Why Is Double Stuf Oreo Spelled Wrong?

double stuf oreo spelled wrong
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It’s widely agreed that Oreo cream is a tasty confection. So much so that Oreo offers Double Stuf cookies that have extra filling. But even after eating these delicious treats many times, most people don’t realize that the famous dark chocolate sandwich cookie with sugary cream filling has only one “f.” So, why is double Stuf Oreo spelled wrong?

And while it may never be known why double Stuf is spelled wrong, speculations are that having one “f” is a distinctive trademark, a marketing strategy, or a way to avoid claims. In the name, the word “Stuf” stands for the sugary cream filling sandwiched between Oreo wafers. 

Oreo options abound these days. But, the questions about the double Stuf filling, why it’s spelled wrong, what lies within the center, and if it’s actually double the filling, are intriguing ones. So, read through the post and get all the answers.

Why Does Oreo Double Stuf Have Only One “F”?

Having a single “f” can be seen as a way to get attention to the product. Besides, anything that can make a customer stop and look for an extra second might result in a sale.

Moreover, there have been assumptions that Stuf Oreos have one “f” to avoid any real claims that they have twice as much filling stuff as the original Oreos. 

However, since “Stuf” (with a single f) is a made-up name by Nabisco, it could mean anything from double the enjoyment, fun, excellent taste to value in every bite of the cookie. Hence, dropping the second f makes it simply a brand name.


Oreo Double Stuffed Mandela Effect and Lawsuit Explained

Is Oreo Double Stuf Really Double?

Nabisco claims that Double Stuf Oreo has twice the sugary cream filling as the single, ordinary Oreo. However, a New York math teacher and his class experimented to determine if the Double Stuf contains double the cream. [1] They concluded that Double Stuf Oreo cookies have only 1.86 times the filling of a regular Oreo cookie. 

Nabisco has since refuted these claims saying that their recipe for the Double Stuf has double the filling or Stuf compared to the base or Original Oreo.

Is Oreo Double Worth It?

The birth of the super-sized double Stuf cookie overshadowed the concept of a single stuffed Oreo. That’s because the original cookies are lacking in the cream department, making the oversized double Stuf cookie trendier. With more cream, which acts as the sugary glue between the two chocolatey cookies, you can get a happier Oreo-eating experience.

The double Stuf Oreo has fewer calories per serving. It has 140 calories per serving (2 cookies) and holds fewer grams of carbs, while the Original Oreo contains 160 calories per serving (3 cookies). So, in hindsight, you could as well go for the Double Stuf (it has only 1.86 times more cream).

The cookie is also more dunkable than the Original Oreo. That’s because the thick amount of cream makes for more absorption of milk, creating a creamier inside and taste. Hence, the next time a cookie craving hits, it’s worth stepping up your snacking game and munch on a Double Stuf Oreo. 

Are Double Stuf Oreos More Expensive?

Double Stuf Oreo costs the same or slightly higher than the Original Oreo. Hence, there is no economic advantage to choosing the Original Oreo over the Double Stuf (you can spend the same amount for an even better Oreo cookie-eating experience).

Besides, the packaging is the same as other types of Oreos, and therefore no cost-cutting incentives for Nabisco.