Does Hot Chocolate Help Sore Throat? Does Hot Cocoa Help?

Does Hot Chocolate Help Sore Throat
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Among the teas, honey, and various other drinks that are said to help a sore throat, we often read hot chocolate as a viable option as well. Because it is so tasty, it is only natural that we doubt its effectiveness, especially since the other remedies we are used to are no holiday for the taste buds. So does hot chocolate help a sore throat?

Hot chocolate helps sore throat because for two reasons. Cocoa, which hot chocolate has plenty of, is a very effective tool to fight off bacteria. The second reason is that the warmth of the hot chocolate numbs the pain-sensitive nerves in the throat, which reduces the pain. 

Hot chocolate is a tasty way to deal with a sore throat, but it doesn’t cure the condition; it just makes it more manageable. Still, it is worth trying, especially since you have nothing to lose. Therefore in the following paragraphs, I will talk about how hot chocolate works for sore throat, can it make things worse, and what else you can do in case of sore throat. 

Is Hot Chocolate Good for Sore Throat?

Hot chocolate could be just what the doctor ordered if you have a sore throat. Since it contains lots of cocoa, it will help you fight off the bacteria causing the sore throat. Because you drink it hot/warm, it will have a numbing effect on the nerves in the throat, making your pain more tolerable. 

To optimize the effects of hot chocolate, you should choose a brand that is high in cocoa. Dark cocoa contains a very high cocoa amount, so you should buy a dark hot chocolate brand. 

Another thing to be careful about is the sugar. Sugar makes sore throat even worse because it dehydrates, which increases the pain. Therefore, don’t add any sugar to your hot chocolate. 

In addition to dehydrating your throat, sugar will make it harder for the organism to fight off the bacteria causing the sore throat, as bacteria feed off of sugar. 

Keep your hot chocolate dense. You need to coat your throat with a nice thick layer of hot chocolate, so don’t be afraid to make it pudding-like. 

Swallow the hot chocolate slowly, keeping your throat moist for as long as possible. Also, by swallowing slowly, you prolong the time the heat stays in your throat, which will significantly reduce your pain. 

Don’t burn your throat; the chocolate should be hot, but it shouldn’t feel like burning lava. The excessive warmth will help for the moment, but it will leave you with a scorched throat, increasing the inflammation. 

Can Chocolate Make Sore Throat Worse?

Hot chocolate can worsen sore throat if you drink it too hot. The burnt throat gets even drier, which makes the pain much worse. 

In case you have mucus, having hot chocolate made with milk with thicken your saliva and worsen your condition. Make your hot chocolate with water instead of milk to prevent this from happening. 

Is Hot Cocoa Good for Sore Throat?

Hot cocoa is good for sore throat, but it isn’t the most practical solution. Since it is bitter, you will want to add some sugar to it, but adding sugar isn’t the best idea for sore throat, as it may worsen the inflammation. 

Therefore, to make your cocoa more enjoyable, since you cannot add sugar, it is good to make it with milk instead of water. The milk will milden the cocoa bitterness and will make it more pleasant to drink. 

Still, if you have thick mucus, milk will only further thicken it and make things worse. In this case, you are left with cocoa and water as your only choice. If you like the bitter cocoa flavor, this will be a picnic for you, but you’d better drink another hot beverage if you don’t. 

When sore, your throat is extremely sensitive, and therefore, you should be careful how hot your hot cocoa is. Don’t go too far and drink it while it is still steamy, as it will only worsen your pain. Leave it for a few minutes to get a bit more bearable, and then drink it. 

Does Chocolate Help for a Cold?

Chocolate has proven helpful with several health conditions, the common cold among them. Cocoa contains a chemical that helps the organism fight the cold. This chemical also blocks the receptors for the common cold, and it doesn’t allow it to develop further. [1]

Does Hot Chocolate Help Sore Throat

What Hot Drinks Are Good for Sore Throat?

Hot drinks do not cure sore throat, but they are certainly an effective mechanism to manage the pain. [2] Of course, the most famous sore throat drink is hot tea with honey and lemon. This mixture contains vitamin C from the lemon, combined with the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of the honey. Chamomile, ginger, mint, choose whichever tea you like the most.

Another beverage beneficial for sore throat is warm milk. This is recommendable only when you don’t have mucus. Also, the milk should be more warm than hot, as it can burn you more severely than the other drinks at the same temperature. 

Warm soup is also a good idea, but don’t put anything in it. Everything you put into the soup will stick to your throat and make things worse. Also, don’t go overboard with the salt, as it will irritate and further dehydrate your throat.

Hot water with lemon and honey would do nicely if you don’t have or like tea. It will hydrate your throat and help you fight the pain. 

A glass of warm brandy will not only improve your mood, but will also help you with your sore throat. Alcohol is known to dehydrate the body, but a glass of warm brandy won’t do you any harm. On the plus side, the alcohol will disinfect your throat and may even reduce the inflammation. 

The clove has been known as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and has many remedial purposes. Warm red wine with cloves might also be an excellent problem solver in this situation. The red wine taste goes amazingly with the taste of clover, but they also work as a great pair to fight off your infection.

Is Cold or Hot Better for Sore Throat?

Depending on how you combine them, both hot and cold can be beneficial for your sore throat. If you decide to alternate them, make sure you leave a few hours in between, do not have a cold drink, and then hot right away. 

Neither cold nor hot drinks are a permanent solution for sore throat but only a pain-management mechanism. The sore throat gets better on its own after the cold or flu passes, so it is only a symptom. Therefore, don’t expect to cure it right away.

Ice chips have been known to be good for sore throat, but not ice water. Ice cream is also good, but see that it doesn’t contain sugar. 

The cold inhibits the pain by desensitizing the nerves making the pain feel lesser. Hot drinks have the same effect and work in the same way. 

So, the bottom line is that both hot and cold are good for sore throat, and it is up to you to decide which one you prefer. 

Also, every organism is a different story, so what works for some doesn’t work for others.

Is Chocolate Good for Laryngitis?

Sore throat and laryngitis are different, so chocolate has little to no effect on laryngitis. While a sore throat is a pain in the throat, laryngitis is an inflamed vocal box whereby you have difficulty speaking. [3]

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