10% of each chocolate sold, which means the rest of the amount you spent was used in the process of production. While the ingredients for a Ferrero Rocher are readily available, Ferrero had to seek more sustainable alternatives, particularly hazelnut ones, in order to keep costs down.

Purchasing ingredients, hiring staff to manufacture the chocolate for a “golden experience,” testers to ensure high quality in taste and spot defects, and finally, marketing and distribution costs, which typically amount to about 11% of the final price, are all part of the cost of making an expensive Ferrero Rocher.

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