Eggnog vs. Coquito: Differences & Which Is Better?

Eggnog Vs coquito
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With the holidays just around the corner, you are probably starting to brainstorm about how you can make them more festive and joyful, so you think about the drinks you will prepare. When it comes to drinks, it is known that eggnog is the most common drink served during Christmas. However, there are a lot of variations and similar beverages that might get your attention, like coquito, for example. So, what are the differences between eggnog and coquito?

Both eggnog and coquito are drinks served during the holidays, and they are characterized by milky and creamy textures. But, coquito includes coconut milk as a base, which serves as a natural sweetener. Also, some coquito recipes do not call for eggs, while it is a mandatory ingredient in eggnog. 

If you want to experiment with some other drinks for the holidays, then you have to learn about the similarities and the differences of the holiday beverages. For that purpose, I have compared eggnog and coquito, so you would become of the main distinctions between them. Therefore, if you want to make some changes for the next holidays, you can add some new holiday beverages.

Eggnog Vs. Coquito: Differences

To understand what is going on with these two drinks, you need to acknowledge their differences. Although they look as if they are the same drinks, they still have some distinctions, especially in their ingredients. So, below, I have discussed their content along with some other features, so you will have a clear image of which drink is more suitable for you. 

Ingredient Differences  

The main difference that occurs between eggnog and coquito is in the ingredients found in their contents. This means that even though they look quite similar, they do not use the same ingredients to achieve their final look. Mainly, the biggest difference comes in the type of milk they use. 

On the one hand, eggnog uses whole milk as its base, which is also combined with egg yolks and, later on, egg whites. What is more, eggnog achieves its sweetness due to the sugar that is added in the preparation process. Eggnog also contains spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. 

On the other hand, coquito uses coconut milk as its base. Since coconut milk is sweetened on itself, there is no need for use of sugar in the recipe of coquito. Also, some coquito recipes do not include eggs, so they are usually lighter in texture. 

Coquito uses spices in its content the same way eggnog does. Therefore, you will notice that each coquito recipe includes spices, such as cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves. 


Vanilla Eggnog – Easy Eggnog Recipe

Origin Differences

When it comes to origin, it is quite difficult to determine the origin of eggnog. This is because this drink has been present across the world for many centuries. Therefore, it is very hard to point out one country responsible for the invention of the beverage. However, according to research, it is believed that eggnog originates from early medieval Britain. 

Nowadays, eggnog is used across the whole world, and it is mostly drunk in Christian families for the holidays. Due to its early invention, eggnog has been alternated both in name and in some ingredients many times. However, its main ingredients have stayed the same. 

On the other hand, the origin of coquito is quite easy to determine since the country where it comes from is well-known. Coquito comes from Puerto Rico, and it is also a drink served during the holidays. Sometimes, people refer to coquito as the Puerto Rican eggnog. 

Texture Differences

At first sight, you might believe that eggnog and coquito have the same texture. If you consider their similar ingredients, it is perfectly normal and logical to come to this kind of conclusion. However, even though their ingredients slightly differentiate, they make significant distinctions in the texture of these drinks. 

For instance, eggnog’s texture is known to be thicker than the one of coquito. This is because eggnog uses whole milk and egg yolks, as well as sugar. However, coquito does not use eggs many times in its recipe and includes coconut milk which does not contain as much fat as whole milk. Also, coquito does not contain sugar. Therefore, it is obvious that its texture would be lighter and thinner. 

Nonetheless, both drinks are considered creamy and delicious, so texture might not influence the taste in a significant proportion. But, it is important to remember that some people appreciate good texture as well, so sometimes choices can depend on the texture of the drink. 

Health Differences

When it comes to comparing the nutritional facts of eggnog and coquito, the most reasonable and most obvious conclusion and belief would be that coquito is healthier than eggnog. This is usually believed because coquito’s recipe does not call for sugar, and uses coconut milk instead of the whole one. However, these things do not make coquito the healthier option. [1]

For instance, besides coconut milk, coquito uses sweetened condensed milk as well. This type of milk contains sugar in itself, meaning that coquito still has sugar included in its content. Therefore, when it comes to nutritional values, eggnog and coquito are basically at the same level. 

However, one health benefit comes from the ingredients of coquito, and that is the absence of eggs. Since coquito does not usually call for mandatory eggs for making the texture, there is not as much fat contained in this drink. On the other hand, eggnog relies on eggs for its thickness. Therefore, there is a higher amount of fat present in this drink. 

Eggnog Vs. Coquito: Which Is Better? 

Because both drinks are made of similar ingredients and offer the same taste, there is no huge difference in choosing the better one. What is more, they even have the same health properties, i.e., nutritional values, so you cannot determine the healthier choice between the two. 

That leaves us to determine the better drink according to people’s own preferences. That means if you want something creamy, but with a thicker texture, then you should go for eggnog.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something lighter and exotic, then you should go for a coquito. 

What Are the Other Drinks Similar to Eggnog?

If you have done your research about holiday drinks, you have probably found many variations of eggnog, i.e., drinks that are very similar to this one. Opting for an alternative to eggnog is good because not everyone can stand the base of milk and egg yolks. Therefore, I have listed the most common alternatives to eggnog, so you can decide whether they suit you better, or you just want a simple tiny change in your holiday beverage. 

  • Almondy Umami Eggnog
  • Vegan Eggnog 
  • Rompope
  • Smari Spiked Eggnog 
  • Coffee Smoothie With Brandy And Spices 

If you want to try a more exotic alternative to eggnog, then you can opt for coquito, and see what this drink is all about. As you can see, there are not many significant differences between the two, except for some changes in their bases.