Galaxy Chocolate vs. Cadbury: Differences & Which Is Better?

Galaxy Chocolate Vs Cadbury
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If you are a real chocolate fan, you have probably heard of Galaxy Chocolate and Cadbury, and you are probably aware of their high levels of popularity. These two chocolate brands are some of the most famous and most commonly chosen around the UK, and they have a lot of similarities between them. However, which is better, and what makes them distinguishable in the first place?

Galaxy and Cadbury are both some of the most favorite chocolate brands among the people in the UK. However, according to statistics, people would rather go for Galaxy Chocolate since it is more indulgent, and has a much creamier, finer, and smoother texture than Cadbury.

If you have been wondering about the differences between Galaxy Chocolate and Cadbury, this is your chance to learn something more. In this article, I have discussed the differences between these two chocolate brands, although they might seem minimal. I have elaborated on the ingredients used in both, so you will spot the real difference between them, and decide which one would be more suitable for your taste. 

Galaxy Chocolate vs. Cadbury: Differences 

Both Galaxy Chocolate and Cadbury have always been regarded as quite similar, meaning that people see differences only in the brand’s name. However, in reality, more things distinguish them, so it usually comes to personal preferences when choosing between the two. To make things clearer, I have made a list of differences between Galaxy Chocolate and Cadbury, so you would have a clearer image of the distinct features of these two brands. 

Nutrition Values 

When you want to see the difference between the two products, it is best to compare the nutritional values. Therefore, the first different thing you can spot between Galaxy Chocolate and Cadbury is the number of calories that are included per 100 grams of chocolate. So, Galaxy contains 546 calories, while Cadbury slightly less, i.e., 534 calories. [1] [2]

In addition, Cadbury includes a higher amount of protein and a lesser amount of fat, but Galaxy Chocolate is lower in carbs and has a greater amount of fiber. So, if you consider these slight differences, the nutritional values do not mean much because the differences are really minimal, so they would not make a huge change in the choice of your chocolate. 


Like most chocolates, Galaxy and Cadbury chocolates look really similar. They do not have any particular appearance by which they could be differentiated. However, Cadbury seems to have bigger chunks of chocolate. Some people would agree that Cadbury might look a little bit fancier than Galaxy in some ways. 

When it comes to the packages of both chocolates, some people would say that the one from Cadbury looks nicer since it has got the purple color. Usually, purple gives a finer look on things, so if the packages of products attract you, Cadbury might spark your interest more than Galaxy Chocolate. 


Taste is probably the most important factor in determining which chocolate is better, and therefore, when we are talking about differences, we need to put a special accent on the tastes of these brands. While both Cadbury and Galaxy Chocolate consist of milk chocolate, they have some differences in the flavors they contain and the chocolate’s lasting effect once you eat it. Galaxy Chocolate is known to be more indulgent and creamier, and it has a more lasting effect on the mouth, even after the chocolate has fully melted. 

However, some people notice some differences in the flavors. For instance, according to many reviews, people will commonly go for Galaxy when they are craving plain chocolate but would opt for Cadbury if they want some fillings and flavors, such as caramel. Although tastes are difficult to discuss, most people have agreed on this, so it has become like some kind of fact, not the only opinion. 


As I mentioned above, both chocolates contain milk chocolate, i.e., there is milk in their contents. Other than that they both contain cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, and other additives that might be important to you. Since we are talking about milk chocolate here, you should expect that there are a lot of artificial additives that might not be good for your diet, especially if there are some particular flavors in the chocolate. 

Therefore, make sure that you check the label of your chocolate and ensure that everything you intend to consume is following your diet. You do not want to indulge in a snack, and then later feel guilty about it. 

Vegan/ Vegetarian Properties 

Both Galaxy and Cadbury chocolates are suitable for vegetarians, but they are not good options for people who are maintaining a vegan diet. These two chocolate brands are not suitable for vegans since they contain milk and egg whites. There are no vegan options by either of the brands, so if you are a vegan, do not try to find one according to your needs. 

Galaxy Chocolate vs. Cadbury: Which One to Choose?   

This is a very difficult question to answer since it is really difficult to guess someone’s taste. Since there is no universal taste for each person on the planet, it is obvious that a separate individual needs to find their own suitable chocolate type. On the other hand, it is agreed by many chocolate lovers that Galaxy is smoother, so if this is your priority, then this chocolate brand might be the one for you. 

Is Galaxy Owned By Cadbury? 

Galaxy Chocolate is manufactured by Mars, Inc., so there is no link with Cadbury. However, this chocolate is rated as the second-best just right after Cadbury, and due to the similarities, many people commonly believe that they have the same manufacturer. 

To conclude, it is difficult to say which chocolate offers better flavors and features since they are quite distinguished between themselves when it comes to personal tastes. Therefore, you will have to figure out on your own which chocolate brand suits your needs better. 

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