9 Fontina Cheese Substitutes for Pizza

Fontina Cheese Substitutes for Pizza 1
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Fontina cheese is a real Italian gem, so it’s no surprise that pairs perfectly with pizza. It has delicate flavors and takes the pizza from ordinary to 5-star in a moment! This semi-soft cheese is creamy, melty, pungent, extremely rich, and flavorful. What cheese lovers point out as its special note is roasted nut relish that lingers on your palate. I love Fontina, but f you don’t fancy or don’t have Fontina cheese at home, there are definitely rather a few fine replacements.

If you like experimenting with textures and flavors as I do, step out of your comfort Mozzarella-Fontina zone by choosing some rich-flavored cheeses. My all-time favorite substitute for fontina is Havarti, but I made you a whole list for you to pick out from. Let’s dig in!  


Emmental cheese melts finely as it is pretty moist. The taste is simple, mild, and rich with a subtle fruity note. It also has a trace of hazelnut flavor, boosting that nuttiness. That is one of the things resembling Fontina cheese in overall taste.  

It pairs wonderfully with prosciutto and mortadella because of the sweet undertone. You won’t regret dusting your pizza with this aromatic piece of cheesy haven!


When choosing Gouda for pizza, go for young or semi-hard. That’s important for water content in cheese, as softer varieties have more and they melt easily. Also, their flavors aren’t as pungent and nutty as aged Gouda.

The taste of young Gouda is mild and fudgy, with a hint of sweetness. The older the cheese, the more caramelly flavor will have. Plus, it will have a tad of tanginess and a whole lot of nuttiness.


Mozzarella is the uncrowned queen of pizza, no doubt, so no wonder it’s on this list. It’s melty and stretchy but still keeps fresh relish. That’s because this cheese isn’t aged at all or aged just a bit.

When compared to Fontina cheese, Mozzarella is softer with a hint of sweetness, while the other is firmer and more intense.


When it comes to similarities, Fontina and Gruyère are twins. You can undoubtedly exchange one for another, as they are both nutty and buttery, plus have an earthy base note. Gruyère has a more powerful relish, though, especially if it’s left to age.

I like substituting Fontina for Gruyère because its easy melting, creaminess, and richness make it a superb replacement for Fontina cheese in pizza. 


Provolone goes from mild to sharp and everything in between very quickly. It starts as semi-soft and can end up as firm cheese. For pizza, opt for softer varieties as it melts better. What’s more, its creamy texture pairs perfectly with pizza. 

It has a medium-sharp flavor, just like Fontina, but that sharpness becomes more prominent as it ages. They also have a lingering roasted-nutty flavor, notes of butter, and a tad of sharpness. Overall, the flavor is complex, sometimes even spicy, an ideal choice for tomato pizza! 


Young gorgonzola is soft and creamy but becomes pungent and intensive when aged. It melts well, meaning it’s a perfect choice as a topping for pizza. Gorgonzola will add a new taste and aroma to regular pizza, especially when mixed with a few other kinds of cheese.

This is my favorite one — and here’s why. Its unique flavor range consists of nutty, milky, and salty notes. It also has earthy tones making it a perfect match with pears, olives, and arugula. This suits my taste perfectly!


Edam cheese is one more top-tier substitute for Fontina in pizza. Its taste is mild, as well, but becomes sharper as it ages. It has a creamy and smooth consistency, so it melts amazingly. Plus, its slightly salty and nutty tones make it stand out. Tip: It pairs well with salami!


Havarti and Fontina are two sides of one coin, and they are exceptionally similar. Taste, texture, melting point, everything! Havarti is trés buttery cheese, which makes its texture smooth and taste rich, especially when melted.

It’s a top-notch choice for pizza with a slight tartness and a pretty strong aroma to kick the game! It has a bit of sweetness to it, which blends perfectly with tomato sauce.


edam havarti taleggio as a substitute for fontina 1

If you want to be a bit fancy, smear-ripened taleggio is a choice for you! It is creamy like Fontina but has a robust flavor. The most interesting thing here is its texture – spreadable and soft. 

When speaking of taste, it’s fruity, but to be more specific, you’ll get notes of raisins, lemons, and nuts on your palate. Taleggio is the best option for rustic, but exquisite pizzas. It pairs finely with herbs, mushrooms, potatoes, and onions.

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