Five Farms Irish Cream vs. Baileys: Differences & Which Is Better?

Five Farms Irish Cream vs. Baileys Differences
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I am not a very big alcohol fan, but I like dipping my toes in the world of liqueur every once in a while, and when I do, I have to research it and experiment with it to tears. So, today, we have two remarkable brands on our menu: Five Farms Irish Cream and Baileys Original Irish Cream. Each, with its original charm and character, brings a unique experience to your palate.

Differences Between Five Farms Irish Cream and Baileys

In essence, Five Farms Irish Cream is a rich, creamy, and luxurious experience best enjoyed on its own or in simple, elegant preparations, while Baileys is a simpler, approachable liqueur featuring many cocktails and desserts. But I’m here to dive deeper into their differences.

Taste and Aroma

Both Five Farms Irish Cream and Baileys are incredibly delicious. I love them both, but I am a little more inclined toward Five Farms Irish Cream. It’s not that it tastes better, but because my palate prefers tastes like this. 

Five Farms Irish Cream has a delightfully rich and creamy profile. Its notes of butterscotch, caramel fondue, and vanilla bean are extremely pleasant on the palate. 

The first thing you notice is the depth of flavor. It’s rich, with a pronounced Irish whiskey taste, followed by a silky wave of fresh cream. 

To top it all off, the aroma is indescribably luxurious, with the fresh cream and whiskey creating a captivating smell before they reach the palate. It reminds me of a cozy night at home under a blanket. 

Baileys, on the other hand, has a lighter and sweeter profile. It isn’t as creamy as Five Farms Irish Cream, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own charms. 

The taste is a delicate blend of Irish whiskey and cream, accompanied by notes of cocoa and vanilla and just a touch of caramel, not that pronounced to take over, but just enough to tease your palate. 

It’s smooth, creamy, and not overly deep, with a cheerful note, which is why it is so popular.

Contrary to Five Farms Irish Cream, Baileys has a softer aroma, sweet vanilla tones, and discrete chocolate tones. Don’t get me wrong; just because it is gentler doesn’t mean it is less powerful, so expect your nose to be heavily seduced by its charm.


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Color and Consistency

The nose isn’t the only thing these two drinks seduce before reaching the palate. Your eyes won’t stay indifferent to their richness as well. They are both velvety and creamy, and if you don’t know that what’s in the glass is actually a drink, you are likely to take a spoon instead of a straw. 

Five Farms is exceptionally visually compelling with its deep, creamy-brown hue. It reminds me of rich caramel, which makes it even more seductive in my eyes. It is thick, notably thicker than most Irish creams, with a dose of sophistication and exclusivity saying that you must meet specific standards to have it… or at least that’s how I experience it. 

This is a drink made for enjoyment; with its creamy and luxurious texture, it adds indulgence and class to the entire experience. 

Baileys presents a more classic Irish cream appearance with its lighter caramel color. When I see it, it instantly reminds me of the “old money” style from Beverly Hills in the 60s, like a sleek Rolls Royce rolling smoothly down the street on a summer afternoon. 

The texture of Baileys is smoother and silkier, providing a pleasant mouthfeel without being overly heavy. This is why Baileys features a ton of cocktails, but it also goes down very smoothly on its own. 


Both Five Farms and Baileys are used for many things other than drinking, though cocktails are their specialty. Due to their rich flavor profiles, they are super popular in dessert-making, featuring many luxurious desserts. 

They both star as after-meal drinks, and make perfect companions for coffee as other bitter and sweet non-alcoholic drinks. 

Alcohol Content

The alcohol content is one of my favorite things about these drinks since it isn’t very high, giving me the opportunity to enjoy more than one and still land on my feet. 

Five Farms Irish Cream has an ABV of 17%, adding an extra layer of warmth to your cocktail or pleasantly stinging your throat if you have it on its own.

Although having the same ABV of 17% as Five Farms, I would say that Baileys is slightly more approachable because of its overall light profile. It provides a noticeable, t light layer of warmth with a sweet aftertaste. 


When it comes to the price, Five Farms Irish Cream is the more expensive one. It takes much pride in the artisanal approach and the image of exclusivity, which is reflected in the price. Still, at around $60, it isn’t unaffordable, so you can enjoy it without emptying your pocket too much. 

Baileys, being a crowd-pleaser in terms of flavor, is also a crowd-pleaser in terms of price too. With a price tag of around $20, it is definitely a more affordable drink. I must stress that the price isn’t an indicator of the quality in this case. 

Which Is Better, Five Farms Irish Cream or Baileys?

Although this question is seemingly simple, I just can’t answer it. I guess that there isn’t a straightforward answer here. It all boils down to what you prefer. 

I am more drawn to the depth and mystery of Five Farms Irish Cream, but I still enjoy Baileys very much. 

If you prefer more robust and potent flavors, I suggest you go with Five Farms Irish Cream, but if you want something delicious and more straightforward, Baileys is your drink. 

I made a table that sums everything up, so it will be easier for you to decide which one to choose.

FeatureFive Farms Irish CreamBaileys Original Irish Cream
Taste and AromaRich with notes of butterscotch, caramel fondue, and vanilla bean Light sweet, with notes of cocoa and vanilla
Color and ConsistencyDark, thick, and creamyLighter, smooth, and silky
UsesAlone, in cocktails, or in desserts
Alcohol Content17% ABV
PriceAround $60Around $20