Galaxy Chocolate vs. Dove: What Is the Difference?

galaxy chocolate Vs dove
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You might have had the chance to try both Galaxy Chocolate and Dove, and you have noticed that there are no particular differences between them. You may have noticed that they also come from the same brand. Therefore, you probably wonder what is going on with the two names but the same taste. So, what is the difference between Galaxy and Dove chocolates, and why are there two name variations of the same brand?

Dove Chocolate is an American product manufactured by Mars and it is usually sold across the US. Galaxy Chocolate is the same product, but it is sold in countries like the UK, Ireland, India, and the Middle East. The only difference is that they are produced in different locations.

If you have wondered what the difference between Dove and Galaxy chocolate products is, this is your chance to discover the story behind these two names. 

I have provided some information about the reasons for two different names of the same product, so you would understand the necessity of such a thing. You will see that there are not many differences in these chocolates, but it is just about different manufacturing policies by the same brand. 

Galaxy Chocolate vs. Dove: Are They the Same?

If you look at both Galaxy and Dove Chocolate labels, you will spot the same name of the manufacturer’s name. Namely, both Galaxy Chocolate and Dove are produced and marketed by the same company – Mars Wrigley or Mars, Inc. If you have tried both chocolates, you are probably aware that they have the same taste, i.e. there is nothing of significant difference between them. 

However, they still have different names, i.e. they are sold by a different name and in a different package. Therefore, you might ask why the same chocolate producer has a different name for the same chocolate. This has something to do with the places and the countries where these chocolates are sold. 

Therefore, Dove is commonly sold in states across America, meaning this product is precisely adapted for the US market. Due to different policies, you might be able to find Dove chocolate in countries outside the states, but this is less likely to be the case. In addition, since this product is manufactured in America, there might be some variations in ingredients. 

Different ingredients might taste differently, so you might taste a slightly different flavor in the Galaxy chocolate. This is normal since all ingredients are from different regions, meaning that they are grown in different conditions. 

On the other hand, Galaxy Chocolate is intended mostly for the UK market, so you can find it in the UK countries, Ireland, India, and the countries of the Middle East. 

Although the ingredients are the same, you might sense some different richness in this chocolate in comparison to Dove. Also, you might notice that the Galaxy Chocolate has a more lasting effect on the mouth. 

Basically, those are the only differences that you might notice between the two types of this chocolate. In other words, it is about the production in different countries; therefore, there are different policies. 

What About Their Quality?

Considering that Galaxy Chocolate comes from one of the most popular chocolate manufacturers, it goes without saying that its quality is on a high level. Of course, people might have different opinions when it comes to tastes and flavors, but you should never doubt the quality. You should expect chocolate ingredients that provide some good nutritional value, as well as a great taste of the same.

Many people might not be aware that Mars is the producer of this chocolate, so it might come as a surprise to you as well if you have never read the label to check on this information. Mars is known to provide some high-quality chocolate, so you should expect nothing less from Galaxy. 

In conclusion, it can be said that many people have not known the fact about Dove and Galaxy. Therefore, they have found this article as a solution to a mystery. In other words, these two names are actually the same brand, but they go after a different name due to different production locations. 

Flavors in the UK and the USA

There are different flavors that both Dove and Galaxy chocolates offer. However, the flavors that are available in the UK are not the same as the ones available in the USA. This is because these countries have different tastes. Therefore, there are different demands in each of them. 

For instance, Galaxy Cookie Crumble and the Galaxy Salted Caramel are the most favored around the UK, and that is why they are in the highest demand. These types of Galaxy Chocolate are characterized by great richness and sweetness.  

On the other hand, Dove takes great pride in flavors that are only available around the US. For instance, Deeper Dark Chocolate is known for its smooth and deep finish, even though the chocolate consists of 70% cocoa. Dark chocolate can be tricky since it can be quite bitter and not really edible, but in the case of Dove, the company has made a big hit of a recipe. 

This is only one example of the American flavors, and quite a few of them are not available in other countries. Although Galaxy Chocolate has amazing flavors as well, the choice is not so wide. Therefore, people who love the Galaxy flavors are really missing out on the flavors that Americans enjoy daily.