Why You Shouldn’t Eat the Shells of Boiled Peanuts?

Do You Eat The Shells Of Boiled Peanuts
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We all love nibbling on peanuts when there’s nothing else to do, but did you know that you can boil them? In addition to becoming softer, when boiled, peanuts get a very interesting beany flavor and become a slightly better version of themselves. Since you boil them with their shells, what do you do with them? Do you eat the shells of boiled peanuts? 

Shells of boiled peanuts don’t have any nutritional value. The boiling process draws all the nutritional elements from the peanut shells, and they have absolutely nothing to offer, nutrition or flavor-wise. 

Nibbling on the salty and crispy peanut shell is a pleasure to many; I know I enjoy those crunchy boys. However, boiled peanut shells are a whole other animal. They are soft, without any crispiness, bland, and not at all resembling what they were before the boiling. To save you the grief and disappointment that comes from nibbling something you don’t like, I will tell you everything about boiled peanuts and shells in this article. 

How to Eat Boiled Peanuts? 

Boiled peanuts are a tasty delight that can be served and eaten in a number of ways. The water in which you boil the peanuts is usually seasoned with salt and spices, so you won’t lack flavor making boiled peanuts perfect for eating on their own. However, have plenty of napkins available because things will get wet. 

The way you eat boiled peanuts resembles the way you eat mussels. The serving bowl has water in it, and you just grab and open your peanut to such the juicy legume from the shell. I also like to turn my boiled peanuts into a paste and make it a dipping sauce or a spread — it’s a real treat!

You can additionally season your boiled peanuts to make it more “out there,” or you can just add them to a salad and have the rest of the ingredients do their thing. 

What to Do with the Shells of Boiled Peanuts?

While peanut shells have a lot of uses, especially as soil fertilizers, boiled peanut shells are sadly deprived of their nutritional qualities. The boiling process sucks out all the antioxidants from the peanut shells, making them empty and rendering them useless. 

However, you can eat them, which I wouldn’t recommend because they really don’t have anything to offer you. They are soggy and tasteless, but hey, to each their own. 

In addition to throwing them out, there is really not much you can do with boiled peanut shells.

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