Edam vs. Cheddar: Differences & Which Is Better?

edam vs cheddar
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A true cheese lover needs to know the differences between Edam and Cheddar because they impact the taste and flavors of these dairy products. Although they seem quite the same and are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Therefore, how do you distinguish Edam and Cheddar, and which is considered the better type of cheese? 

Edam and Cheddar are both made from cow’s milk and they have quite similar flavors in their taste. However, Edam is characterized by sweet and nutty flavors, while Cheddar comes with a slightly crumbly texture, but rich tastes. Also, Edam contains less fat than Cheddar, so it has more mellow notes.

In this article, I have discussed the basic differences that exist in the features and the properties of Edam and Cheddar. Although they can sometimes be used interchangeably, it is good to know when one of them would be the more suitable option. After you read this comparison, you will be able to tell by yourself which type of cheese is better and more beneficial for your needs. 

Edam vs. Cheddar: Differences 

When you make a precise comparison between Edam and Cheddar, you can see the differences between them. They have many things in common, but some features are completely different. They are both made of cow’s milk, but they do not come from the same country, meaning that they are prepared differently.  

Below, you will see a comparison between Edam and Cheddar regarding origin, taste, texture, nutritional values, and ways of use. After you understand the differences, you will be able to use these two types of cheese more efficiently and deliciously. 


Both Edam and Cheddar are made from cow’s milk. Therefore, they taste really similar. However, they do not originate from the same countries, and they have different ways of production. Namely, Edam is produced in North Amsterdam, in an area with the same name as the cheese. 

Cheddar, on the other hand, is a British cheese. It is produced in a community in Somerset, England. The precise origin of Cheddar comes from Cheddar Village – an area surrounded by caves where people used to keep milk cool on hot days.    


Indeed, some people cannot distinguish between Edam and Cheddar when it comes to taste. However, Edam is more mellow because it contains less fat. Usually, the taste of Edam is described as kind of sweet, nutty, and salty – all in one. 

On the other hand, Cheddar does not have sweet notes, but it is rather sharp and strong in flavors. Sometimes, Cheddar can even be bitter if it is aged enough. Therefore, you can come across a lot of Cheddar variations. However, since it is natural cheese, it is quite delicious in combinations with other food, such as sandwiches or burgers. 


Edam cheese is characterized by a drier and lighter texture than Cheddar. In addition, its texture is smooth but firm enough, so you can use it for sandwiches. In other words, Edam’s texture is sliceable, so you can easily use it fresh, on its own, or in cooking as well. 

Cheddar’s texture is hard and slightly crumbly. It is firmer than Edam, but it is still suitable for melting. Therefore, you may use it in slices, but you can freely use it in cooking as well. However, you should know that if Cheddar cheese has aged enough, its texture would be significantly harder.

Nutritional Values 

If you compare the nutritional values of Edam and Cheddar, you will understand the differences that are tasted and seen in flavors and texture. Firstly, Cheddar contains a higher number of calories in relation to Edam. This is mostly because Cheddar comes with a higher percentage of fat. [1]

In addition, Cheddar contains more carbohydrates than Edam, but they are almost the same in the percentage of protein. Therefore, if you are trying to keep a more balanced and healthier diet, then Edam might be the more appropriate choice.. 


You can use both Edam and Cheddar for different purposes, meaning that both types of cheese are quite versatile. For instance, Edam is a sliceable type of cheese, so it is suitable for sandwiches. Also, Edam melts easily, so it can be used in soups, sauces, and roulades. 

Some people like to add Edam to a cheese platter since it is a good option as an appetizer or a snack. It goes well with beverages as well, such as wine. So, you can combine it with Syrah if you prefer red wine, or with Riesling, if you prefer the white selection of wines. 

Similarly, Cheddar can be also used in sandwiches and burgers since it is firm but sliceable. Also, it has good melting features, so you can freely use it in cooking. For instance, you can use it on pizza, lasagna, or some sauces or soups.

edam vs cheddar

Edam Vs. Cheddar: Which Is Better? 

If you do not really see the difference in taste, you will probably choose the cheese with better features. However, it is very difficult to determine which one is better because they are suitable for different purposes. 

For instance, Edam is a great option if you are looking for something that does not contain many calories and fat. Also, it is a suitable choice for those who like sweet and not so strong flavors. 

On the other hand, Cheddar might be a more economical choice because it will make you feel full much quicker than Edam. Also, it contains richer flavors, and it is usually described as saltier and tastier than Edam. 

So, if you are looking for a strong-flavored and tastier cheese, Cheddar would be your option.

In conclusion, Edam and Cheddar are very similar types of cheese, but they have some significant differences that make them suitable on different occasions. Therefore, you need to decide how to use your cheese before you determine which one is better for your needs. 

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