Does Chocolate Ganache Harden? How Long To Wait?

Does Chocolate Ganache Harden
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Chocolate ganache can be a quite convenient component for different purposes. However, you need to know the appropriate techniques to prepare it properly. You need to know whether you will need thicker or lighter ganache to be sure how to proceed with the preparation process. But, does chocolate ganache harden, and what amount of time is appropriate to wait in order to obtain a thicker texture? 

It is possible for chocolate ganache to harden in order to achieve a thicker texture, but you will have to leave it to cool down or add more chocolate. The most common way to harden chocolate ganache is by leaving it to cool at room temperature or in the fridge. This process usually takes 2-4 hours.

Chocolate ganache is definitely a practical component for many recipes, especially for different types of pastries. Therefore, in this article, I have written all about the hardening process and achieving a thicker texture of the same. I will also explain how you can fix a runny ganache, and what things you need to avoid in order to prevent your ganache from becoming lumpy. 

Does Chocolate Ganache Harden at Room Temperature?

Chocolate ganache is a pastry component, which is quite simple to make since it requires only two simple ingredients. 

To make the ganache, you will need chocolate and cream, and considering the properties of these ingredients, you might easily achieve the perfect chocolate ganache. People use this component for chocolate truffles, cake fillings, dessert sauces, icings, and glazes. 

However, different desserts and pastries call for different textures of ganache, meaning you need to adjust its properties according to the dessert you are preparing. In other words, some desserts need this component to be thicker, and in order to achieve that, you will need to have your chocolate ganache hardened. 

Therefore, you might wonder what is the best technique to harden chocolate ganache, i.e. whether it can be done naturally, by using the room temperature. 

Since the ingredients of chocolate ganache are really simple, and ganache is easily prepared, you might also use easy techniques to harden the texture of the same. That means that you can freely leave your chocolate ganache at room temperature in order to cool and harden its texture as you need it. 

As it cools down, the texture becomes thicker, but you need to remember not to mix the ganache while this process lasts since you can make the texture lumpy.

Usually, the hardening of the chocolate ganache at room temperature will take around three or four hours, but that usually depends on the temperatures outside. For instance, if you prepare your chocolate ganache in summer, you will need more time for it to harden at room temperature. On the other hand, it might be easier in winter since the temperatures are quite low, and leaving your ganache in a colder room will definitely do the trick. 

Does Chocolate Ganache Harden in Fridge?

The fridge is another option to harden chocolate ganache, and it is usually the quickest method for getting a thicker texture. 

However, you need to be careful with the amount of time you leave your chocolate ganache to harden since, sometimes, if it gets really hard, you will not be able to work with it. Therefore, if you opt for the fridge option, make sure that you monitor your chocolate ganache from time to time. 

As I said, this is the quicker method, meaning it will take about one or two hours to harden as you desire. Also, make sure that the texture of the chocolate ganache is smooth before you put it in the fridge because you would not like to see lumps after the hardening process. 

How Long Does It Take For Chocolate Ganache to Harden? 

In general, the estimated amount for chocolate ganache to achieve a thicker texture is about two to four hours. However, the necessary time usually depends on the temperatures, i.e., whether you will opt for room temperature or the fridge. 

You will know that your chocolate ganache is ready once it obtains the consistency of peanut butter. 

Once you see the consistency of peanut butter, you will know that your ganache is up and ready. In other words, you should not rely on any time estimation since the conditions of the hardening process are different every time. Therefore, make sure that you monitor the consistency frequently until you reach the desired thickness of your chocolate ganache. 

How to Fix Runny Ganache?

Since ganache is made of two simple ingredients which are melted and combined, you are probably aware that you can achieve two different consistencies. In other words, you may have a thick or runny ganache. The type of texture you will use depends on your recipes, i.e., the purposes of your chocolate ganache in the first place. 

However, sometimes, it may happen that you are striving towards a hardened chocolate ganache, but the texture still ends up runny. When you see that you have not achieved the needed texture, you should not despair since there are usually convenient ways to fix the things you make in your kitchen. Runny chocolate ganache is not excluded from this, i.e., you can take certain steps to fix the runny texture of the same.

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) claims that the best way to thicken a runny ganache is by adding more chocolate to it. [1] You can do the reversed technique of this if you aim to achieve runny ganache, i.e., you can add more heavy cream to obtain a thinner texture of the ganache. In other words, there are simple ways to fix your ganache without wasting any cream or chocolate. 

However, before you begin to prepare your chocolate ganache, you have to know the right ingredients and steps to do so, and then fix it if it ends up runny. Therefore, make sure that you obtain fine chocolate and heavy cream that are suitable for melting. You will need to start by chopping the chocolate into tiny bits and pieces and putting it inside a pot along with heavy cream. As for the measures, the most common ratio is 1:1, but the less used ratio is 2parts chocolate to 1 part cream.

You should put the pot on medium heat, and start stirring the ingredients as they start melting. If you want to avoid bubbles, it is recommended that you use a rubber spatula for the process. Once the ingredients combine and melt, you will need to let the mixture cool down and set. 

If you notice that your chocolate ganache has ended up runny and thin, your solution would be to add more chocolate. You will again need to melt down the additional chocolate, but you might use the microwave for this purpose. Therefore, just chop a little bit more chocolate and place it in a microwave to melt for several minutes. 

After that, you can add the additional chocolate to your mixture and stir a little bit more until the mixture evens out. Once you do that, you will notice that your chocolate ganache will become thicker and hardened. 

Does White Chocolate Ganache Harden? 

White chocolate ganache can harden. However, since it contains a little more different ingredients, it might take a little more time. Also, you will need to include two times more chocolate than the amount used in dark chocolate ganache

You can harden white chocolate ganache by placing the ganache in the fridge since it is the most convenient way. 

As you can see, you can easily make your chocolate ganache thicker and hardened just by using the appropriate techniques for cooling down. You might use room temperatures or the fridge, but you will have to monitor the whole process. Either way, you will end up with a ganache appropriate for your dessert or pastry. 

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