Do People Eat Lemon Tart Hot or Cold? What Does It Taste Like?

Do People Eat Lemon Tart Hot or Cold
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Lemon tart, the atypic dessert filled with lemon curd instead of cream or chocolate, is today’s topic. Coming from England, now it has become very preferred by all people who like an acidic dessert instead of the sugary one. So, a question that may pop in your head might be: Do people usually eat lemon tart hot or cold? And what does it taste like? 

Lemon tart is a dessert that should be consumed cold or at room temperature. For this dessert to have the right texture, it needs to stay for at least 30 minutes to get thickened. Although this does not mean you cannot consume it hot under the right circumstances. Due to lemon influence, the taste is sourer, but sugar and butter balance it and make it softer.  

Let’s see when to warm it and when to freeze it. Then, I will explain the right way to warm it without breaking the lemon curd and some very nice ways to serve it. 

Do You Eat Lemon Tart Hot or Cold?

The last step in cooking the recipe of the Lemon tart is to let it chill for quite a while, from 30-60 minutes in the fridge, to be thicker and to obtain the right texture needed. So, if you prefer a cold dessert, this may be one of the options. 

Although, this does not exclude other options like eating it at room temperature. Room temperature is also an acceptable option to thick it, you just leave it outside, and if the room temperature is neutral, it may get thickened out in this environment. 

And as per eating it hot, there is nothing wrong if you like it that way. The problem is that if you have a big tart and cut the one-piece because it’s warm and not yet in the right consistency, it may destroy all other parts of the pastry. If it is a small portion for one person, you can consume it however you like. 

Can You Reheat Lemon Tart?

As I said, the most legit way to consume it is cold or at room temperature. However, in case you, for any reason, have decided to freeze Lemon Tart, and now you want to unfreeze it to consume again, then heating is the best way to do it. Put it in the preheated oven in a baking pan until it comes back ultimately to its initial phase. This may take 6-7 minutes after this is ready to be consumed. 

But what about if you prefer to consume it differently, like, for example, warm. Is it doable? It might be. The problem is that there is a risk that high temperatures may break the curd. So while warming it, make sure to have the lowest temperature and do it slowly. Keep it in the oven shortly, for no more than 5 minutes at 250°F to decrease the risk of any breaking. 

What Does Lemon Tart Taste Like?

The two main ingredients of the lemon curd that play the role of the cream are lemon: juice and vest and sugar. So from here, you may imagine how it tastes. This dessert is light and fluffy but not the sweetest ever due to the lemon taste. 

The sugar presence balances out the sour and bitterness from the lemon. The best part is that it melts in your mouth immediately and leaves a pleasant fresh aftertaste in your mouth. You certainly can find some buttery tastes in your mouth due to the impact that butter has on it. 

What to Serve With Lemon Tart?

As this dessert comes from England, let’s stay in England and my first suggestion will be to serve it with tea. In this case, don’t choose lemon tea so that you won’t be bombed by lemon flavor, but besides that, you can select every other type of tea: from green tea to Hibiscus or Cardamom. This is a perfect scenario for an afternoon with friends.

But if you choose this dessert for dinner you are hosting, then serving it with wine would be the best choice. Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves while choosing the wine. In my opinion, the most excellent fit would be with white wine, preferably a sparkling one and sugary of the type Chardonnay.

And there is probably a fancier choice: Champagne. All types of spumante will fit and make the serving of this dessert look so fancy and a perfect closure for every dinner or lunch. 

Still, if you don’t want to mix it with alcohol, you have other varieties. You can serve it with whipped cream, for example, just to increase the creamy content. Also, fresh fruits from the berry family are a good accompaniment as they also have an acidic presence, same as lemons, but the taste is different and can be an added value to your plate.